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*2023*what to wear with linen pants?16 refreshing combos!

*2023*what to wear with linen pants?16 refreshing combos!

Here’s the thing: We all love summer but when it comes to the unforgiving heat waves, that’s another story.

To survive through the scorching hot weather, linen pants are the winning option of all time.

It’s extremely lightweight and even more breathable than cotton.

Cozy up in linen pants, it just creates a billowy silhouette and makes us look put together in the simplest way.

WHAT TO WEAR linen pants
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This year, linen pants are definitely all the rage and they just come in a wide range of styles and forms.

So ladies, if you wonder what to wear with linen pants, below are the 6 foolproof ideas that are universally flattering!



As a casual fabric, there’s no better option than pairing linen pants in a simple casual way.

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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Style the high-waist olive green linen pants with a white crop top and strap sandals, it just alludes to a cool, effortless sense of style in the summer days.

If you want to look more dressed up, cinch your waist with a faux leather belt that is always flattering.

To add an extra pop, I will always wear a long-line necklace to draw attention upward.

black top brown linen pants outfit
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For the ladies who want carefree vibes, a messy yet romantic high bun can be a perfect choice here.

Side note:

I will always avoid pairing linen pants with heavy tops as that makes me look top-heavy.

To echo the lightness of the linen, reach for the light cotton or silk for the top for a matchy look.

amazon linen pants
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When it comes to the summer vacation look, it’s definitely more than wearing a floral dress and lace-up espadrilles.

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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If you are looking for an outfit that you have no problem walking and jumping around, linen pants are the answer.

For an easy-breezy look, I just never get sick of wearing a white camisole top with wide-leg linen pants and a darling wide-beam straw hat that screams holiday vibes.

To complement the look, reach for the in-style basket bag that is just full of personality.

For the ladies who want to look more feminine in linen pants, well, accessorize yourself with the headscarf!

what to wear with linen pants
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Isn’t that just so exotic yet effortlessly chic? It just screams the vacay vibes in a distinctive way.

And instead of wearing the relaxing beige linen pants, let’s not forget white is equally flattering!

These linen pants from Amazon have the best quality.

Is that just me but white linen pants just scream old money? Love.

3. Play with the texture

To spice up the outfit, blending different fabric work wonders.

satin top and linen pants
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A shimmery, buttery satin top and linen pants just look perfect together.


Instead of fully tucking your top, do a half-tuck.

The inverted V-line will draw eyes away from the midsection and make you look forgiving in print linen pants!

Jeans shirt linen pants
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Jeans shirt, linen pants, and cowboy buckle belt? Now THAT’s style.


While linen pants are the most worn style, let’s not forget linen shorts are equally gorgeous as well!

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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Whether you pair the shorts with a slouchy front knot shirt or an asymmetrical white top, it just looks equally flattering.

And guess what, if you love utility fashion, you can match the linen shorts with a khaki panel shirt for a refreshing blend.

Another charm of linen pants is they usually have a wider leg opening.

That way, our legs will look slimming visually.

To maximize the effect, you can pair the shorts with monotone shoes to elongate your legs even more.

These linen shorts have the best waistband – it just fakes a smaller waist visually.

If you never thought of the blazer and shorts combo, well, now you know!

It is giving the effortlessly boss babe vibes.

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what to wear with linen pants

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If you think linen pants aren’t for the formal occasion, well, think again!

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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With all types of designs and hues, some of the linen pants are perfect for the semi-casual ensemble and even for work.

Instead of wearing the pants with an elastic band, opt for the pleated trousers and the one with a self-tie belt for a more poised finish.

And as much as I love white, I will avoid wearing them for working days as they can appear to be slightly see-through.

For a safer choice, I will reach for off-white colors like cream and other elegant dark hues like brown, black, or purple.

For the top, a structured Oxford shirt or a soft satin blouse is just perfect for a sophisticated look.

linen pants outfit ideas small casual
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Feeling boss lady today? Throw yourself a linen blazer and loafers to slay your day!


When it comes to street style, it’s all about being experimental and creative with all kinds of possible matching.

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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To break the stereotypes of linen, team the pants with a pair of animal print sandals just seals the deal.

And instead of looking soft and gentle in linen, what about creating a boxy silhouette with a boyish tank top with cuffed linen pants?

Oh, and let’s not forget to get yourself an in-style slouchy pillow clutch bag as a pop of fun.

And here’s the perfect sweater-over-shoulder look.

Source: Bytaylorran

I love how this lady matches the bag and top in the same shade, it just looks so put together and sleek, especially with a structured handle bag!

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Alright, now keep on reading!


For the girls who have zero time to craft an ensemble, a monotone look is here to help.

what to wear with linen pants ladies
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With the similar shade of hues, it just naturally makes you look neat in the figure, and again, makes you look taller and slimmer visually.

Among all the pairings, I must say the white monochrome is my favorite.

With a white satin cropped shirt and a cream linen shirt, you just look high fashion instantly.

monotone white linen set
Source: 12thTRIBE

This waistcoat is everything.

Finish off the outfit with vintage round sunglasses, this look is to die for.

Etsy Linen set

This best-selling linen set from Etsy just screams classy and old money in the most effortless way.

8. Match your linen shorts with belt

If monotone is not your style, well, do it in a subtle way and match the shorts with belt!

linen shorts with belt
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This beige and white look just look so womanly and classy.

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So ladies, here are the 16 outfit tips if you are wondering what to wear with linen pants!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear linen pants in a casual ensemble
  • Embrace linen pants for a summer vacay look
  • Wear linen shorts for a stylish look
  • Dress up the linen pants for work
  • Pull off the street look with linen pants
  • Pair linen pants in a monochrome style

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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