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*2023 18 outfits!* How to dress like a female politician, lawyer & more?

*2023 18 outfits!* How to dress like a female politician, lawyer & more?

Is that just me but I always wonder: How to dress like a female politician, lawyer, or CEO?

From form-fitting suits to one-piece dresses, they just look so irresistibly sharp and put together. The best part? It looks like a million bucks.

As the saying goes “Dress like what you want to be addressed”.

You will be so surprised how much respect you’ve earned when you dress decently. 

The truth is, while most of their clothes are from designer brands, copying their style and dressing like authority doesn’t have to.

Once you’ve known the key elements of the politician dress code”, you can certainly level up yourself as a refined, powerful lady.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas and tips if you wonder how to dress like a female politician and lawyer.


1. Keep things modest to dress like a female politician

How to dress like a female politician
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For female politicians and other professionals like lawyers and CEO, their dress is not just an outfit.

Rather, it conveys a message to us: I’m trustworthy and I’m in charge.

To stay put together, modest wear is the bottom line.

Think high collar chiffon blouse paired with a pencil dress or dress pants as a political fundraiser look.

Below are more dressing rules for formal occasions to follow:

Dress length:

Knee-high or below the knee is highly preferred

Cutting of the dress:

Form-fitting but definitely not body-hugging (Showcasing the curves is not the purpose here)

The fabric of the dress:

Structured and sophisticated fabric like tweed, woven, satin, and silk instead of casual fabric like cotton

You can also wear a sleeveless top if the overall design is decent, but the low V-neck that may expose your cleavage is a big No-no.

Personally, I do think the outfit for politician ladies are highly restricted.

After all, these female politicians or professionals are in all people’s eyes, to fulfill the public expectation, which means saying NO to so-called “controversial” or “risky” outfits.

2. Wear in solids neutrals hues for a female politician and lawyer look

How to dress like a female politician and female lawyer
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And now let’s talk about color.

Instead of going for feminine pastel hues like lavender and dusty pink, neutral and classic hues like black, white, beige, navy blue, and red are most preferred.

In general, the darker the shades, the more powerful they represent.

For example, navy blue evokes feelings of power and authority while baby blue gives out carefree and relaxing vibes.

That’s also why you always see a female lawyer dressed black suit in court.

And when it comes to patterns, they can be doable for a female politician’s look but it’s best to keep them to a minimum.

For example, if you want to integrate animal prints, go for a solid dark hue pantsuit and snake print pointy flats for a little pop of fun.

3. Be extra careful about the necklines

how to dress like a congresswoman
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Many of us love to express our style through different necklines. But if you want to dress like a politician’s wife or a lawyer, pay attention to the necklines.

Off-shoulder or one-shoulder unfortunately can be controversial. To play safe, go for the sleek V-neck for a smart look.

Or else, a boat neck is another elegant choice as well.

If you want some affordable yet decent choices, I’ve handpicked these high-quality pieces from Amazon! (Trust me it takes A LOT of time to filter out all the bad dresses…)

How to dress like a female politician, lawyers
Knotted Crepe Sheath Dress (Come in all different colors and sizes!)

Is that just me but does this dress look EXACTLY like the type of dress a congresswoman will wear?

The simple yet sleek design is unbeatable.

If you are insecure about the belly area like me, this peplum dress is a must-get. Some of the colors are easily sold out!

4. Politician dress code: High-quality pantsuit

politician dress code
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If you are on a budget but want to dress like a politician lady, I’d strongly advise you to invest all your money in a high-quality pantsuit.

Yes, it is THAT important.

You will never see a congresswoman wearing a flashy FENDI monogram dress but they will certainly wear a nice piece of the suit.

Most of them will get their pantsuit tailored to ensure it looks the best.

As Michael Kors said, “A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit.”

The same just go for ladies! This is the real investment.

5. Opt for classy and structured outerwear

How to dress like a female CEO 
Source: 1,2

So you are tired of wearing a blazer, what outerwear can you wear for your professional politician lady look?

I’d say the Chanel-style tweed jacket and double-breasted coat are the two pieces that instantly put you on the right track.

It just looks unique and posh.

6. Wear a long coat to convey power

How to dress like a female CEO 
Source: 1,2

For chilly days, it’s time to bring out your long coat to convey your power.

If you want to be extra authoritative, opt for the maxi coat instead of the regular one.

It just looks even more sophisticated and guesses what, walking in a long coat like this just shows your unapologetic confidence like a CEO.

Many ladies think they are not tall enough to wear a long coat, well, not at all!

The key here is to show your ankle out and wear high heels to keep your proportion balanced.

7. Get things tailored to elevate your style

How to dress like a female CEO
Source: 1,2

If you wonder how to dress like a female CEO or authority, getting your clothes tailored is worth it in long term.

Why? Because that alone can turn a Zara tweed dress into a high-designer piece.

After all, it’s about how you present the clothes instead of buying expensive pieces.

Of course, ironing your clothes can greatly help as well.

8. A structured bag for female lawyers and politician

How to dress like a female CEO, lawyer and politician
Source: 1,2

So now you’ve pinned down your looks, what about the bags? To make sure you look professional, always opt for a structured, boxy bag.

If you want to depict more power and confidence, it’s best to handhold your bag in the crook of the elbow.

No slouchy tote bag and super chic Valentino’s studded bag that screams the fashionista vibes.

Leave that to your Friday night party with your girl pals.

9. Closed-toe shoes in formal political settings

how to dress like authority female
Source: 1,2

Most of the time, you’ll see the congresswoman and female lawyers wearing closed-toe shoes.

They portray a strong and mature image and are best worn in the workplace.

As for some less formal settings, flats are doable as well.

But that said, I’d recommend pointy sleek flats instead of cute ballet flats.

Not only does it elongate your leg, that just looks more sophisticated and sharp overall.

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10. Dress like a congresswoman in a nice hair updo

how to dress like authority 
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Last but not least, to complete your get-up on a refined end, a simple yet elegant up-do will always do the trick.

Again, it’s more than simply a hairstyle, rather, that’s a strong signal that you are fully aware of your look and look so put together.

The best part of an up-do is it’s way easier than you thought. Whenever I feel moody on Monday morning, I’ll just do a quick sleek low bun, and Viola- I feel like a CEO in an instant.

That’s a mood-setting thing and politician ladies for sure know that well.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder how to dress like a female politician, congresswoman, female CEO, lawyer, and more!

By the way, if you are interested in styling tips to look classy and powerful.

I’m sure the articles below help! See you there ladies!

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