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20 real-life looks!* What to REALLY wear to law school? (All events)

20 real-life looks!* What to REALLY wear to law school? (All events)

Wondering what to wear to law school? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, CONGRATS! Regardless of all those unbearable nights in the study room, you’ve finally made it all through and now, you are a law school freshman.

Such a wild dream.

You deserve to give yourself a big big hug.

And now, you are so ready for your new chapter but here’s the question: What to wear to different events to law school? Is there any dress code?


Below, I’ve gathered 20 real-life law school student outfits from Instagram so you can take a reference.

From admission day to the law school prom, you’ll never feel anything missing from the list.


1. What to wear to law school admitted students’ day

When it comes to law school admitted student day, there’s basically no dress code.

That said, business casual is a safe bet if you want to leave a good impression in front of others.

Think of a nice blouse, dress pants, or midi skirt with closed-toe shoes to look as comfy as it’s put together.

For the girls who want to wear a suit on admission but don’t want to appear too formal, go for the other shades like dusty pink or purple!

This just freshens up the look with a dash of style.

Highly recommended!

2. What to wear to the first day of law school

For guys, the suit can never go wrong but that’s certainly not the only choice.

If you want to dress it down, a collared shirt, khaki pants, and loafers are totally doable as well! When in doubt, think of your Sunday best.


You will receive a ton of documents and free handouts on the first day of law school, it’s best to bring a backpack or crossbody bag with you.

3. What to wear to law school orientation

The law school orientation can be intense. Expect everything from school tours, talks, networking, games, and anything in between.

So yes, dressing comfy is key to fully enjoying the orientation week.

Wear flats as you may walk a lot during the tour and avoid anything too restrictive to feel the comfiest.

4. Dress decent and comfy for law school

I get it, before entering law school, we all have the law school fashion fantasy.

You just can’t wait to dress like a chic lawyer-to-be every day like a fashion show.

But the fact is, law school is hard and you need comfy clothes to survive through the class.

More often than not, law school students will wear a nice top and casual jeans to class.

If you are insecure about the tummy area, this peplum top below is such a confidence booster – it just covers everything.

what to wear to law school
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5. What to wear to law school classes

Of course, if you have presentations in class, jeans are not appropriate.

When in doubt, go for a pencil dress or a decent tunic dress to look put together.

6. Team dress with a blazer for a classy look

If you think wearing a blazer has to be boring, well, think again!

You can always team it with a patterned dress to jazz up the look.

Classy yet stylish.

7. What to wear to the mock trial?

In the mock trial and competition, you have to face all the judges and even future employers. I’d say bring your A-game and dress professionally to the T.

Just throw on the black suit together with a neat hairstyle and you’ll be all fine.

8. When in doubt, peplum dress

Of course, you’ll always need a formal dress for all networking and other events.

Again, I gravitate towards the peplum dress as it’s just way more flattering.

If you want to rock the midi bodycon in the most slimming way, this one-piece just can’t go wrong.

what to wear to law school students
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9. What to wear to law school plus size

And here’s my peplum dress pick for my plus-size queens.

What to wear to law school plus size
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10. What to wear to law school winter

When the days are chilly out there, a high neck sweater dress just makes you look stylish with minimal effort.

To finish off a daily law student look, team it with a maxi coat, black tights, and ankle boots and you’ll never feel anything from your get-up.

Easy piecey.

11. Wear jeans to law school

Yes, people, this is what a real law student wear. A light cardigan, mom jeans, and flat sandals.

At the end of the day, the law student is no different than the other uni students. You can definitely dress casually for class if you feel like it!

12. Paper bag pants as a comfy choice

If you think jeans are too casual, paper bag pants are another must-have for class.

With the looser fit, they just sculpt your bottom in the most flattering way without sacrificing comfort.


13. Layer up your look to law school

Feeling preppy? Layer up the collared shirt with a fitted sweater just looks simple yet sophisticated.

If law students can only pin to one look, this is the one!

14. Go extra fancy with knee boots and a maxi coat

If you want to look extra stylish in law classes, the monochrome style will never disappoint you.

Putting similar colors on your body just elongates your body and makes you appear to be taller and slimmer.


When in doubt, avoid wearing anything too sexy. You don’t want to appear to be trying so hard to impress others.

15. What to wear to the law school prom

Get excited because being a law school student means you will join a ton of events, including the law school prom.

From a sassy high-slit dress to a dressy jumpsuit, go all in to make sure you are picture-perfect!

16. What to wear to barristers’ ball

If you have a date, match the colors for Barrister’s ball!

17. Add a pop of fun for barristers’ ball

Not all barrister’s ball has to look polished and classy.

For a law society networking evening, you can certainly add more personality to your get-up.

A pair of pink heels to brighten up an all-black look? That’s a 10/10.

18. What to wear to law school graduation

When it comes to graduation, basically you can wear whatever you want. I mean, this is your big day!

That said, for the girls who look for a timeless look, LBD just can’t go wrong. When you look back at graduation photos decades later, this outfit is always in style.

19. Law school graduation fashion

Or else, feel free to wear a statement dress on your graduation day!

To make sure you stand out, avoid wearing a similar hue for the dress and gown. You definitely don’t want them to blend in together.

20. Wear a jumpsuit for a chic law graduate look

If you gravitate toward pants, picking the right jumpsuit can look dressy as well. It just gives out a dash of boss lady vibes, love!


So there you go people, the 20 outfit ideas if you wondering what to wear to law school from orientation day, daily class to graduation day!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and ready for your new chapter as a law school student. No one said the journey is easy, but it’s definitely worth it ♥

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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