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What to REALLY wear to a pool party if not swimming?*18 outfits & tips!*

What to REALLY wear to a pool party if not swimming?*18 outfits & tips!*

Wondering what to wear to a pool party if not swimming? You are not alone. Sometimes, swimming is just not the goal here. 

We just want to enjoy the good music and cocktail, sunbathe for a good few hours and recharge ourselves after a hustle week.


Ahead I’ve gathered 18 pool party outfit ideas for boys and girls.

From casual to semi-formal, baking hot days to winter, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

1. What to wear to a pool party for male

For guys, you can always go for a regular jersey and your dry-fit athletic shirt.

These types of clothing are made from microfiber polyester and these absorbent fabrics will dry you off so much faster.

2. T-shirt and shorts as a failproof pool party look

what to wear to a pool party male
Source: 1,2

And of course, if you are planning to chill aside the pool and sip the champagne, you just can’t go wrong with a T-shirt, khaki shorts,s and tennis shoes.

To jazz up the look, throw on a cream straw hat just looks like you’ve given thought to your style.

Easy piecey.

3. A summery floral dress as a mood booster

To blend in the crowd, a summery floral dress is such a failproof look. It just looks so airy and delightful.

Together with the espadrilles wedge and a cute straw bag, this look is perfect.

If you are looking for a turn-head breakneck dress, below I’ve handpicked two of my favorites from Amazon, enjoy!

What to wear to a pool party if not swimming
Want to make the men weak at the knees? You can’t go wrong with the side silt.
floral print dress for pool party

This off-shoulder design is just universally flattering. I also love the romantic trumpet sleeve and loose fit.

4. What to wear to a pool party if not swimming? Crop top

What to wear to a pool party if not swimming
Source: 1,2

Whether you are 16 or 36, a crop top is always appropriate for a pool party. There’s something about them screaming fun and youthful vibes.

Even if you don’t plan to swim, you can still pair up your bikini and mesh crop top for a lowkey hottie look.

Side note:

To prepare someone to push you to the pool (we all know that happens), avoid wearing jeans as they can turn really heavy and so hard to dry off.

A perfect alternative here will be linen shorts or board shorts.

5. Go for a forgiving peplum top

For the girls who are insecure like I do, the peplum top is for you.

Presenting an extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, this just totally covers your belly area and fakes an hourglass shape for you.

So whether you sit on the sun bench or strike a pose with your girl pals, you are bound to feel the best.

Below I’ve handpicked this gorgeous one-shoulder peplum top with a big sweet ribbon. This refreshing light blue shade just brings the pool party vibes to the fullest. LOVE

what to wear to a pool party if not swimming

Shop one shoulder top on Amazon

6. What to wear to a business pool party

what to wear to a business pool party
Source: 1,2

If you are going to a business or semi-formal pool party, you certainly don’t want to dress overly sexy.

I know it’s hard but try to keep it in a “healthy sexy” range.

And guess what, classy white wide-leg pants are your best friend.

It just adds a dash of elegance to your look instantly.

7. What to wear to a formal pool party at night?

If white pants aren’t your thing, consider bringing some fun patterns and hues to show others “I care about my work but also MY STYLE”.

Be a stylish girl boss ♡

A white halter top, a fun patterned midi skirt, and a sleek low bun? Now THAT’s how to dress for a corporate pool party.

8. When in doubt, go for a crochet cover-up

If you are not swimming for the pool party, a cover-up is always handy. When in doubt, just throw them on.

I personally collect all kinds of crochet cover-ups. Some are more revealing while some don’t. Below these two are of the best quality, check this out!

pool cover up if not swimming to pool party
  1. CUPSHE Cover Up White Crochet (Get it from Amazon HERE)
  2. CUPSHE Crochet Hollow with three Quarter Sleeve (Get it from Amazon HERE)

They got all different kinds of lovely hues!

9. What to wear to a pool party when it’s cold

What to wear to a pool party when it's cold
Source: 1,2

So here’s one of the most asked questions: What to wear to a pool party when it’s cold?

First thing first, pay attention to your color template.

When the days chill out, we tend to wear darker shades like black and brown and that just doesn’t match the pool party vibes.

I’d say gravitate towards pastel hues like lavender, baby pink to set the right tone.

Second, when it comes to outfits, a middle sleeve midi shirt dress is a pretty good choice.

Featuring the lightweight fabric, you never feel awkward wearing them aside from the pool.

The best part? You can always wear an extra layer underneath!

10. What to wear to a pool party if you are curvy or fat?

What to wear to a pool party if you are fat
Source: 1,2

Rule No. 1, don’t throw on baggy clothes trying to cover the body. Not only that doesn’t make you feel good, you just appear to be bigger!

Instead, showcase the curve and cinch in the waist to make you look well put together.

If you can’t find the right belt, you can always go for the self-tie shirt dress. They are super forgiving!

11. What to wear to a pool party if you’re fat – what makes you comfy!

Rule No. 2: Set your own rules.

Seriously, who said going to a pool party has to show up in a sexy bikini or dress revealing?

At the end of the day, it’s about picking the right clothes that make you feel comfortable because this is YOUR body!

So if you feel a blue button-down and black leggings serve you, go for it!


So there you go – the 18 outfits ideas if you wonder what to wear to pool party if not swimming.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve found some ideas here and now it’s time to create your own look!

As the saying goes “A pool party can’t solve everything, but it’s a good start.” All you need is to fully enjoy yourself!

By the way, if you are looking for more party outfit ideas, check out the list below!

See you there!

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