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*2023*What to wear on honeymoon night? Tip #10 is wild!đź’‹

*2023*What to wear on honeymoon night? Tip #10 is wild!💋

Seriously, I can’t think of anything more dreamy and blissful than a honeymoon.

It’s definitely one of the most memorable moments together as the official Mr. And Mrs. Love are in the air and all you two lovebirds want is to capture this very moment and keep the sparks alive.

And when it comes to honeymoon night, of course, you want to make it a special one that you will look back and smile at from time to time.

So, ladies, it’s time to bring your A-game.

If you are ready, below are the 10 tips if you wonder what to wear on honeymoon night.

Well, I’d say the last one is the secret weapon! Enjoy!


what to wear on honeymoon night
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1. Floral Lace Scalloped Trim Lingerie Set ( $8 From SHEIn)

2. Plus Contrast Lace Teddy Bodysuit ($ 12 From SHEIn)

Without a doubt, lingerie is such a turn-on for men, especially feminine lace ones.

Instead of going naked, wearing sexy lingerie will certainly make him feel like he is unwrapping a Birthday gift.

So as you can imagine, it’s really irresistible to them. Plus, the lace fabric is not the fabric that a man would be familiar so it just creates another new, blissful sensation.

So don’t doubt ladies, a lace bodysuit will work wonders for you. As a girl with a food body 24/7, I think I will go for the lace bodysuit type instead of two pieces.

Last, if you want to enhance his excitement, definitely go for the one with a ribbon design!


what to wear on honeymoon night
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Oh my, the ultimate weapon – the white shirt.

In men’s eyes, what else is better than seeing your hot wife dressing in your work white shirt with messy long hair and looking at you innocently?

It just triggers some erotic, tingling sensations that he can’t control.

The charm of wearing the oversized button-down shirt is that it leaves room for imagination to him.

You let him wait before you unbutton the shirt and it’s true endorphin to him. A wild honeymoon night? I bet ya!


what to wear on honeymoon night

1. Embroidery Appliques Split Hem Satin Cami Night Dress ($9 From SHEIn)

2. Lace Insert Bow Satin Night Dress ( $9 from SHEIn)

So here you are, the classy elegant silk dress. Speaking of this lustrous, butter-soft fabric, your partner will love it to the core with this hand feel and can’t stay his hands away from you.

Plus, you will feel sexy in this darling piece as well.

The best part? It’s extremely comfy and silky so you can wear it on daily basis! (It’s proven that wearing a silk dress too sleek can slow down the aging of the skin. I mean, how cool is that? )

If you want an affordable choice, go for the satin dress – they are equally flattering!



Signature blush lace balcony bra from FLEUR OF ENGLAND

If you can only invest in one item for your honeymoon night, I’d say the high-quality bra set.

Why? Because it’s the emotional thing that you keep remembering after 3 months, 3 years, or even 10 years. I mean it!

When you look at them later in your life, you will remember this is the set you wear for the honeymoon and pleasing memories come back again.

You’ll never regret investing in a high-quality bra set for this special occasion.

You deserve it!


what to wear on honeymoon night

1. Dobby Mesh Lace Trim Belted Robe Without Slips ( $10)

2. Mesh Lace Trim Belted Robe ( $9 )

To complete your bra set, you perhaps may want a lace sheer robe.

After all, just wearing a fancy bra set can be kind of predictable and you certainly want to spice things up with a billowy lace robe.

Some girls may think it’s unnecessary as you will take it off soon anyways but to men, it’s the eye candy that they are desperate for.


what to wear on honeymoon night
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If you haven’t worn a garter belt, it’s a perfect opportunity to try something new on honeymoon night!

Even though I’m a woman myself, I can understand why a garter belt is such a turn-on as it put your thigh area in the spotlight.

Plus, again, men love to unfold things and a garter belt is a perfect way to offer this challenge!


what to wear on honeymoon night

1. A Grommet Lace Up Back Longline Corset With Thong ($13 from SHEIn)

2. A Lace Up Back PU Leather Waist Trainer With Thong ($16 from SHEIn)

Let’s be real, the corset is not the most comfortable lingerie out there, but it is worth the try. HELL YES.

Whether you want to sculpt an hourglass figure or a busty look, this just boosts your sexy goddess aura tenfolds.

While not all men have the same taste, I’m confident to say most of them really adore this corset, it’s exotic, wild, and fierce to them.

So ladies, perhaps it’s time to get out of your comfort zone as I’m sure both of you will feel excited!

I mean, who doesn’t love surprises? Especially on HONEYMOON Nights.


what to wear on honeymoon night

1. Rhinestone Hollow Out Fishnet Socks (US$4.00 from SHEIn)

2. 4 pairs Plain Fishnet Tights ( US $5 From SHEIn)

Without a doubt, fishnet tights are sexy as hell in all kinds of ways.

It just gives out a lusty aura and signals to him “You can do whatever you want tonight. I’m yours.” I personally think the larger the fishnet, the sexier it looks.

And guess what, men love tearing up the fishnet – yes, they will feel a sense of achievement and boost their masculinity!

To make things even better, pair the tights with sexy stilettos. He really has no way but surrender.


what to wear on honeymoon night
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So now you’ve picked your killer outfit, what’s next? THE HAIR. A perfect hairstyle is really the cherry on top of a hot honeymoon night.

Whether you’re short hair or long hair girl, you can always keep it shiny and pleasant to smell with nice shampoo and hair oil.

If you have extra time, why not set a romantic voluminous big wave that just brings the best of your lace lingerie?

To enhance the look, put all your hair on one side to showcase your shoulder line is always flattering and feminine.

Men love variety.

If you have never styled your hair before intimidate, appearing in front of him with big wavy curls just naturally excites him and makes him look forward to the night even more.


what to wear on honeymoon night

Last but most importantly, the perfume. I’m not talking about any kind of perfume here, but the one with the chemical Pheomore.

In short, pheromones are the undetectable scent that our bodies nurture to invoke sexual desire from others.

I always thought it was a gimmick until I read through the reviews from Amazon and try it myself.

Well, all I can say is IT WORKS. Below are one of the review from
Jacqueline Mayton
whom I can totally relate from:

“This arrived today and I had ordered it without telling the Mister because I wanted to see if it really works. I put it on, hugged, and kissed him when he came home from work. A few minutes later he was all over me cuddling. (Not typical!) I went shopping for a while and came home and put it on again. Hugged him again. A few minutes later he was all over me AGAIN!

Long story short, I got laid the first day with this stuff. Highly recommend! Lol

Btw, nobody paid me or coerced me into making this review. I felt I should share this excellent outcome with anyone that was curious like I was! :)”

There are hundreds of pheromone perfume on Amazon but not all of them works. The one I recommend is Pure Instinct Pheromone Roll-On.

Thank me later!


So ladies, here are the 10 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear on honeymoon night.

Woah that’s a long read, isn’t it?

If you find this useful, please pin it so more women like you can come across this! Thanks love and may I wish you a blissful and wild night here?

Let’s have a quick recap first:

  • Lace bodysuit for honeymoon night
  • White shirt to satisfy his fantasy
  • Silk slip dress for a classy look
  • High quality bra set is a must
  • Dress up yourself with a sheer robe
  • Try something new with garter belt
  • Style your hair to complete your honeymoon night
  • Sculpt your curves with corset
  • Go extra naughty with fishnet tights
  • Phoromone perfume to enhance the experience

By the way, if you are interested in more boudoir outfits, I’m sure you will find the read below useful. See you there!

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