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*2023*13 plus size rave outfit ideas (that cover the stomach!)

*2023*13 plus size rave outfit ideas (that cover the stomach!)

Looking for some plus-size rave and music festival outfit ideas? Ladies, I’ve got you covered!

Finally, it’s the time of the year – the rave and music fest!

Isn’t that the best occasion to dress up and look extra wild, hot and fun?

As a pear-shaped girl, it takes me a while to figure out how to look rave-ready in the most forgiving way.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 11 types of plus-size rave outfits that cover the stomach. From rave tops to sassy fringe dresses to hot pants, I’m sure you’ll find your right style.

Enjoy my loves!

1. Plus size rave outfit ideas: Oversized tee

When in doubt, an oversized dress with the fishnet tights is the failproof combo for the rave party.

Plus size rave outfit ideas Oversized tee
Source: Pinterest

To spice up the look a bit, I’d say wear a lace-up corset belt (like this one from Amazon) to accentuate the waist area.

Simple but sleek!


For the ladies who wanna wearing boots, go for the low, chunky sole – high chance you will walk all day long so comfort is key.

2. A statement sparkly dress

When it comes to the rave party, how can you not be extra sparkly and shiny?

Say no words but a sequin dress just speaks for itself.

And for the ladies who want to even out the boldness of the sparkly dress, consider layer that up with a plain white tee!

plus size rave outfit sparkly dress
Source: Pinterest

With a dash of casualness, this is how you are able to finish the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Ladies, this is how you party like a rockstar without sacrificing your comfort!


If you want to appear taller and slimmer, pair up the tee and shoes in a similar hue can visually elongate your figure from head to toe!

If the all-over sparkly dress is not your style, a sparkly skirt in relatively dark shades is way more wearable!

plus size rave outfit
Source: Whowhatwear

Together with a bright top, this is how you look stunningly stylish and cool.

3. A floral print shirt

For a summery yet feminine summer festival look – a tie-up floral shirt will never go wrong.

floral print shirt plus size music festival
Source: Pinterest

Together with the high pony and hoop earrings, this is how you stay simple yet attract eyes to you.

plus size coachella outfits
Source: Pinterest

Isn’t that so cute and tasteful?

To look the most flattering, the paper bag shorts are one of the best choices.

4. An oversized liquid neon graphic tee

Need the last-minute rave outfit ideas? Think no more and throw this oversized graphic tee on!

oversized liquid neon graphic tee

Get this Liquid Oversized Graphic Tee on Etsy!

There are TONS of graphic tees out there. But when it comes to quality, this bestseller from Etsy surely wins.

Made with high-quality Italian fabric with sleek polyester and springy elastane, it feels stunningly lightweight and airy under the sun- which is perfect for the rave.

The best part? The fabric dyes are incredibly vivid – the colorful liquid space neons are here to help you stand out from the crowd.

Check this graphic tee out!

5. Rave outfits that cover the stomach

Can you guess why I think this dress is functional?

Rave outfits that cover the stomach

Get this technicolor trip fringe mini dress on Dolls kill

Because it camouflages the belly seamlessly in the best way.

Whether you are attending the Edc music festival or pride, this rainbow fringe dress is your mood booster.

Rave rainbow dress that cover the stomach

Get this technicolor trip fringe mini dress on Dolls kill

This cowgirl look is to die for – especially with those wild high-platform combat boots!

6. High waist fringe shorts to cover the stomach

Regular jeans can’t satisfy your fashionista’s desire at heart? Well, this fringe short is here for you.

High waist fringe shorts to cover the stomach

Shop this fringe short on Etsy

Get ready for the compliments that you are going to receive when you go out in this cutie.

High waist fringe shorts to cover the stomach

Shop this fringe short on Etsy

I can imagine how sassy it looks with the cowboy boots.

7. Plus-size techno party look

When it comes to the techno party, looking cool and hot is key.

plus size techno party outfit
Follow @Ellysia for more!

This lady totally exudes the boss babe vibes to the fullest.

To turn an otherwise casual all-black look into a cool girl club approved look, just drape a blazer over the shoulder!

8. Wear a belt bag

Even during the summer day, it’s best to bring a windbreaker with you.

plus size music festival outfits
Source: Pinterest

For some places, there’s a wide difference between day and night!

Also, consider wearing a belt bag. Despite the fact that it’s super handy, it’s also a way to cover the belly!

I always pair this up with biker shorts or a bodycon skirt – works like a charm.

9. Stay sassy with bralette & jeans

At the end of the day, you do you!

If you don’t feel like dressing up, just go with your favorite look and give it a little twist.

plus size rave party outfit bralette
Source: Pinterest

A white bralette and distressed jeans are definitely good enough.

To give the right accent, let’s swap the regular belt for a grunge stud belt!

plus size rave party outfit bralette
Source: Pinterest

Or else, layer the bralette up with the shirt.

Together with the sunnies and delicate long necklace, this look is the perfect blend of womanly and boho style.

10. Sheer poncho is your bestie

This polka dot sheer long shirt is EVERYTHING.

plus size black sheer poncho rave
Source: Pinterest

I think I’ve found my outfit inspo for my next music fest!

I saw many ladies style the sheer poncho with a bodysuit underneath – equally flattering!

11. Sheer holographic tee for plus-size

Another choice for a rave party – is the oh-so-versatile sheer shirt.

Sheer holographic tee

Get this sheer top on Amazon

If you want to look cool with a dash of sassiness, just team the sheer shirt with a sports bra and faux leather leggings underneath and you’re good to go!

The best part? This top is really spacious and perfect for curvy girls.

Trust me – the colors are AMAZING in person.

black Sheer holographic tee

Get this sheer top on Amazon

Need I say more? This “Touch my B**BS” shirt is really screaming the main character vibes to the fullest.


So there you go my loves – the 11 plus size rave outfit ideas that cover the stomach yet equally flattering at the same time!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and it’s time to go wild and pin down your best music festival look!

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out the following articles down below. See you there loves!

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