What to wear with emerald green pants? 18 outfit combos to look refreshed!

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When it comes to classy colors, we always think of the classic white, black, and grey.

As much as they are truly timeless, let’s not forget the emerald green!

With its low saturation of green, it’s a symbol of timeless elegance and grace.

When it comes to emerald green pants, people may think it’s a bit overwhelming to style and confused about the color pairing.

Well, it’s actually not that hard! Here are the 5 tips for what to wear with emerald green pants!


1. Pair emerald green pants with a white shirt for a casual chic look

Unlike the bright green like kelly green, emerald green is a low-saturation color that goes well with many other colors.

If you are looking for a no-fail outfit combination, you can never go wrong with a white shirt!

With a pair of pointed flats or a pair of high heels, you can effortlessly look polished and office-ready!

Pairing with the different fabric of the white shirt, you can achieve a slightly different vibe for the look, here are some of the suggestions.

1. Cotton

If you want a more casual look, a cotton shirt is more than enough!

However, if you want to look dapper, always look for the find cotton with high thread like Egyptian cotton.

After all, you don’t want to style classy emerald green pants with a slightly see-through cotton shirt!

2. Twill

If you want some dense fabric to match the dark emerald green, twill is a perfect choice during cool days.

The twill weaves make the garment more structured and look polished.

Besides the pure white twill shirt, the ivory shirt is also a classy choice. This type of fabric makes your outfit looks more united and put together visually.

Reminder: Twill shirts can be hot for summer so always be flexible about the fabric choices!

3. Silk/ Satin

Personally, silk and satin are emerald green’s best friends!

They just look perfect for each other as both of them are luxurious and elegant. If you want a more formal yet feminine look, an ivory or beige silk shirt with a pussy bow is a perfect choice!

When you are wearing a silk shirt, you don’t even need to wear any accessories as the shirt itself is shiny enough.

So yes, with the different fabrics of the shirt, you can always style your emerald pants with 3 different styles! How cool is that!

2. Pair emerald green pants with a brown top for an earth tone style

If you want to look lowkey with your green pants during the weekdays, pairing them with a brown top can make your outfit less pop up and this is actually the easiest style for the green pants beginner!

Any kind of brown color like khaki and beige colors are the typical earth tone colors and they are the least attention-grabbing colors for an outfit.

This is why people wearing brown monochromic outfits can always blend in with the background seamlessly.

Plus, similar to emerald green, brown is a low-saturation color so it can always pair with green pants in a harmonious way and blend smoothly.

If you are looking for a lowkey yet refreshing look in summer, pairing green pants with one shoulder beige cropped top is always a chic choice.

As for winter, a beige turtleneck is a cozy and polished choice!

3. Go monochrome with a black blazer for a lowkey elegant look

What to wear with emerald green pants?

Finally, we are talking about monochrome!

We all know monochrome is one of the easiest ways to make our outfit look high fashion on a budget and makes our legs look longer.

So ladies, don’t be afraid to style your green pants with different shapes of green!

But if you don’t want to look like trying too hard, you should always avoid the bright green like neon green and seafoam green.

I’ve tried various types of green and so far olive green looks the best with emerald green, they just compliment each other perfectly!

If you are not comfortable with going all-in monochrome (like me at the beginning of the journey of the green pants), you can always add a black blazer to balance the green layers.

It just looks classy and sophisticated with a pair of loafers!


When it comes to monochrome wear, we should always try to pair it with different fabrics for a more versatile look.

For example, if your green pants are made from silk, then you should avoid silk for your top.

By that, your outfit will look rich in layering even with the same color tone!

4. Style green pants with a chunky necklace or hat to look put together

If you are wondering can you style emerald green pants with a light crop top, my answer is YES!

However, you may also want to wear some chunky necklaces or a hat to make the outfit looks more balanced.

As emerald green is a dark and saturation color, if you are wearing something too light or thin, people will just naturally shift the focus to your lower body instead of the whole overall outfit.

To avoid that, you can always add some volume to your upper body to balance things out.

Wearing a V-line dark green necklace is one of the best ways to show your fashion sense and make your outfit looks more united.

In winter, it may be a bit too bulky to wear chunky accessories. In this case, a dark green cloche hat will be a classy choice to pair up with the green pants!


If you are a girl with chubby cheeks like me, always avoid the chocker-type accessories as this will cut our necklines and makes our face looks chubbies.

Instead, the long necklaces with a V shape are always the most flattering choice!

5. Wear corset tops with green pants

I know, it seems intimidating to wear a corset but it actually goes well with emerald green pants!

Plus, wearing a corset as outerwear is so in style these days. So ladies, time to get a little bit bold!

In fact, wearing a corset is not as structured as you thought as they are a wide spectrum of designs.

Again, emerald green is a dense color so you always want to wear a structured top to make the outfit looks complete.

With a thick and structured lining, a plain white or black corset top looks wonderful with the pants.

When it comes to the corset, avoid picking the one with complicated prints as the corset itself already looks complicated with all the detailed lining.

After all, less is always more!


So here are the 5 tips for what to wear with emerald green pants!

  • Pair emerald green pants with a white shirt for a casual chic look
  • Pair emerald green pants with a brown top for an earth tone style
  • Go monochrome with a black blazer for a lowkey elegant look
  • Style green pants with a chunky necklace or hat to look put together
  • Wear corset tops with green pants

What do you think about these tips? I hope you find them useful. In the past, I always thought green pants are not my style as I have no idea how to style them at all!

However, once I saw the ladies pair the green pants with the basic white shirt and still look stunning, I just realized this is not as intimidating as I thought.

And now, I’m that I don’t have to wear black and grey pants that often as emerald green pants are definitely a classy yet chic choice.

After all, as the saying goes, life is too short to wear boring clothes!

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