*15 real looks!What to wear to Monte Carlo night? (Casino & more)

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Wondering what to wear to Monte Carlo night? You’ve come to the right place!

Known as “Billionaire’s playground”, a trip to Monaco is bound to make you feel surreal.

From Formula 1 races, and world-famous casino resorts to Ferrari sports car experience, Monte Carlo is all about the glitz and glamour you’ve dreamt of a lifetime.


And guess what, to elevate your experience in Monte Carlo to another level, picking the right outfit is key.

Below, you will find 15 Monte Carlo real-life styling outfits from dressy casino looks to casual sightseeing outfits along with some pro tips.


1. Monte Carlo casino daytime dress code

If you are a first-time visitor, going to the legendary Monte-Carlo casino has to be top of your checklist. So here is the question: What is the dress code of this exclusive casino?

The dress code does matter here as there were times the staff really turn down the guest even if he or she dressed to the T – except in the wrong shoes.

To your surprise, Monte-Carlo doesn’t have a strict dress code, but it clearly stated that “proper attire” is required.

Monte carlo casino daytime dress code
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If that’s daytime, T-shirt and tennis shoes are acceptable. That said, I’d think Sunday is best as a safe bet.

For ladies, a sundress or nice blouse with dark jeans are failproof.

As for guys, think of a collared shirt and Bermuda shorts as the minimum standard.

2. Monte Carlo casino nighttime dress code

If you are going to the casino after 7 pm, you have to follow a stricter dress code: evening wear.

Shorts, T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and tennis shoes are not allowed.

For ladies, a nice dress or pantsuit, heels, and a dainty clutch are recommended. For gentlemen, wear a suit or slacks with a jacket and tie.

3. What to wear to Monte Carlo night

Glamourous bond girls look is not your style? No worries, go for a classy tweed dress with cream ankle boots that is equally flattering.

When in doubt, think fancy restaurant attire and you’ll be fine.

4. What to wear to monte carlo casino guys

For gentlemen, a white blazer is here to freshen up your style and stand out from the crowd.

Together with the scarf as a layering piece, this preppy get-up just looks like a million dollars.


If you don’t want to labelled as the flashy “New money”, avoid wearing too many big logos in one outfit.

5. Casual Monte Carlo Outfit

For a chill Monte Carlo night that you wanna dress comfy and explore the city, a cute crop top, wide-leg jeans and sneakers are totally doable!

To add an extra pop of fun, a flirty fringe biker jacket just boosts the aesthetic tenfolds.

Such a must-have piece.

6. Cute Monte Carlo Outfit

Needless to say, there is no color that is off-limit in Monte Carlo.

People, in general, do pay an effort in dressing well even in the daytime.

So here’s the sweet mash-up for you: Bright floral sundress and lace-up espadrilles that are as romantic as it’s practical to walk for a day.

Together with the retro sunglasses, this get-up is a 10/10.

7. When in doubt, wear vibrant shades

Gravitate towards pants? I say lean into it.

Again, step out of your comfort zone and embrace all kinds of colors!

A pink tank top, blue dress pants, and a nice pair of loafers can look effortlessly high class -try this combo out!

8. Colorful top for the Monte Carlo trip

As a girl who love budget shopping, I am IN LOVE with this colorful shirt on Amazon.

Monte Carloparty outfit
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Featuring the shimmering texture, this is how you trick others you are wearing a silk top.

Whether you team it with a midi skirt or casual jeans, this just look effortlessly chic.

The best part? These shirts are big busted woman friendly! Check out more try-on photos and reviews on Amazon HERE!

9. What to wear to Monte Carlo night in fall & winter

When the days are chilly out, pair up your faux leather pants with red houndstooth coat that just screams “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it“.

Regardless of the season, you want to be picture perfect for all the beautiful shots in this glamourous city.

10. What to wear to Monte Carlo night summer

When in doubt, go for a cut-out dress that is seriously in style these days.

Life is too short is not dress well, especially in Monte Carlo.

11. What to wear to the Monte Carlo party?

This is another classic look you’ll see ladies wearing in Monte Carlo. Be extra flamboyant to drape your double-breasted blazer over the shoulder.

You’re not sorry.

12. Monte Carlo Outfit fashion

When in doubt, go for the co-ords. This matching set just makes you look stylish with minimal effort.

While I am a fan of bright tones, I have to admit neutral shades like cream and beige just look so high fashion and poised in nature.

Can’t go wrong.

13. Monte Carlo Casino party outfit

Tempted to wear statement sequin dress for your casino night and worry you are too overdressed?

Well, think again sis.

It’s Monte Carlo and some people do dress to the T as if they come from a James Bond movie! I’m not even kidding.

So girl, let’s step out of your comfort zone and glam yourself up!

14. Sequin dress for ALL sizes

For a flattering choice, this sequin dress on Amazon is such a godsent. Featuring the super stretchy fabric, it’s perfect for all sizes of girls.

Monte Carlo Casino party outfit
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I am loving the thickness of this dress, it’s thick enough to accentuate the curves and hide the fat rolls without feeling heavy. LOVE

15. Casino royale party outfits

Last but not least, if you are holding a Monte Carlo casino theme party, think bold red, sequin, and high heels.

There’s no such thing as too much glitter.


So there you go – the 15 real-life outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Monte Carlo night.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired!

As the saying goes “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”.

Enjoy your beautiful time in Monte Carlo!

By the way, if you want to look rich in a distinctive way, remember to check out my popular article below! See you there loves!


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