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12 signs of an unromantic boyfriend & husband!*Good laugh!*

12 signs of an unromantic boyfriend & husband!*Good laugh!*

Feel like your boyfriend or husband is unromantic? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

From the classic relationship book “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus”, I guess we all know how different men and women different in their communication styles and emotional needs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about whether the couple is willing to compromise and reach a consensus.

That said, a romantic man can easily be a trigger for ladies – well, especially the ones who are emotionally expressive like me!

If you want a good laugh, check out the 12 signs of an unromantic husband and boyfriend.


1. They won’t say “I love you” easily

They just won’t.

signs of an unromantic husband

Good side:

Since you won’t hear that commonly, the more sparingly he uses it, the more magical and precious “I love you” will be.

Trust me, it feels like a present on Christmas Day.

2. When you rant about something, he gives you solutions right away.

Bye bye emotional support!

signs of an unromantic husband

“How come you don’t comfort me first?” You asked.

“Well, there’s NO emotion after you solve the problem!” He replied. “Lemme fix it!”

Ask them to do the MBTI test and I am sure the result is xxTx.

T stands for Thinking.

So yes, a well-functioned logical guy.

Good side:

That said, if you want to get things done, your husband is here to shine!

3. Physical touch may not be natural to them in public

While displaying affection like hugging and kissing is perfectly normal, this is not everyone’s thing.

signs of an unromantic husband

If your husband is preserved, he may feel slightly uncomfortable kissing you passionately in public.

Good side:

While he may be all cold and manly in public, well, high chance he can be a teddy bear in front of you at home!

He still craves having intimacy with you but just that he prefers that all of that should be done privately.

4. Your husband doesn’t appreciate your spontaneity

Do you want to surprise him with a weekend road trip and you feel like his mind is completely shut down?

how to deal with unromantic boyfriend

“What about next month – 16 Oct?”

He asked.

The fact is, not all people love surprises and he may feel slightly annoyed that the schedule is all messed up.

So yes, your husband fails to pass the vibes test from time to time.

5. He isn’t giving you compliments…often

Your dress shows your belly and you expect him to praise?

signs of unromantic boyfriend

It’s just not their default mode.

Give up sis.

They only give compliments when they mean it.

6. He buys a practical gift

Flowers are never an option.

my boyfriend is not romantic or affectionate

He may do it if you ask – but it never comes as a surprise.

Instead, if he realizes you lost the Airpod, he will buy it because it’s practical.

I mean – it’s not bad!

7. Drink more water

“My period comes”“Drink more water babe”

“I have a headache”“Drink more water babe”

unromantic boyfriend drink water

“I feel gloomy today”“Drink more HOT water babe”

I guess that’s self-explanatory.

8. Can’t get the hidden meaning

“I am so tired today, I guess I will leave now.” She said.

“Alright, lemme send you back home?” He asked.

unromantic boyfriend quotes

“Aw… you are so sweet. Will that be too tiring for you? You don’t have to.” She replied.

“Yes, I am a bit tired today. Alright, go back home safe then!”

…For real?

Trust me, some guys really don’t understand we just say things out of politeness.

OF COURSE, I want you to send me back home!

9. Hate celebrating Valentine’s Day

For you, Valentine’s Day is the romantic day when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.

From the candlelight table setting to chocolate to a bouquet of flowers, it is hopelessly romantic.

don't celebrate valentine's day

That said, in your husband’s eyes, Valentine’s Day is just one of the evil commercial holidays.

 Behind all the glam it’s the capitalistic idea to sell the people stuff they don’t actually need and he doesn’t need a day to specifically be romantic.

Side note:

In my eyes, there’s no right and wrong. It’s really down to a different perspective I guess!

10. Can’t notice the change of your look

New lipstick? New haircut? Gain 5 pounds?

Not a slight difference in their eyes.

signs of unromantic husband

Well, they definitely focus on the “BIG PICTURE”!

11. DK how to do sweet talk

“Can you promise me you only love me in your entire life?” She hugged him and asked.

“Well, not really. I mean, how can I be sure of something in the future?” He looked at her innocently.

unromantic boyfriend quote

Eye rolls x 1000.

This conversation is actually real.

12. Unromantic husband & boyfriend quotes

unromantic boyfriend quotes

Trust me, your unromantic life partner is here to guarantee he will go through all the ups and downs with you the entire life.


So there you go – the 12 signs of an unromantic husband and boyfriend.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gives you a good laugh!

Seriously, being unromantic is not that bad. Actually, some of the “unromantic” guys I’ve known are the ones who are the most caring and loyal to their partner!

So yes ladies, don’t judge the book by its cover!

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See you there loves!

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