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*Yes they still exist!* 20 signs he is a chivalry gentleman

*Yes they still exist!* 20 signs he is a chivalry gentleman

In the well-known spy action movie KINGSMAN, Harry Hart once said “Manners maketh man.”

I don’t know about you but these days, the real gentleman seems a rare breed.

After all, cultivating a gentleman does involve a lot of time and effort.

In the past, there was a famous saying in Britain – “It takes three generations to make a gentleman.

While these classy men are not easy to find, they do really exist. (YAY!)

That said, I’ve gathered 20 signs he is a chivalry gentleman.

It’s totally fine if you disagree with some of these as we all hold different standards.

Take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy!


1. He takes care of his look

He is always hygienic. He will keep his nails clean, trim his hair regularly for a fresh look, and dress according to the occasion.

Truly, maintaining appearance symbolizes manners and discipline.

While he may not wear the classic suit and oxford shoes 24/7, he is always looking put together and smart.

2. He always walks on the curbside

This sweet gesture will truly make a lady feel well-protected.

Someone may argue this is old school and I believe many ladies will appreciate that.

3. He is always punctual

A true gentleman knows this is a sign of respect for others.

In most cases, he may arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier just in case.

4. He respect everyone

He knows that everyone has dignity and there’s no reason to look down on anyone.

Whether that’s his mother, a waiter in a restaurant, or a beggar on street, he shows kindness and respect.

5. He will always open and open the door to strangers

Especially for ladies. Yes, Ladies First is still a thing.

It takes 2 seconds to hold the door but guess what, this really makes a difference.

6. He will ask your permission before doing you a favor

Instead of helping you without asking, he will ask to take a step further and ask “Can I do this favor for you?”

Aw… I just feel like a princess.

7. Telephone manners

He is aware of the tone he is presenting and won’t leave the caller on hold for too long.

signs he is a chivalry gentleman

He will never sound distracted even if that’s just a phone call and last, he is also patient enough to let you hang up first.

8. He is articulate in his words

Speak at the right volume and right speed without saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know” all the time.

A well-spoken man just exudes a sense of firmness and confidence.

8. Always say please, thank you, and excuse me

The courteous manner will never be too much.

9. He has a good firm handshake.

More often than not, a good handshake tells more than a title on a business card.

A gentleman always masters the first impression.

10. He will dress accordingly

It seems a no-brainer but trusts me, some guys wear T-shirts on every occasion.

Whether that’s a formal company event or a chill errand day.

Mark Zuckerberg has entered the chat.

11. A gentleman should remove his hat as he enters a building

This includes baseball caps, casual hats, and also sunglasses.

12. He knows he should pay if he invites her out

It’s always a chivalrous act to take care of the check for the first date.

If he is meticulous enough, he will also take an Uber for her.

13. He won’t tell his friends private details about that night with you

You know, the intimate details should be between you and him. He will never make you feel insecure in this way.

14. He gets his suit tailored


As Vincent Piazza said, “A custom-tailored suit retains a certain dignity about it”. It just set you apart from others.

That may not need to be a terribly expensive designer piece, but that has to be a high-quality tailored one that lasts you 10 years and more.

15. He makes you feel beautiful

A real man knows how to treat his lady right. He never talks down to her and instead, he makes sure his lady knows she is beautiful and perfect in his eyes.

Not only on birthday but every single day.

And when you smile, this is his source of happiness.

16. He takes pride in protecting others

A sense of chivalry is in his blood and he is proud of it.

17. He will accept and confess his mistakes

Accepting mistakes can be hard.

But a real man is big enough to admit his mistake and learn from it. He considers finding an excuse for the weak.

18. He has proper dining etiquette

You know…all the details like elbows off, knowing which utensils to use, eating slowly.

All these counts.

19. He put his phone into the pocket

He keeps his phone in his pocket when he is dining with you.

And if he is waiting for a work call or email, he will at least place his phone face down on the table to show his respect.

20. A true gentleman loves only one lady. PERIOD.


A gentleman will fight for one woman even if 99 others are chasing him.


So here are the 20 signs he is a chivalry gentleman. What do you think?!

I get it, you must now hopelessly think that this kind of classy man is too dreamy to exist in this world.

But guess what, if you have leveled up yourself as a classy lady, you will meet them at the end of the day. This is how the universe works!

By the way, if you are interested in more styling tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful!

See you there ladies!

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  1. Angus says:

    so even in 2023 I can not be chivalrous gentleman if I love man, or maybe chivalry is still correlation with anti LGBT, if that is, I respect different opinion but I personally oppose chivalry.