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*2023*18 signs of a fake rich person: from appearance to wordings!

*2023*18 signs of a fake rich person: from appearance to wordings!

As the saying goes “Don’t go broke trying to look rich”. Sadly, the whole faking wealth epidemic is in our culture these days.

Seriously, everyone on social media is just flashing their money and showing off their latest sports cars.

Honestly, this is so disturbing and toxic.

To stay away from these crowds, now it becomes our job to tell who’s the fake rich. Luckily, they are quite easy to spot.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 signs of a fake rich person. Take notes!

signs of a fake rich person

1. He doesn’t have a circle of rich friends

Well, that’s such a red flag.

As Jim John said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

So yes, a banker will have a group of financial friends while a start-up guy will surround himself with a bunch of start-up guys.

And now you are telling me, YOU – a successful man who claimed to own an apartment in Bel Air don’t have a group of friends with decent financial background.

Just sink in for a second. Is that even make any sense?

2. He name-dropping like crazy

Vice versa, if he claimed he has a powerful connection and keeps name-dropping the big names, that’s not a good sign either.

Isn’t that appear to be trying too hard to seek your recognization? A real wealthy man will always keep things private and will never act in that way.

Yes, I know Bill Gates too! I use my Microsoft laptop every day!

3. He crowns himself with the complicated job title

I’ve come across a guy like this and that’s just classic.

He introduced himself as the CTO of an international company. Alright, that’s cool. And later on, that turned out to be a start-up of two. So his brother is the CEO and he is the CTO.

That’s all, no other employees. Alright… if that makes you feel better, go ahead boy.

But seriously, be aware of the job titles. Whenever he said something like Vice President or financial controller, double-check what that exactly means in his definition first.

4. Fake rich don’t care about their time

Once said, “you can always get more money but you cannot get more time.”

True wealthy men are particular in time because they know these are the most valuable resources.

They will always schedule things out to fully utilize their time.

So if this guy seems so chill about time and doesn’t care if you are 30 minutes late or arrive on time, he is definitely not a classic rich man.

5. Fake rich love to show off

Remember this “Wealth is quiet. Rich is loud. Poor is flashy.”

That pretty much sums up everything. If owning a Rolex watch is such a big deal for him to create 13 stories on Instagram.

He is probably an insecure person deep down and again, a fake rich.

6. Fake rich love wearing big logos designer brands

An LV monochrome sweater with a Hermes belt and a FENDI leopard pants ALL IN ONE OUTFIT? No, thank you. Just no.

If you are meticulous enough, most of the high fashion brands have two different lines that respectively cater to old money and fake rich.

Go to the Burberry website for a quick scroll and you will understand what I mean.

7. Fake rich has a fake rich hobby

signs of a fake rich person

Self-discipline is the No.1 delineating factor between the rich and poor. Do you know what hobbies scream fake rich?

Clubbing, drinking, and partying.

Vice versa, the really rich are obsessed with personal development and quality time.

From reading books, going to the gym, meditation, and spending the weekend with family, they know how to live a real life.

8. A fake rich will invite you to the parties that never really exist

it’s all fancy until you realize they’re just saying. Yacht and the Great Gatsby-themed party on the coming weekend?


9. His diet says A LOT

Drinking vodka and processed food? He is not a real rich.

Yes, I know Warren buffet loves Coke Zero but in general, the rich guys really care about food and nutrition.

You’ll find the real rich dress decently and enjoy a 3-hours fine dining experience in a Michelin restaurant.

He knows how to taste red wine comes from and he knows different types of cheese.

He enjoys knowing the history and different cultures, which you rarely find this quality from the fake rich.

10. Fake rich are self-obsessed

A real rich has seen it all. Knowing people from all walks of life, he is always humble and calm.

As for the fake rich, his world is really small. A classic example is during a chat, he loves to shift back to the topic to himself and say that same old joke again. (Eye rolls…)

11. He always has the latest iPhone

Keeping up with the trends like an 18-years-old? Only fake rich cares.

12. The fake rich have poor financial literacy

If he doesn’t really understand how money works, is that even possible he is the real rich?

Fake rich have poor financial literacy. Bookkeeping and budgeting aren’t their things.

To be frank, some of them don’t even know the difference between asset and liability.

13. He discloses his finance publicly

While a normal person may feel uncomfortable disclosing their finance, the fake rich is just the opposite.

It just feels like he screams “Hey! Here’s my money, come and grab some!”


14. High salary but living paycheck to paycheck

Being fake rich is terribly costly. After all, you’ll need to buy all those bling things to satisfy your appetite.

So yes, even though he is a high-income earner, high chance he doesn’t have decent cash flow and saving at all.

Worse case, they are in debt to support their lavish lifestyle.

15. They work for others

He presents to you that he’s the boss, but soon you find out he has to leave early because his real boss emailed him.

16. They own expensive cars

Not only expensive but those flashy sports cars like the Lamborghini Aventador instead of a practical SUV.

You better watch out.

17. How they treat the waiter

If they treat strangers rudely, he is not the real rich or classy…at all. Period.

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18. Fake rich is not happy

At the end of the day, they aren’t happy at all because they are suffering a burden both mentally and financially.

They are always insecure and not living in the present moment. At the end of the day, they will realize it’s not worth the hype.


So here are the 18 signs of a fake rich person.

What are your thoughts about that? Have you met anyone acting in this way? Please comment down below!

Most of the time, when we say we want to be rich. We are talking about old money.

The well-educated, healthy, driven human being that living their best life.

If that’s what really interested you, I’m sure you’ll find the read below useful!

See you there!

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