[8 WEARABLE COMBOS 2022] what to wear with red shoes?

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As the saying goes “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”.

If you want an extra boost of confidence, throw yourself a pair of darling red shoes that can never go wrong to make you feel like a boss lady.

But here is the only question we all have in mind “What to wear with red shoes without looking too dressed up?”.

Well, surprise surprise, these cuties are way more versatile than you thought.

Whether you pair them with jeans or a classy beige trench coat, it just gives the look a perfect finishing touch with a distinctive vibe.

So ladies, if you are ready to incorporate some fire red to WOW your shoe department, ahead are the 8 outfit combos when it comes to styling red shoes.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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Let’s be honest, sometimes wearing a plain tee and blue jeans can look too ordinary – or shall I say – boring.

If you want to look stylish even in the simplest outfit, perhaps it’s time to add a pop of color to freshen up the look.

As the iconic bright-tone shoes, red heels can be the perfect statement piece to add some flavors to your ensemble.

Finish off the look with a pair of hoop earrings and cat-eye sunglasses, this is how to pull off jeans on another level.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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If you think red shoes are hard to style, I must tell you red heels can be even riskier.

As the thigh-high and knee-high boots take up more coverage with your overall outfit as a whole, it can be overwhelming to pull them off when you first get started.

That said, always start with the ankle boots and see how you feel about it.

And of course, color plays a major role here as well. If bright red boots are too bold to wear, get experimental with other red hues for a subtle look.

For me, darker shades like ruby red and burgundy are my favorite. I mean, these hues are just perfect for fall and winter aren’t they?

Not only they are easier to blend in with your outfits, they just give out a dash of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble.

Complete the look with a classic beige trench coat, this look is just irresistibly ravishing.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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Some ladies may think vacay outfits and red shoes just don’t go together.

But guess what, these combos can be surprisingly flattering.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how to pair with your shoes for a refreshing style connotation.

For a holiday look, pair a ruffled romper with a breezy kimono jacket and red espadrilles wedge but can’t look more summery.

Stay faithful to the off-duty look, don’t forget to carry your darling straw bag to sparkle your look.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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Fashion trend comes and goes but preppy style is here to stay.

As a perfect blend between sophistication and practicality, preppy outfits just look timelessly crisp and put together.

That said, a pair of dainty red heels just echos well with the posh ensemble.

For a posh school girl look, team the ribbon dress shirt with a wine red checkered pleated skirt and pointy red flats just look so on point.

To take this killer look to another level, don’t forget to wear a silk neck scarf and an envelope clutch as this look just screams “I’ve got a style and I know it”.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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Once in a while, we girls just want to add a dash of whimsy with a patterned shirt and I must say red shoes just work really well with all the prints: they just do.

For a funky ensemble, pair a vintage polka dot top with slouchy mom jeans to allow a modern take on the retro flare.

Instead of pairing with nude heels, red shoes can give a stronger presence and avoid looking top-heavy.

That said, prints and patterns can easily go tacky.

To avoid fashion disaster, I will always wear plain pants to subdue the boldness.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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While bright red seems challenging to carry, this rule doesn’t apply to all the shoes.

When it comes to red pointy heels, for some girls they can look too sharp and dressy to wear.

As a replacement, you can dress down the look with a cute pair of round-toe ballet flats for a youthful ensemble.

As for my most-worn red shoes, that must be my red thick sole sandals as they just look great with EVERYTHING.

Whether pairing it with jeans or a jumper, it just works wonders.

So ladies, before you buy a fancy pair of red stilettos that can barely walk for more than 10 minutes, let’s not forget to consider which types of shoes suit you the most.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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For a diva look, let’s get bold to embrace a red monochrome! To master this look, keeping things simple is the key.

Instead of going all-in with all the prints and ruffles and accessories, stay neat with your overall outfits just help you to subdue the boldness of the red.

For a failproof look, pairing an oversized red sweater dress with thigh-high boots is simply wholly on-trend.

Complete the look with playful round sunglasses, this outfit is sure to turn heads.


what to wear red shoes ladies, what to wear with red heels
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If you don’t want to overdo the red with the monochrome look, feel free to echo the red from only the top and bottom.

That said, pair a red coat or top or even headband to echos with the red shoes for a united look as a set.

As a petite girl, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pairing as my figure can be elongated from head to toe visually with the color illusion.

That way, you don’t have to look too matchy-matchy but still, fully enjoy the body-flattering effect from the monochrome pairing.


So ladies, here are the 8 outfit combos if you wonder what to wear with red shoes. Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear red shoes with jeans
  • Pull off red heels in winter
  • Embrace a vacay look with red shoes
  • Stay preppy in red
  • Get bold with patterns and prints
  • Find your best fit with red shoes
  • Echo the red
  • Style red shoes in a monochromatic way

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