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*2023*35 red skirt & dress outfits ideas + slimming tips!

*2023*35 red skirt & dress outfits ideas + slimming tips!

As the saying goes “Red is a bit of everything: Kinda classy, kinda crazy”

I mean, what else embodies confidence and attractiveness more than a breathtaking red dress?

I get it, now you are wondering what to wear with red dress? Isn’t that too overwhelming?

Well, you can always get subtle with a cute red skirt so let’s take the baby step first.

So ladies, if you are searching for an ultimate red skirt and red dress outfit guide, this is the one.

From formal pencil skirts to mini skirts, cute summer looks to classy winter ensembles, I’ve gathered all possible combos here.

Well, to be specific, 10 types of different red skirts and 35 looks.

So if you are wondering what to wear with a red skirt, keep on reading!

1. Black and red skirt outfits as the classic combo

black and red skirt outfits
Source: 1,2

As a bright hue, teaming black top with a red skirt just looks fierce yet classy.

This classic combo just balances out the boldness of red and makes the whole outfit way more wearable.

For a boss lady style, team a black dress shirt with a body-hugging red skirt just looks like a million dollars.

Together with sunglasses, you literally don’t need any designer bags to prove anything – you ARE the brand.

red skirt outfits
Source: 1,2

Speaking of the chilly day looks, a black sweater top and red flared dress just seal the deal.

Go for the darker hues to match the winter vibes.

Think ruby red, wine red, and burgundy that look absolutely tasteful for the fall and winter season.

2. Red plaid skirt are always in style

red plaid skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Want a prep-school look? A red plaid skirt is a gorgeous piece that gives out the signature school girl flare.

To put this pattern in the spotlight, keep the rest of your look simple by wearing solids.

To spice up a sleek black turtleneck top, throw it with a black felt hat and thigh-high booties – This is how you give the classic tartan skirt a fresh update.

red tartan skirt outfit
Source: 1,2

Of course, how can we miss out on this spicy combo?

In case you wonder, the cropped cardigan and red tartan bodycon are the new aesthetic that you shouldn’t miss out on.

You know, sometimes we just feel like show a stripe of skin out.

Fun and flirty.

3. Red pencil skirt outfit ideas for the feminine vibes

red pencil skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

What is more womanly and seductive than a pencil dress? Well, a RED pencil skirt.

The charm of this darling is all about its effortlessness. Believe it or not, a pencil skirt can be really sexy if you wear it tight.

It just looks like you’re not trying hard but you somehow look hot AF.

If you want to make it more workplace friendly, definitely go for a slightly loose cutting and midi length for a professional look.

I know many girls think it’s hard to wear a pencil dress with a tummy, well, I’ve gathered THESE 10 TIPS in my another article!

Apart from the ruched lining and wide waistband tips, I’m sure you probably never heard of other hacks.

Check out here!

4. Red leather skirt outfit ideas to dress up and down

red leather skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Is a red leather skirt hard to pull off? It really depends on how you style it.

If you dress it down with a retro band tee and studded combat boots, in a blink of an eye you look rock concert ready with your girl pals.

As for beginners, pay attention to the texture of the faux leather.

Swap out the shimmering leather skirt to the suede finish just change the style connotation instantly.

Subtle yet tasteful.

5. Dark red skirt outfits for a Victorian-inspired look

dark red skirt outfits
Source: 1,2

What to wear with a wine red skirt? What about experimenting with Victorian gothic style in your modern ensemble?

Now, dig out your black lace top and brown oxford heels to finish up the look.

If you want an extra dash of Edwardian-inspired flare, definitely get a red velvet dress that gives up the dark romance vibes.

I don’t know about you but I can already imagine myself wearing this for the Christmas party!

6. Youthful red denim skirt outfit ideas

red denim skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Bored with wearing the same old navy denim skirt? Why not stand out with the red denim that screams one-of-a-kind?

Both being the signature summer days hues, a simple white off-shoulder top and red denim are more than enough to complete a summer vacay ready ensemble.

And for the lazy girls out there, go for the handy red denim co-ord set so you can look stylish in minimal effort.

I bet you will wear it way more than you expected.

Thanks me later!

7. Stay classy in red mini skirt outfit ideas

red mini skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Does a red mini skirt has to look sexy? Not really.

Taylor Swift just demonstrated a perfect example for us: An elegant boatneck striped top, an A-line mini skirt together with ribbon nude heels. How darling is that?

And in case you want to dress like a preppy girl today, embrace the oxford heels and satchel bag just gives out an academic aesthetic.

They are truly having a moment now.

8. Casual red midi skirt outfit ideas

red midi skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Midi skirt is universally flattering to all ladies regardless of the shape and size.

For those blue Monday mornings, a red midi skirt not only brightens up your look, but also your mood.

If you aim for a billowy silhouette, a wine red pleated midi skirt is such a versatile piece.

For summer, the red pleated skirt and romantic lace-up espadrilles wedges are my forever love. You just can’t get enough of this combo.

By the way, if you are wondering if wearing a midi skirt will make you look shorter, the answer is no ONLY IF the dress is slightly below the knee. (Not land exactly on the knee area)

Hope that helps!

9. Bold red long skirt outfit ideas

red long skirt outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Want something bold that adds chic to any Instagram shot?

Go team the red chiffon long with a statement padded faux leather jacket that screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

Girls just wanna have fun and sometimes we just need that boss lady dose to hit the down on Friday night.

10. Plus size red skirt outfits slimming tips

 Plus size red skirt outfits

Many plus-size baes thick red skirts are off-limits for them. That’s just not true.

All you need is some practical tips to hug your curves on point! First, outerwear matters.

Always go for the long-line drape jacket that can draw eyes vertically and elongate your figure as a whole.

 Plus size red skirt outfit

Second, add a belt.

That’s an easy hack but admit it, sometimes we are too lazy to do that. With the right belt, it truly works wonders for your body and entices the high waist area.

That said, the thick belt is a no-go more often than not as that will make you look shorter by creating a color block.

 Plus size red skirt outfit ideas

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the neckline.

  • No round neck (That will make your face look bigger and rounder)
  • V-neck is way better (Nice stylish choice to elongate the neckline)
  • Off-shoulder is the JEM (My fav. It just shed down the heaviness of the upper body and balance out the silhouette)

11. Red skirt outfit ideas for summer

red skirt outfit summer

Want to style a puffy sleeve crop top without looking too teeny?

A red midi fishtail skirt is here to fake an hourglass figure for you.

To finish off the look, consider the nude spaghetti strap sandals. Sexy and cute.

red co-ord skirt outfit summer

Another summer pick, floral co-ord sets.

As busy prints can exaggerate the body visually, wearing it as a set can balance that effect and make your body stay in the same color scheme.

Easy piecey.

12. Red skirt outfit ideas for winter

red skirt outfit winter
Source: 1,2

Winter doesn’t always have to be a boring black jacket, that can be a cute cream off-shoulder cable-knit sweater with a wine red corduroy skort and riding boots as well!

And guess what, a red monochrome is not as intimidating as you think.

Pair up the berry red hue with bright red just bringing the best in each other. How amazing is that?


So ladies here is the complete red skirt and red dress outfits guide. Now you get all the inspirations and now it’s time to take off that shyness and wear red!

By the way, if you are interested in more styling tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful! See you there ladies!

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