[7 REAL tips]what to wear with split leg pants

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Ladies, it’s official. There’s no doubt that split leg pants have become a mainstay of our wardrobe all year round. No matter what is your style, split leg pants never fail to take the look right! From formal workplace dressing to date night to Coachella, you can always add an extra to your outfit with these stylish designs. If you haven’t tried out this trend, you may think this is kind of overwhelming. I hear you ladies. Below are the 7 ideas if you wonder what to wear with split leg pants, I am sure you will figure out your style!


how to wear with split leg pants
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If you want to get your feet wet in the split pants, the front ankle split one is always the best place to begin. With the inverted V shape and by showing out the ankle area, this wonderful design helps elongate the leg and make you look taller naturally. As a petite girl, I just wish I’ve come across split pants earlier. Another best thing is you can show your shoes out, no matter it’s the pointy high heels or chunky white sneakers, they can take a peep out of the hem. But of course, if you want a more casual look, try out the above the ankle pants. This is so cute with a little tiny slit there!

As Givenchy said “Luxury is in each detail”. With this inverted V shape, it just creates a sense of allure and femininity to the outfit. With a pair of nude heels or loafers, it just look truly high fashion!


how to wear with split leg pants
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If you already get used to the ankle split pants, it’s time to level up for a bolder look! With the knee split pants, you just instantly turn into the chic fashionistas. With the knee split designs, it’s going to be eye-catching so I will advise you to keep the rest of your outfit plain and sleek so your bottoms can pop up even more. For a summer look, an off-shoulder top can be a good choice to balance off the edginess of the pants. As for winter, I always go for the fitted turtleneck sweater and a pair of black ankle boots.

While you can pair all kinds of footwear with this design, to avoid the top-heavy look, I wouldn’t pair it with something light. Instead of wearing a pair of nude flats, I think faux leather ankle boots can be a more harmonious choice here.


how to wear with split leg pants
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If you want a dressy look for your date night or parties, it’s perfect timing to flaunt your high split pants. In the crowd that full of a mini dress and hot body-con dress, wearing high split pants just make you look extra elegant and classy. With the floaty fabric like Chiffon and silk, showing part of the legs out are truly sensual in a delicate way. Compare to the dress that shows all the legs and legs out, I do think wearing high split leg pants look more attractive. Ladies, we all know the rule. Being mysterious is always sexy.

To finish off your look, you can pair the shoes with similar tone of colour. If pointed toe heels are too common, square toe heels is a stylish alternative these days!


how to wear with split leg pants
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For examples, let’s not forget our all time staple – jeans. Among all types of pants, the split jeans is probably my most-worn outfit of all time. It’s just versatile! Sometimes, we can look a bit too laid-pair if we pair the T-shirt with normal jeans. Yup, it’s comfy but not much fun. To spice up the look, change your jeans for the split up design is always a winning option.

For an off duty yet stylish style, you can opt for the ruffle top and espadrilles sneakers. Paired with the basket ball, you just add a sense of softness and darling to the chic split up jeans!


how to wear with split leg pants
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Without a doubt, the split up pants and boho style just born for each other. With the casual spontaneous vibes, they just compliment each other so well. I personally adore boho style so much but I always unsure about those slouchy pants. As a petite girl, those pants definitely overwhelms my body as it just hides all my curves. However, the slit pants, it is much more wearable. Paired with the patchwork blouse top and gladiator sandals, this is such a charming cozy look.

(Just by typing this already makes me desperate for traveling… I can totally imagine myself walking on the beach in this outfit… chilling and doing nothing)


how to wear with split leg pants
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If you are a hip-hop girl, I am sure you will appreciate the split joggers. This is truly how you can be lazy but still look effortlessly stylish. If you want to wear these cuties to the gym or workout, the front ankle split will be more appropriate. As for a street style look, you can try out the side split look. That shouldn’t be hard to find as I remember big brands like Adidas recently launch this design as well.

For those swag girls out there, I urge you to give this look a go!


how to wear with split leg pants
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If you wonder can you wear split pants to workplace, my answer is – why not? If you pay attention to the design and cutting, you can definitely look poised and put together in split pants for sure. First, the fabric matters. Instead of choosing the casual fabric like denim and cotton, the luxurious fabrics like satin and silk is always a better choice. As for the top, you can always wear a smart blazer or again, the classic high neck or cowl neck top.

As a lazy girl like me, I will just buy the suit instead of pairing the top and bottoms. Plus, dressing monochrome can always make you look taller and high fashion. If ladies, if you want to look like a girl boss in next client meeting, you know what to do!


So here are the 7 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with split leg pants! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear ankle front split pants for a subtle look
  • Wear knee split pants for an urban chic look
  • Wear high split pants for a dressy look
  • Enrich your look with split jeans
  • Wear flowy split pants for boho style
  • Wear split joggers for a casual chic look
  • Try out slit pants in monochrome style

I hope these 7 tips help! As you can see, split pants are not that intimidating after all. Whether you want a subtle or a bold look, you can always find your great pairs! That’s such a long read, if you are reading till here, comment down below which one is the outfit you want to try! I’d really love you know!

By the way, if you are interested in styling tips and tricks, I am pretty sure you will love the articles below! See you there loves!


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