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*2023 8 hacks* to wear a crop top with a large bust FOR REAL

*2023 8 hacks* to wear a crop top with a large bust FOR REAL

Wondering how to wear a crop top with a large bust? Sis I’ve got you covered.

Let’s be real, dressing big breasts stylishly can be a mission impossible when you don’t know how to pick the right clothes.

We’ve all been there sis.

Saw a super cute crop top that you thought looked great with your flared jeans and turns out to look boxy when you try them on. Worst feeling ever.

But no worries! Below, I’ve gathered 8 outfit tips to look good in a crop top with a big chest and naturally minimize the breasts visually, enjoy!

1. How to dress a crop top modestly?

The truth is, your crop top will look way tinier with the big chests. If you don’t want to expose too much, pair up the crop top with high-waist pants are your best bet.

Or else, you can tie a jacket around the waist to balance things out as well!

2. Wear a sports bra underneath the crop top

wear sport bra underneath the crop top

Get this compression sports bra on Amazon

I ask many of my big-bust friends and they all said wearing a sports bra under a crop top is a quick fix.

It just slightly compresses the chest and makes you feel less overwhelmed when you put the crop top on, easy piecey.

3. Go for an off-shoulder neckline

If you want to look good in a crop top, picking the right neckline is key. I’d avoid the high-neck crop top as it just draws eyes toward your chest and makes your boobs look heavier.

neckline for big breasted ladies
Get this ruffle top from Lulus!

Instead, go for the neckline that distracts attention from your breast. I found success with the elegant boat neck and off-shoulder neckline.

Off-shoulder tops are best when it comes to distracting people from your big bust. And guess what, showcasing the neck and shoulder line (the thinnest part of the body) can balance out the boxy figure easily. Obsessed.

4. Big breast-friendly crop top

To look sleek in a cami crop top, opt for the one with an adjustable strap just to save you time and hassle.

Big breast-friendly crop top

 This adjustable spaghetti strap tank on Amazon has more like a spandex material and it has no problem holding your sisters in place. Of course, this one is double-lined. LOVE.

5. Minimize a large bust with a cut-out crop top

These days, cut-out tops are all the rage and guess what, that’s good news for our big-chested ladies!

Again, the theory is to distract people’s eyes away from your breast. A cut-out top like this is just as stylish as it looks forgiving.

To amp up the look, go for a super-high ponytail and flared-leg pants that scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.

Shine unapologetically, girl!

6. How to dress with big bust? Crop top set

Fashion comes and goes and a monochromatic look is always in style. You just can’t go wrong in monotone if your goal is want to look high fashion and sleek.

And those sets are also godsent for our big-bust sisters.

Wearing similar shades from head to toe just distracts people from your upper body and views your get-up as a whole.

Among all the reasons, whether you have big chests or not, it just looks so cute in a matching set ♥

7. Avoid wearing a ribbed crop top

Wearing vertical prints can make you look thinner? Well, that’s one of the biggest misconceptions ever. If you want to dig deeper, check out this article below (research provided).

So, ladies, I’d suggest you avoid vertical stripes at all costs. Not only the prints but also the fabric and texture like a ribbed crop top.

Trust me, I tested out A TON of ribbed crop tops myself and they truly make our breasts look bigger. Go for solids instead.

8. Big chest friendly crop top

This type of front tie shirt top just looks universally forgiving regardless of your shape and size.

The loose-cut design just perfectly camouflages your big bust. To achieve the effortlessly chic look, definitely don’t button all way up – leaving a V-line can shed down the heaviness of the upper body as well. Such a win-win.


So there you go ladies – the 8 stupid easy ways if you are wondering how to wear a crop top with a large bust and look modest (or less overwhelming). What are your thoughts on that?

It’s true that big breast is a challenge when it comes to the fashion field but hey, when there’s a will, there’s a way. So ladies, chin up and let your inner fashionista shine.

Looking for more fashion tips? Check out the popular articles below. See you, love!

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