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*2023* 8 outfits to make your ex jealous for real + 1 tool that WORKS

*2023* 8 outfits to make your ex jealous for real + 1 tool that WORKS

Looking for the exact outfits that will make your ex jealous? Girl, you’ve come to the right place.

Yeah, call me childish. But really, looking goddamn hot in front of your ex is one of the best feelings ever.

When you look at his defeated face, you know the revenge is real.

Of course, we all know getting our ex jealous is just an instant confidence boost. If you are looking for the ultimate win, focus on long-term personal growth and do it for YOURSELF. That’s the right girl!

Trust me, when you are so good and level up in all different aspects, your ex will mean nothing to you.

So check out the 8 outfit ideas below and remember check out my secret weapon at the end, enjoy!

1. Bodycon dress to make your ex jealous

First thing first, the oh-so-sassy bodycon. Need I say more, by highlighting your curves in the most feminine way, this look is sure to turn heads.

Bodycon dress to make your ex jealous
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Also, wearing a curve-hugging dress just signals to others that you are a confident lady, which makes you look attractive tenfolds despite your amazing physique.

And guess what, we NEVER want to appear trying too hard or desperate for attention. Trust me, the men can sense that.

Instead of wearing the tight mini dress, I highly suggest you go for the midi or maxi to look classy and sensual at the same look. The goal here is to look like an expensive goddess that is out of his league.

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2. Corset top as a confidence boost

If you want to look put together in an instant, a corset is your best bet. Whether that’s a corset top or a corset belt, it just cinches in your waist in the best waist and fakes an hourglass figure for you in an instant.

outfits to make your ex jealous
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So yes, if you are looking for a quick win, a corset top is bound to make you feel so put together.

Together with a pair of high heels and mom jeans, this looks just screams effortlessly sassy in the best possible way.

Honestly, I probably wear this corset top too much. This just gives my chest a perfect boost. Obsessed.

3. The perfect revenge dress

When it comes to a perfect dress, we want to look good and feel good.

If you are insecure about the muffin top and bloated belly like me, the peplum dress will work wonders for you.

Featuring the extra stripe gathered around the fabric, it just camouflages your belly area completely and creates an hourglass silhouette.

revenge peplum dress

As a girl with a chubby face, I am loving the big V-neck of this dress. Showcasing the shoulder area just makes my face appear to be smaller and extra feminine.

If you want to accentuate the figure, even more, a thin white belt will be a nice addition here.

plus size revenge peplum dress

Of course, here’s my peplum dress pick for my curvy queens. This dress just tells others you are playful and fun.

From my past experience, nothing triggers your ex more than you being yourself and seeming to enjoy life to the fullest! Never let him see you are in an old hoodie sis!

4. When in doubt, an oversized shirt

Rather than making him jealous, I’d say an oversized shirt is a look that makes your ex desperate and wants you back.

Seriously, a girl in an oversized dress shirt or tee shirt is irresistible in men’s eyes. It just makes them have a ton of questions and desires in their heads. And guess what, I bet he will think of the intimate good old times with you.

outfits that make your ex want you back
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He may also wonder are wearing other boys’ T-shirts. The list just goes on and on.

Ladies, let’s drive him crazy.

5. Look hot in front of your ex-boyfriend with a nice butt

If your ex is a “Butt-guy”, well, you know exactly what to do to get his attention!

Again, I want to keep it in an elegant way so I won’t suggest you wear extra short jeans. Instead, I’d say cover your legs and let your curves SHINE.

how to look hot in front of your ex boyfriend

I’m loving this faux leather legging. I mean, what can I say?

The design of the butt area and back pocket just pulls up and shapes your booty in a fuller way.

Together with a body-hugging tank top and high heels, this look will make every man weak at their knees, and that includes your ex-boyfriend for sure.

6. Sheer black tights to impress your ex

For some men, they are truly irresistible to black tights. If you think your ex is this kind of man, well, bring on the game!

outfits to impress your ex
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For the tights, definitely go for the sheer one instead of the opaque one to boost the sassiness. I’m loving these sheer tights on Amazon as the tummy control just works more than AMAZING.

For heels, go for the pointy one as that will elongate your legs even longer.


Some guys are obsessed with thigh-high boots, they just stimulate their imagination.

7. Wear a structured bag

If you’ve pinned down your outfit, it’s time for the bag.

Instead of going for the flappy shoulder bag, a sleek, structured bag just make you look more polished and elevate your whole look.

how to dress to impress your ex boyfriend
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And guess what, if you are wearing a designer bag, your ex may wonder if is this a gift from a man.

Of course, I am not saying you HAVE TO buy an expensive bag just for making him jealous – you can borrow one from your bestie!

DISCLAIMER: Never buy a designer bag if you can’t afford it. I’m dead serious!

8. Look good in front of your ex with high heels

Ladies, keep your standards HIGH and your heels HIGHER. Of course, they are the most comfortable shoes to wear for sure. But are they worth it? YES.

Not only you are looking more attractive and leg-flattering in heels, walk in high heels just looks so oh-so-feminine.

how good in front of your ex
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In his eyes, you are no longer a little girl but a true lady.


To look good in high heels, match the shade with your bag or top will make it look like a coordinated set. Just lovely.

9. Prepare to see your ex in a nice hairstyle

Last but not least, the hair updo. As the saying goes “The right hairstyle can make a beautiful woman unforgettable”.

I’m sure your ex will be both impressed and jealous you are looking like a 10/10.

how to prepare to see your ex
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Whether that’s a romantic french braid or a super high and sleek ponytail, you just signal to other you’ve given a thought to your look and you are NOT the plain Jane out there.


If you want to drive him crazy, this pheromone-infused perfume is your confidence boost. This is the Amazon best seller for a good reason – it just works!

Back to scientific research, pheromones are the undetectable scent that our bodies nurture to invoke sexual desire from others.

So yes, that explains everything.

Thanks me later!


So there you go ladies, above are the 8 outfits to make your ex jealous and 1 tool to make him want you back.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope this get you inspired!

Remember, making him jealous is not our end goal but just a quick fix. At the end of the day, we want to improve ourselves and enjoy our life to the fullest. By that time, I guarantee you will find your Mr. Right.

Who’s your ex? Say BYE to him.

Looking for more forgiving outfit tricks? Check out my other popular articles below. See you love!

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