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*2024* What to wear & avoid to ex’s wedding?Ultimate18 looks!

*2024* What to wear & avoid to ex’s wedding?Ultimate18 looks!

Wondering what to wear to your ex’s wedding or simply what to wear to see your ex-boyfriend? I’m here to help! 

Girl, I don’t know you, but when it comes to preparing to see your ex and make him jealous, we are all in this together.

The direction is to dress like a 10/10 without appearing to be trying too hard.

So yes, an elegant, expensive-looking outfit is the goal here.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas together with some big nonos when it comes to meeting your ex, especially at a wedding guest.


1. What to wear to an ex’s wedding? Pay attention to the color of your look

What to wear to ex's wedding?
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If you are attending your ex’s wedding, you DO want to act decent and friendly like a sophisticated classy woman (even if you secretly hate him).

So don’t attempt to outshine the bride in a stunning white dress or a bold sensual red body con that trying to prove you are the hottie – that just shows how insecure you are.

2. Dress in monochrome to look classy & put together

what to wear to meet ex boyfriend
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To look put together and high class in the most effortless way, style in monochrome will put you on the right track, especially for the petite girl.

Putting a similar shade of colors onto the body just unites your figure and makes you look elongated visually.

Think of a beige sweater top and a golden-brown silk midi skirt that looks harmonious as a whole.

Together with a nice pair of nude heels and a statement clutch, this is how you look expensive on a budget.

3. Want to wear to meet your ex-boyfriend? Peplum dress

For the girls who are insecure about the tummy area, what about a peplum dress that hides your tummy instantly?

Featuring an extra stripe of fabric gathered around the high waist area, it just camouflages your food baby and helps sculpt an hourglass figure for you.

Whenever I need a confidence boost, a peplum dress has to be the best choice.

Below, I’ve handpicked two gorgeous pieces from Amazon. You’ll like them!

What to wear to see ex

Shop this gorgeous peplum dress on Amazon

Never thought bodycon dress can be sexy and forgiving at the same time? Well, now you know!

I bought the dusty pink one for a steakhouse date before and now I am planning to get the light blue one as well!

Want to look sleek and classy at your ex’s wedding? This dress has the most gorgeous neckline!

What to wear to make ex jealous

Shop this peplum dress on Amazon

4. What to wear to an ex’s wedding for petite girls? High low dress

In most cases, I’d avoid wearing the maxi dress to the ex’s wedding as it can appear to be too grand.

Of course, you also don’t want to wear a low-cut mini-dress that looks like you are seeking validation.

When it comes to a happy balance, I must say a highlow dress is such a wonderful option.

This unique hemline just helps draw your eyes vertically and extend your legs.

Check out this best-seller dress below – this feminine off-shoulder dress is bound to fake you a nice body.

What to wear to ex's wedding

Shop off-shoulder high low dress on Amazon

5. Dress like a girl boss in a jumpsuit

Gravitate towards an “I don’t bother looking for sympathy” look to meet your ex? I bet ya.

To instill a dose of boss lady vibes without trying too hard, empower yourself with flared pants self-tie jumpsuit.

*Flared pants are the key here. It looks so nice with wedge heels.

What to wear to ex's wedding

Shop this ruffle sleeve jumpsuit on Amazon

6. What to wear to meet your ex on chilly days? Blazer

What to wear to meet your ex boyfriend
Source: 1,2

Another statement piece to dress like a girl boss is a blazer.

To spice up the look, consider cinching in your waist over the blazer to create a “peplum top”.

When you pair this with black jeans and monotone boots, it just looks super c.h.i.c.

Of course, an oversized blazer is a good one!

7. Add a dose of elegance with a neck scarf

What to wear to make ex jealous
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So you want to secretly show your ex that you are living the best life?

What about elevating the outfit with a delicate neck scarf? After all, luxury is in all details.

Show him you can be THAT polished.

8. Opt for a structured bag

What to wear to ex's wedding
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To finish your look to a perfect end, pay attention to your bags.

If you are going to meet your ex, go for a structured bag or clutch instead of a sloppy tote.

Put yourself together sis!

9. What shoes to wear to meet your ex?

To finish off your look on a dressy end, you’ll need a pair of expensive-looking shoes.

If you are looking for a mid-price range brand, Charles & Keith is always top on my list.

Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices!

No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, this brand is driven to empower women and promote the message that fashion isn’t only for rich girls. (HELL YES! )

Check out some of my favorites below!

What shoes to wear to ex's wedding

Seriously, who needs Jimmy Choo if I can find this Leather Gem-Embellished Stiletto Mules from Charles & Keith? 

What shoes to wear to see ex

These pink heels are a statement piece. Check out these pink pumps here! (It got different colors and the black and white one just looks so EDGY!)

Charles & Keith has a ton of shoes from workwear to party looks, make sure you check out HERE to view all. But let me tell you, that’s a rabbit hole…


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to your ex’s wedding and simply meet your ex!

What do you think about these ideas? Hope you’ll get inspired and now it’s time to look unapologetically classy and show him you are having the best life!

And for the girls who want to get their ex back (which is a totally different topic), here’s a little reward for reading till the end!

Check out the Pheromone perfume – for a magnificent sexual scent (Don’t judge ladies, sometimes I just need some extra boost).

It’s a hot seller on Amazon and It works.

If you are interested in more dating science and outfit ideas, feel free to check the articles below!

See you there gorgeous!

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