*2022* [28 outfit ideas!!] What to wear to Hollywood-themed party?

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Wondering what to wear to Hollywood themed party? You girls are in the right place!

First thing first, congrats for having a chance to join a Hollywood party – lucky you!

I mean, who doesn’t want to role play as the big stars, walking through the red carpets and embracing all those glitter and glamour?

I don’t know about you but if there’s a golden opportunity like THIS for me to dress up, I’ll bring on my A-game to ensure I get the most out of it.

So ladies, below I’ve gathered 26 Hollywood glamour-themed party outfit ideas. Enjoy!

1.What to wear to a hollywood glamour themed party? Glitter!

what to wear to a hollywood glamour themed party

Ladies, it’s time to dig out your over-the-top all-over sequin dress.

There’s no better occasion to pull it off other than the glamourous Hollywood or glitz and glam themed party.

I get it, the floor-length sequin dress may not be for everyone so here I’ve found two affordable yet gorgeous pieces from Amazon!

They are such a festive little dress that you can wear to every party and scream “SPARKLE ON”.

sequin dress Hollywood dress up ideas

Dress 1 is this rose gold sequin Off-Shoulder dress. As a girl with chubby cheeks, I LOVE wearing off-shoulder as that can make your face appear smaller.

Plus, it’s just elegant and feminine. This dress I’ve picked is from GRACE KARIN so you know the quality is promised. Check out the reviews and prices from Amazon HERE!

And if you want to look extra stylish, dress 2 – one-shoulder ruched dress is another must-have.

The best part? It’s bodycon but you don’t have to suck your tummy all day long as the ruched design will cover it seamlessly! Such a gem. Check it out to Amazon HERE!

2. Full gown & crown for glitz and glam themed party

what to wear to glitz and glam themed party

There are not many chances in our lifetime to wear full-length gowns.

If you want to draw an adorning glance along your way, go for a maxi dress and let it do all the talking.

If you want to go matchy-matchy with your bestie, wearing these crowns is such a stunner!

Hollywood dress up ideas

Some petite girls think the long dress is off-limit for them. Well, I’ve found an evening cold-shoulder dress that is for both petite and regular size, so now I guess you don’t have any excuses to not give it a go!

From the Amazon reviews, someone said “Stunning gown that makes you look and feel great without spending a fortune”.

That’s how a dress brings us true value! Be sure you’ve checked the reviews and try-on photos HERE, you’re bound to feel impressed.

3. Stay casual for the red carpet party

what to wear to a red carpet themed party
Source: 1,2

Style comes in all kinds of forms and YES, you definitely can pull off Hollywood glamour on a casual touch without sacrificing your style.

That said, romper and jumpsuit always work wonders for a sleek, put-together look.

Think of a metallic wrap romper or a one-shoulder flared jumpsuit.

Featuring the high waist cinching design and slimming big V-neck, this is how to fake a hot body in an instant.

Whether team it with high platform chunky heels or embellished pointy flats, that just works like a charm.

4. Faux fur for old hollywood glamour party

old hollywood theme outfits

Speaking of old Hollywood glamour, it’s all about the timeless charm, elegance, and that vintage glam.

That’s why that over-the-top fur jacket is such a 1960s iconic look.

Apparently, those big stars like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Lore do know how to elevate their look with fur.

old hollywood theme outfits
Source: 1,2

These days, the faux leather alternative is equally flattering. A rose champagne bodycon dress and a white faux fur coat? This look is a killer.

5. Hollywood female dress up ideas – wear opera gloves

Hollywood female dress up ideas
Source: 1,2

Want to look all glam up with minimal effort? Add a nice pair of long black gloves to your little black dress and Viola – You are Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at tiffany!

Feeling extra flirty today? Go for the black lace gloves for a mysterious look.


If you have flappy arms like me, wearing opera gloves can be insecure as they can squeeze your arms and draw attention to the upper arms even more.

In that case, you may consider the elbow gloves or shorties – that’s equally flattering!

6. Dress like the big Hollywood stars

What to wear to hollywood parties costumes women
Source: 1,2

Another charm of Hollywood Party is you can dress up as your favorite character as you want!

While some of the looks are too bold and over-the-top for normal parties, now it’s time for your styling prowess to SHINE.

I’m a fan of Pretty woman, anyone? I don’t really care about my muffin tops – I just want this Hollywood Honey to look so bad.

  • The above costume can be found on Amazon HERE, check’em out!
Audrey Hepburn hollywood parties costumes women
Source: 1,2

Or else, go elegant with Audrey Hepburn. This costume contains Opera satin gloves, faux mink stole, and accessories – such a worthy buy from Amazon HERE!

Of course, your outfit is not perfect until you have a croissant in your hands!

7. Go retro as a hot pin-up girl

How to dress retro for hollywood parties
Source: 1

If you want to back in the majesty of the golden age of cinema, how can we forget about pin-up fashion? This tasteful feminine retro look is sure to turn heads.

For a classic style, think tight pencil skirts or cigarette pants, peep-toe heels, and victory rolls with a bandana.

Make sure your clothes are body-hugging and fit snugly around the hips and waist to create an hourglass silhouette.

For the girls who want to be hassle-free, this polka dot retro vintage swing Dress (right photo above) is such a darling if you want to look great without sucking the tummy.

I really appreciate their super-high waistline design! Check this HERE!

8. Stay one-of-a-kind for the movie-themed party

movie themed party outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Want to break out from the mold? I got you. For the fashionistas out there, why not rock a boss lady look with a chic blazer and dreamy tulle skirt?

By combining these two contrasting elements in one outfit, it looks is just full of attitude.

Together with the belt to cinch your waist and a nice pair of sleek pointy boots, you’ll never miss anything from your outfits.

9. Go comfy yet aesthetic shoes for Hollywood parties

shoes to wear to Hollywood themed party
Source: 1,2

I know you are so tempted to wear those stilettos for the Hollywood night, but hold on sis, can you really stand and walk in them the whole night?

I’m sure you don’t want to ruin fun party time because of foot pain, aren’t you?

Instead, go for the metallic or glitter high heels with chunky soles – that’s just equally aesthetic!

shoes to wear to Hollywood themed party

And of course, the high platform sandals are another choice of Hollywood parties.

To boost the retro flare, you can team it with ankle socks for a dash of funkiness.

10. Spice up the look with classic old Hollywood curls

what to wear to an old Hollywood themed party
Source: 1,2

So you’ve now pinned down your outfit, now it’s time to do your hair and makeup – believe it or not, they are as important as your dress if you want to look all glam up!

If you are long hair, perhaps it’s time to experiment with the old Hollywood curls – I strongly encourage you to take a ton of shots before you wash your hair again! Yup, it is THAT good.


So ladies, here you go the 28 Hollywood dress-up ideas if you wonder what to wear to a Hollywood-themed party. If you find this useful, please kindly pin it so more ladies can enjoy it :’)!! Thanks love and see you next time!

By the way, if you are interested in party outfit ideas, I’m sure you will find the reads below interesting! See you there gorgeous!


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