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*2023 8 real-life looks!*What to wear to magic castle & magic shows?

*2023 8 real-life looks!*What to wear to magic castle & magic shows?

Wondering what to wear to Magic Castle and other magic shows? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been to magic Castle once and oh my, compare to other magic shows, the experience is just another level.

Inside, miracles are rampant.

Located in the Hollywood district of LA, The Magic Castle is crowned as the “Most unusual private club in the world.”

Built in 1909, I’m sure you will enjoy the polished vintage vibes in this grand châteauesque residence.

Despite the spectacular magic show, let’s not forget Magic Castle is well known for its strict dress code.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 real-life magic show guest outfit ideas along with some dos and don’ts.

Of course, these looks are not only for going to the magic castle but also for other spectacular magic shows like Magic Mike in Vegas and more!

1. Magic Castle dress code

With its history and reputation, Magic Castle wants to maintain an elevated and classy atmosphere. That said, think of evening wear or cocktail attire when you come.

Think jackets and ties for gentlemen, and dresses, appropriate length skirts or pantsuits for ladies.

And below are something you SHOULD NOT wear if you don’t want to be seated at the rear of the room:

  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • T-shirt
  • Tank top
  • Baseball caps
  • Flipflops

For details, I highly suggest you go to the dress code of magic castle here in case they have any updates.

So yes people, the rule of thumb here is you better OVERDRESS than underdress.

For ladies, I’ll highly suggest you wear a velvet dress. The warm appearance and unique texture just look undeniably luxurious and fit the atmosphere of this private club like a 10/10.

Magic Castle dress code
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Together with a pair of nice pumps and a clutch, you will be the perfect magic castle guest.

If you are looking for a forgiving velvet dress on a budget, check out my picks below.

2. Sequin dress as a failproof look

Since cocktail attire is acceptable, ladies, you can for sure rock your over-knee dress!

Besides the luxe velvet dress, anything will some sparkle will work wonders for a glamourous magic show.

what to wear to magic castle
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I bought this sequin dress on the right and Oh my – it just flatters my curves in the perfect way.

I love how the sequin details are not too over the top and I can look effortlessly well-groomed without trying too hard.

Also, checked, this dress is super stretchy and it fits all different body shapes!

3. When in doubt, go retro

To make sure you get the most out of your night in the magic castle, dressing up is definitely a big part of the fun.

Wear vintage to magic castle
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I get it, not everyone has to dress like Marilyn Monroe. But hey, you can never go wrong wearing something retro in this historical building.

For a failproof look, think of a 70s tea dress together with Mary Jane to bring you back to the good old days. Oh-so-fancy.

For guys, I see some guests wearing suspender belts. Try this out!

4. What to wear to Magic Castle as a couple?

You can for sure wear a solid black blazer, but hey, if you are reading this article right now, I’d say level up the game.

What to wear to Magic Castle as a couple
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Get inspired by this gentleman and go for the bowtie and striped suit. Of course, if you go there as a couple, a cool all-black dark romance kind of look is bound to feel the best.

5. What to wear to magic castle as Family

For the busy dad and mom, you can always keep the look casual yet decent!

What to wear to magic castle as Family
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For gentlemen, think business attire – well-fitted shirt and pants and you’re good to go! For ladies, a patterned maxi skirt just looks as comfy as it looks fun and stylish.

6. What to wear to Magic Mike in Vegas

For the ladies who gravitate towards pants, a pantsuit will be your best pick.

What to wear to Magic Mike in Vegas

Get these chic pantsuits on Amazon

I am obsessed with these pantsuits as the co-ord set can always make you look put together in an instant. Together with a nice blouse and a dainty clutch, this look is just AMAZING.

Seriously, I want both checkered and striped pants. Don’t make me choose.

7. Go to a magic show is a classic LBD

If you want to keep the look sophisticated, an LBD for ladies is always classic.

Again, this lady looks great in a nice black dress with some lowkey sequin details. To complete this fancy look, invest a good 20 minutes for a nice hair-updo. It will look extra tasteful with the long-line earrings.

For gentlemen, consider wearing a pocket square. Trust me, this alone will make you look polished tenfolds.

8. Jacquard blazer to a magic show

Last but not least, the Jacquard blazer for the gentlemen. I don’t know why some of these kinds of glamorous pieces just look perfect for an upscale magic show.

Jacquard blazer to magic show

Get this jacquard blazer on Amazon!

Need I say more, this unique jacquard finish just makes you stand out of the crowd. (Bye-bye competition!)

That said, team it with solid black pants and oxford shoes if you want to balance the boldness of the upper body.

Seriously, this look just looks sharp and exceptional – make your lady weak at the knees!


So there you go people – the 8 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the magic castle and other magic shows.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you get inspired and pin down the right look to rock the night! Whether you are sweet 16 or 46, it’s always fun to play dress up. Seize the chance and spoil yourself with a refreshing look!

Looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out my other popular reads below!

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