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*2023 10 real looks* Party bus outfit ideas + TIPS!

*2023 10 real looks* Party bus outfit ideas + TIPS!

Wondering what to wear to your coming party bus or limo party? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

As a perfect mix of ultimate comfort and luxury, a limo party is definitely one of the best ways for group fun. From the iced drinks to Karaoke, you will be surprised by how many fun things you can do in a limousine!

Needless to say, dressing up is certainly a big part of the fun. Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 party bus outfits with all different styles, enjoy!

1. Cowboy theme for the party bus

Whether you are sweet 16 or 46, elevate your party bus experience with the theme!

When in doubt, a western cowgirl theme is universally flattering.

To complete the look, get this sexy tassel bodycon (unbelievably lightweight & stretchy) and this pink light-up cowboy hat on Amazon to maximize the fun.


Since the party bus is usually dimly lit, wearing a light-up costume is one of the easiest ways to get a nice selfie.

2. Birthday Limousine party outfits

Celebrate your big day in limo? Get those heart-shaped sunglasses and sweet sixteen sage to feel like a princess.

3. Classy limo party outfits

Of course, dressing classy is never out of style.

A maxi dress is totally doable. All you need to be aware of is walking those steps slowly in your high heels so you won’t trip over.

Go for the fishtail or flowy maxi dress instead of the long bodycon dress for better movement. Trust me, a tight dress in a small space like a party bus is not that pleasant.

By the way, can you believe this is a mom-and-daughter duo?!

4. What to wear to a party bus in winter

A clubbing night on a party bus is just another level, I’d say bring your hottest dress for the night!

Embrace fun shades like sky blue and elements like sequin to feel the best.

If you are going to a limo party in winter, layering things up.

Instead of wearing a wool dress, go for a warm coat and a short dress underneath. As we all know, a party bus can hot and stuffy, given that so many people are in a limited space.

5. Chic romper for a limo party

Gravitate towards all-black but don’t want to look too boring? I got you.

Chic romper for a limo party

Get this one-shoulder romper on Amazon

Everything with one shoulder just looks extra chic and stylish. And guess what, the asymmetrical shoulder line can always draw your eyes vertically and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

The best part? That’s a romper so you don’t have to worry about being overexposed even if you dance like nobody is watching.


6. Casual party bus outfits

Of course, party bus parties come in all kinds of styles and you don’t have to dress up if you don’t feel like it.

These girls just prove to us you can look as comfy as you look chic in a nice bralette and distressed jeans. For footwear, combat boots and gladiator flats are definitely a lovely addition here.

7. Rave party bus theme

Alright, things getting a little bit spicy here! Seriously, if you want to get a taste of rave without squashed like sardines, consider hosting it in the limousine!

8. Bougie Limousine party looks

Need I say more? These looks are giving me the sex-in-the-city vibes. Seriously, I want to try every outfit here (including the oh-so-bougie white suit).

If you want to boost the limousine aesthetic tenfolds, coming up with a dress code is a must.

9. A colorful sequin dress as a statement piece

When in doubt, go for the sequin dress for party bus outfits. Trust me, anything shiny will make you look super nice in a photo.

When I had my first limo party – I wear a navy blue polo dress and I couldn’t really spot myself in the photo…

sequin dress for limo party

Get this sequin dress on Amazon

This dress comes with a ton of colors but these rainbow shades really stand out to me.

Unlike the other glitter dress, this one gives out retro vibes that are perfect for the 80s or vintage parties. I also love how lightweight it is and of course, the straps are adjustable.

If this matters, this dress is big bust and big boobs friendly! But of course, double-check the sizing and scroll through all the reviews before you buy it – that always helps.

10. Wear whatever you want!

Hey, party bus parties are not only for teens! Whether you are a mom of 2 or a 50-year-old dude, a party bus is always a great idea.

Seriously, no one is here to judge if you are wearing a plain tee and shorts. All matter is to reconnect with your friends and have some fun times!


So there you go people – the 10 party bus or limo party outfit ideas to get inspired. I hope you’ve pinned down the right outfit for your coming party!

If you are looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out my popular reads below. See you there!

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