[Underrated styling tips!]8 black dress for funeral plus size ALL YEAR ROUND

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Looking for the perfect black dress for a funeral as a plus size lady? I GOT YOU SIS.

When it comes to funeral etiquette, it’s suggested to wear modest black clothing as a mourner to show your respect. While black is the most forgiving hue, that doesn't mean you can randomly throw on a black dress and feel all good to go!

There're a ton of things to concern from the right texture, design, comfort level and more.

But no worries, I've done the hardest part for you. After a day of research, I’ve gathered all my curvy girlfriends and my mom's opinions and come up with 8 appropriate black dresses that are as decent as they are comfy!

Not a regular black dress but the one that ACTUALLY addresses that flatters a plus size figure. Enjoy!

1. Plus size black dress to a formal funeral

If a perfect funeral attire can be only pinned to one look, this dress from Amazon has to be the one. It just checks ALL the boxes.

peplum black dress funeral plus size
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  • Stretchy material (95% polyester, 5% Spandex)
  • Elegant crew neck
  • Conservative hemline (around the knee)
  • Looks formal but not restrictive


The self-tie belt and peplum details just hide the belly completely and pull off a modest yet flattering look in an instant.

Seriously, whether you wear them to funeral or other formal occasions, this dress just works wonders.

2. Plus size black dress for summer funeral

My mom always tells me that no matter how gorgeous a summer dress is, if it’s not lightweight and breathable, that’s a no-go.

After all, black does absorb heat from the sun and your body way faster than the other light shades. To make sure you survive a summer funeral under the baking sun, pick the airy and breathable fabric to balance things off.

With this in mind, here is my summer funeral dress for you.

plus size black dress summer funeral
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  • Super soft, lightweight and airy (100% cotton)
  • self-tied belt for a smart look
  • Super roomy as a swing dress – the heat won’t be trapped for a long time and you can feel way more breathable
  • Size: L-3XL


There are two side pockets (So you can keep your tissues at the ready – trust me this is very important!)

To take the outfit up a notch, a classy pair of ballet flats and a dainty gold necklace is a lovely addition to a summer look.

3. Stylish black cape dress for funeral 

If you think all funeral dress looks boring, well, think again. To add some extra style to a more formal look, let's not forget cape dress is one of the best choices!

This dress below just makes you feel the most secure and sophisticated without feeling baggy and heavy... at all.

classy black dress plus size funeral
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  • Unique cape design with lightweight chiffon fabric 
  • hidden zipper on the side
  • Large chest approved!

4. River Island Plus satin black wrap midi dress 

While it's tricky to add dimension to a modest black dress, playing with texture always works wonders. 

To attain a polished look, I'd say swap the cotton to fabric like silk and satin to finish up the look on a drapey and silky-smooth end. Check out this River Island dress below!

what to wear to funeral plus size
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  •  A wrap dress that can camouflage the belly perfect
  • The modest inverted V hemline can elongate your legs and create a taller slimmer illusion
  • The subtle puff sleeve add extra formality to the look (& make your face appear to be smaller!)

5. Wear bodycon with ruching details to balance things up

For the ladies who really want to wear body con, definitely go for the one with a ruching design.

There are two reasons for that.

First, a plain body-hugging dress can be sexy and may not serve the best when it comes to a solemn funeral. With the ruching design, it just adds an extra layer to the look and balances things up a bit.

Second, the ruching can draw attention from the belly area. Need I say more? They are the god sent.

plus size funeral outfit ideas black dress
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  • True to American size (No need to size up and down!)
  • Viscose Jersey fabric
  • Fitted elastic


To get away with the low neckline, layer a plain tube top is the stress-free way. 

6. Sleeveless summer dress for summer funeral

At most funerals, you have no problem going sleeveless as long as your dress looks decent overall.  That said, the spaghetti strap in a no-go as it just looks too casual.

When in doubt, think modest neckline and wide strap dress like the one below.

sleeveless black dress funeral
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  • Incredibly versatile (Match with all kinds of outerwear)
  • Made is US and imported
  • Structured & supportive fabric to hold the figure in the best possible way 

That said, let's not forget you may go to few different places during the service day and a light outerwear always come in handy when you are inside a building. 

To jazz up the look, consider adding a belt and a long necklace to look smart and elegant.

7. Wear minimal patterns to funeral

So some may wonder: Can I wear a patterned black dress to funeral?

I'd say YES as long as they are not too flashy! Seriously, funerals these days have been more relaxed and the crowd is a blend of everything. Dressing stylish doesn't mean it's not appropriate!

what to wear to funeral plus size

This lady just show us how to embrace prints in a minimalist, decent way. Instead of going to the big distracting patterns, this small polka dot is way more subtle. 

Together with a black felt hat and chic knot belt, this is how you create dimension in an all-black look.

Tasteful and classy.

8. What to wear to funeral winter plus size

When it comes to the fail-proof shades, you should always wear dark colors (think black, brown, grey, deep blue) to funeral and avoid all light colors. (think yellow, pink, pastels)

However, let's not forget neutral shades like beige are doable as well!

What to wear to funeral plus size

A body-bon midi dress seems too curve revealing? Wearing blazer and bolero jacket aren't the only options!

Get inspired by this lady and throw on a beige poncho for a sleek silhouette. Together with a clutch and ankle boots, this look is so. on. point.


So there you go, the 8 plus size black dress and outfit tips for all types of funerals all year round!

What are your thoughts on that ladies? Have you settled on the right choice? I hope these tips prove you dressing modest with extra style is possible!

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