30 looks in 2022✨How to dress like a french woman plus size?

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When it comes to one of the biggest myths in my childhood, I guess “French women are all slim” has to be top of the list.

Indeed, French ladies, in general, are more on the slim side. But does that there are no curvy ladies in France? Of course not!

When it comes to the classic Parisian style, it’s not solely about the outfits and looks, more, it’s about the “I’ve got a style and I OWN it” attitude that looks irresistibly attractive.

So yes ladies, no matter whether you are size 6 or size 16, it’s always intriguing to get a dose of French taste and dress like a French woman if you want to.

That said, if you are wondering how to dress like a french woman as a plus-size girl, this article is here to uncover 11 key points.



how to dress like a french woman plus size
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The French ladies are into style, not fashion. Instead of keeping up with the latest trend every season, they go for the classic.

Always been and always will be.

That said, they are willing to invest in something with high quality and simple design so those pieces can serve them for more than a decade.

So yes ladies, if you want to dress like French, switch out the biker shorts and seasonal bright yellow “cloud” bags for a cashmere coat that is probably still in style in 2031.

Trust me, you will not regret it.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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Of course, how can we skip blazers that scream French chic more than everything else?

As a unique blend of looking sleek with a little touch of boyishness, these two elements combined just represent the French girl fashion impeccably.

Whether that’s the fitted or oversized blazers, it can work perfectly for a high street contemporary look. Powerful in a lowkey way.

But here’s the thing, when it comes to oversized, you want to do it subtlely.

Some plus-size baes may think the bigger the blazer, the more you can hide.

That’s not the case. Instead of hiding your silhouette with overly long sleeves, pick the one that gives you just a little bit of roomy feel instead of looking ridiculously baggy.

To express the French’s effortlessness to the fullest, keeping things subtle is always the key.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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Want something cute and elegant? Perhaps it’s time to layer up your slip dress with a neat white tee for a harmless look.

Compare to the rest of the world, French girls certainly dress less revealing and they value comfort A LOT.

Instead of going for the low neck top and super-tight hot pants, they certainly will prefer a billowy midi skirt to go with all possible occasions.

The charm of this “tee & dress” combo is that you can basically wear it all year round.

For the summer days, team a polka dot midi dress with a white tee and converse just gives out a breath of youth.

As for the chilly days, switch the look with a yellowish oxford shirt and forest green velvet dress just look equally tasteful and festive.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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Believe it or not, a sleek feminine white blouse is pretty much in every French girl’s wardrobe.

To achieve the French minimalist style, nothing quite beats a classic white shirt.

Whether you team it with skinny jeans or a midi pleated skirt, it just makes you look put together with the least effort.

To dress it up, switch out the regular white cotton shirt with the satin or silk texture for an exquisite touch of luxe.

Or else, go for a weekend biker girl look by half-tucking your shirt will do the trick.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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When it comes to hues, French ladies prefer neutral shades more than bright tones.

Not only these hues are easy to mix and match, but they are always in style.

According to Marie-Anne Leceour – the French chic expert, the five main hues you often see in french ladies are white, cream, navy blue, grey, black while red, and dark green as the accent colors.

Actually, these hues are perfect for plus-size girls.

After all, high saturation hues like pink and yellow can be really eye-catching and that can exaggerate your body visually.

Vice versa, if you finish up the look with a few similar dark shades, it just unites and elongates your figure.

So ladies, if you want to appear to be taller and slimmer, you just can’t go wrong with the navy blue monochrome look.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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If you want to dress like a french woman, well, figuring out what they DON’T wear is probably the key to success.

It takes me a long time to realize but French women don’t really wear heavily ripped jeans.

As french chic is all about being well-dressed, a ripped garment in their eyes is not appealing.

I must say that’s an eye-opening moment for me as I’ve never thought of it that way!

As for another no-no, you guessed it, wearing leggings outside the gym.

While it’s such a new normal for the rest of the world (especially in the US), french ladies are truly particular in what they wear and how the outfits represent themselves.

After all, if you want to feel good, sports leggings 24/7 just can’t be a confidence booster.

As Karl Lagerfeld said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” (I have to confess I am feeling guilty right now!)


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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If you can only invest in a statement item to make you feel like a Parisian, the French beret has to be the one.

Whatever you wear, a beret hat just never fails to add a dash of darling to your look and mildly signal others “See, I’ve given a thought to my outfit”.

If you are new to the beret department, wearing a beret can be overwhelming.

No matter how you style it, it just seems not right. That said, I’ll urge you to always pick the right size.

If you have a big round head like me, styling a small beret can make your face look even bigger.

I do find success in a bigger beret and wear it slightly tilted.

Just lovely and natural.

If you wonder what to wear with a beret hat, make sure you check out these 10 combos!


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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If you think dressing baggy in winter is unavoidable, well, think again.

French women love to dress sleek and smart all the time and that certainly includes those freezing cold days.

Instead of wrapping yourself like a ball in two thick sweaters and a puffer jacket on top, a high-quality cashmere wrap coat is worth every penny.

Or else, a timeless beige trench coat can be your statement piece too. The choice of outerwear is basically endless.

Another principle is quality over quantity. When it comes to the winter garment, low-quality coats just can’t really provide the warmth you need and you have to layer them up.

So don’t hesitate, NOW is the time to upgrade your look with a sophisticated coat for the reason that they are as stylish as it’s functional.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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Surprise, surprise, while Chanel is a French brand, french women, in general, don’t buy a Chanel bag.

Even if they buy, one or two bags are pretty much the maximum. I know it sounds so unbelievable but french women aren’t craving designer brands.

Of course, they do adore high-quality garments and artistic designs, but putting enormously big logo as a free advertisement for the brands? That’s a no-no.

Instead of wearing the Gucci belt that every plain Jane has, nurturing our personal logo just set us to a different game.

Not gonna lie, I’m a materialistic girl myself and I still love designer bags.

But I guess it’s all about taking balance and not doing things in the extreme.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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As dressing comfort is in French women’s blood, a seductive pair of 8 inches stiletto heels is something they will stay away from.

You know what girls, life is too short for unnecessary pain. That said, the ballet pumps, espadrilles, and loafers are some of the winning options.

As a perfect mix of summer aesthetic and comfort, lace-up espadrilles are my favorite.

Featuring this feminine design, you just look effortlessly dreamy in the simplest sundress.


how to dress like a french woman plus size
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Last but not least, confidence. As much as it’s cliche, that’s just the truth.

The charm of French women is all about the “I don’t have a damn” attitude. Some freckles here and there on the face? Don’t care.

Slightly yellowish teeth? Embrace it.

While French women love beauty as much as we do, they tend to have less resistance to embracing their natural flaws and that’s certainly the thing we should all learn from.

After all, as the quote said “At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size – plus size or not.”


So here are the 11 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress like a French woman as a plus-size!

Hope you girls love it.

I am getting emotional writing the last point as that reminds the moment when I am super harsh towards myself.

I guess dressing like a French lady is just a first step, more, on a deeper level, we should get inspired by the French lady’s attitude.

Let’s have a quick recap here:

  • Always go for classic instead of seasonal trend
  • Oversized blazer is your best friend
  • Layer up shirt for a darling french girl look
  • A white blouse as your french style staple
  • Go for neutral colours
  • Dress according to the occasions
  • Throw on a beret for a french girl look
  • Invest in a statement coat for winter
  • Avoid too much brand exposure
  • Value comfort when it comes to shoes
  • Confidence is the superpower

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And by the way, below are some reads that you probably love. See you there!

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