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*2023*What to REALLY wear with floral leggings? 18 looks!

*2023*What to REALLY wear with floral leggings? 18 looks!

For such a long time, we always thought floral leggings are such a risky fashion piece as they can easier make you look like a grandma.

While the possibility is true, these days, apparently more and more girls embrace this trend and pull off the leggings perfectly!

If we already know how to embrace floral tops and floral dresses, maybe it’s time for us to explore leggings!

Not gonna lie, it takes me some time to figure out how to style these pairs in a stylish way.

So ladies, here are the 7 tips when you wonder what to style with floral leggings!


1. Pair with V neck or off-shoulder top instead of the round neck tops

What to wear with floral leggings
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When you wear floral leggings, it’s a no-brainer that you have to avoid tops with complicated patterns and designs.

As legging itself is already eye-catching, we should always keep the rest of our outfits simple.

Besides the patterns, we have to pay attention to the cutting of the top.

As the leggings have an exaggerated effect and unavoidably make our thighs look bigger, you want to wear something light as the top to balance out the crowdedness.

Personally speaking, V-neck and off-shoulder tops are great choices. By showing the collarbone and neckline, it just naturally sheds some weight on your upper body.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can wear the elegant bootcut shirt instead!

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I NEVER wear a round-neck shirt as it just makes me look fatter.

I know I am biased but I truly think it is flattering to pair a white off-shoulder top with vibrant floral leggings!

2. Wear floral leggings with over-the-knee boots

What to wear with floral leggings
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If you first try the floral leggings, you may feel slightly intimidated by the patterns and colors as you do not get used to them.

A low-key way to wear leggings is to pair them with high boots.

Not only that can visually elongate your leg, it just perfectly neutralizes the patterns and make the whole outfit more approachable!

A little reminder is always to pay attention to the colors.

If you are wearing black floral leggings, pairing them with light pink boots probably isn’t a good idea!

3. Wear a top with an asymmetric hem to look slimmer

What to wear with floral leggings
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I hope this is a new tip for you!

When I first heard about the whole “Asymmetric hem” thing, I was really doubtful about it, and turns out this can really make our legs appear to be slimmer!

Unlike the common horizontal line, the asymmetrical hem will draw people’s attention to the longer leg and elongate your legs even if you are not wearing heels.

I know it sounds crazy but tries it out yourself – you will be surprised how powerful this tip is!

4. Embrace the stylish modern designs for a refreshing look

What to wear with floral leggings
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When it comes to floral prints, people always think of the classic grandma pink rose pattern.

Well, the time has changed and there are many stylish floral prints you can choose from!

If you want a refreshing look, you can choose a pair of baby blue leggings with a cute daisy.

Besides the feminine style, I am glad that many big brands like Adidas have incorporated floral prints with sportswear!

That’s just modern and chic! So ladies, with the right prints, you will never look tacky in floral leggings actually.

5. Pair your top with floral leggings for the same color tone

What to wear with floral leggings
Source: Pinterest (1,2,3)

Similar to monochrome styling, the unity of the colors is really important when you are wearing floral leggings.

As the floral patterns are usually huge and vibrant, you don’t want to add other colors to your outfit as that can make you look clumsy.

Instead, we should always pair our tops or bags with a similar shade as the leggings’ background color.

For example, if you are wearing light blue floral leggings, you can pair a navy blue bag to complete your look.

With the smart color pairing, you can easily pull off the leggings and look put together!

I’ve found some non-cliche pairs on Amazon – check these floral leggings out!

6. Pair your floral leggings with solid colored shoes

What to wear with floral leggings
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Of course, let’s not forget about the shoe pairing.

With floral leggings, we should avoid shoes with complicated designs and patterns.

While leopard heels are so stylish, they will be a total disaster as you don’t want these two prints to compete with each other.

Instead, always choose low saturation and neutral colors for the shoes.

7. Pair the blazer with the floral leggings for a No-fail look

What to wear with floral leggings
Source: Pinterest (1,2)

Last but not least, style your leggings with a blazer for a girl-boss look.

As floral prints often look girly and sweet, the blazer can balance out the softness.

Someone has told me that ” No matter what you wear, you just won’t look tacky once you wear a blazer on top.”

I don’t know if that makes sense, but this is certainly a refreshing way to pull off floral leggings!

Final thoughts

So ladies, here are the 7 ideas if you wonder what to wear with floral leggings!

I know many girls secretly love floral leggings but just hesitate to try them.

Well, now I hope now you have more confidence in pairing them!

I mean, what is better than a pair of refreshing floral leggings during those summer workout days?

If you are interested in more styling tips, you will love the articles below!

See you there loves!

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