*14 real-life looks!*What to wear to Elton john concert? (Casual + chic)

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As Elton John once said, “Live for each second without hesitation”. Apparently, he lives this quote to the fullest - his farewell concert was absolutely STUNNING.

From the awe-inspiring staging and lighting to all the ‘70s’ and ‘80s’ greatest hits to his infectious vibes on stage, all these just make his farewell concert almost historic.

That said, if you are lucky enough to join his farewell parade, let’s not forget dressing up is half of the fun! If you are wondering what to wear to an Elton John concert, ahead I’ve gathered 14 real-life Elton John inspired outfit ideas and costumes, enjoy!

1. What to wear to Elton john concert casually?

Before you start to panic and struggle should you go super costumey, DON’T OVERSTRESSED.

The truth is, you can wear whatever you want to Elton John’s concert! Seriously, the crowd is a wild mix of everything from casual crop tops and jeans to dramatic rock star looks.

At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling comfy in what you are dressed. If you want to stay low-key, a vibrant print shirt always works wonders!

2. Elton John winter concert look

Depending on the location, some of Elton John’s concerts take place in an open-air venue. In other words, always dress according to the weather.

When the days are chilly out there, throw on a warm fluffy coat so you can fully enjoy this rocket man slow!

P.S. In summer, it’s best to bring a portable raincoat (from Amazon) just to play safe!

3. Elton John inspired white outfit + sunglasses

To get the Elton John-inspired to look with minimal effort, signature glasses are THE exclamation mark of all time.

To recreate this outrageous all-white look, it’s actually way easier than you thought. All you need is a pair of statement sequin sunglasses, a white biker jacket, and some flirty feather boa and you are good to go!

4. ... and MORE sunglasses!

Besides Elton John’s concert, they are actually perfect for retro disco nights and Halloween parties.

Check out these affordable cute pieces down below!

what to wear to Elton John concert
Elton John sunglasses ideas
heart shape sunglasses

5. Pull off a fun look with neutral shades

Bright tones aren’t your thing? Well, that’s not to forget natural shades like beige and white can be equally fun too!

If you are petite like me, consider matching the top and shoes in a similar tone so your figure can be elongated from head to toe. To maximize the effect, coordinated hats and shoes are my failproof pairing!


Don’t be shy and let’s go all-in with the feather to feel the most flamboyant!

6. Show Elton John your love

To express your love for Elton John to the fullest, embrace all the merch tees and hoodies! I’ve found some popular and stylish ones from Amazon, check them out!

Elton John tee
Elton John concert merch tee
Elton John concert tee

7. Patterns and bold shades 

When in doubt, embrace all the wild pants and fun shades!

While we may not have the rainbow hair like this lady, at least we can copy her statement leopard top and flirty pink boots!

Regardless of your age, live in the wonderland!

8. Rainbow prints are always in style

To let your colorful striped shirt shine, white is one of the best canvas. This casual denim white x rainbow just looks as chic as it looks super refreshing.


9. When in doubt, DUNGAREES

Regardless your age , sometimes we just need to surprise ourselves with a busy print shirt and dungarees to squeeze more joy out of the concert night!

10. Vintage Halloween costume idea

Elton John outfit is not just about the fashion, it's a feeling.

To live that goofy fun, embrace all 70s and 80s whimsical patterns.

From the colorblock dress to star-spangled shirt to striped pants, you are bound to have the dreamiest time with your girl pals.

Elton John pattern pants

11. 70s Elton John inspired retro look

Patterns from head to toe is too OTT for you? Get this halter top and flared leg pants that scream "I am busy but I still have about fashion".

slimming printable downloads
slimming printable downloads 2 (3)

12. Fringe top + pink pants

Besides going all blink blink with the sequin dress, a fringe top is another popular choice as well! While you can team it with your regular blue mom jeans, I'd go for pink and be extra fun today. I mean, why not?

Is that just me but Elton John concert is the perfect excuse for having the pigtail buns!

13. High platform shoes

Whether you are wearing the floor length flared pants or just a cute A-line skirt, high platform shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit!

And let's not forget the concert can be so crowded, especially when the show ends and everyone is walking to the exit. If you don't want someone step on your feet, closed toe shoes are your safe bet.


For my gorgeous ladies who want to look like a 10/10, I suggest you wear the block heels instead of the stilettos.

14. Elton john dodgers costume

Last but not least, the iconic Dodger costume! 


So there you go people! The 14 Elton John inspired outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to his concert or theme parties.

What are your thoughts on that? Comment down below which one is your favourite! 

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