15 wordings & appearance signs that you’re average looking *Brutal but true*

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Ladies, have you ever wondered what are the signs that you’re average-looking or not?

I don’t know about you but when I was a sweet 16 back then, this is the question I think ALL DAY LONG.

Yup, you guessed it, I am one of the invisible girls that no one remembers my name in class.

While it’s painful to find out the truth but I really want to know the answer.

So yes, I’ve gathered 15 plain-looking signs from my personal experience and also different sources from friends, forums, and TikTok.

If you are ready, take it with a pinch of salt and keep on reading!

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1. “You are ACTUALLY beautiful!”

Aww.. thanks!

Wait… what is “ACTUALLY” supposed to mean? Oh get it, I am not the “DAMN, LOOK AT THIS GIRL” type at the first sight but the “Alright, this girl ain’t look that bad after knowing her for a while” type.


2. “You are beautiful in your own way!”

This is just another way to say that you are not the conventional beauty.


3. The guys will ask you put them on with your pretty friends

This just can’t be more obvious. I experienced that A LOT in high school.

4. People just forget your names easily

“Hey, Anna!”

“Oh ahaha do you mean Hannah?”


People will remember the ugliest and the prettiest, but not the mediocre ones.

5. How people compliment you…

They may say “I love your dress!”, ” You look like a CEO in the future”, “You are so kind” blah blah blah instead of “You’re stunning tonight” or simply ” YOU ARE PRETTY”.

6. Strangers won’t hold doors for you

Not all strangers are assholes but you will come across that from time to time…

7. Your dates don’t pay enough effort to chase you

If you are his dream girl, your first date should deserve more than “KFC Fried chicken” date night or “Netflix and chill” night.

The guys will deny that but this is the truth. Of course, these are just two examples, but I’m sure you can tell he is not going ALL IN.

8. Your LIKES soared when you post your girl gangs

Your selfie – 56 likes

You are your beautiful besties Sophie and Mavis – 156 likes.

9. You aren’t insecure without your makeup on

Where’s my eyeliners and concealer. QUICK!

10. A guy act so natural with you

Well, probably too natural.

When a girl is pretty, a shy guy can act really awkward in front of her. You know… the sweating and LOL at *everything.

11. People won’t be too surprised if you say you’re single

“Seriously?! How come YOU don’t have a boyfriend?”

Huh…never happened to me.

12. Your boyfriend is secure with you

Not really jealous when you say you have a bunch of male friends.

“Enjoy your time with Sam and Tom bae!” He said. There’s just nothing he has to worry about.

13. Guys won’t talk to you for anything other than what is necessary

They just won’t.

14. People tell you have a “girl next door” face

or looks really “approachable”…

15. You have boys chasing you

but not the typical HOT GUYS with the whole package

16. People think you are the smart girl in first sight


Should I be happy that I don’t have to prove my intelligence like the pretty bitches?

17. You don’t really have those “pretty privilege”

Guess what, above-average looking people actually get a job easier. This is so unfair.

18. Kids won’t say you are pretty

I was afraid of kids when I was a teenager because I know they just won’t tell lies. I still remember my nephew said, “I love you not because you are pretty, but you buy me toys”. AHHH I WAS FURIOUS!!!!!!!

This just hurt me so bad…


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The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know.


So ladies, here are the 15 signs that you’re average-looking. What are your thoughts? I hope that you find this both helpful and entertaining!

In the past, I will never admitted I am a plain Jane out there because I was don’t accept the way I look.

But as I grew older, perspective just changed and it feels so freeing to embrace myself.

People always mix up beautiful and pretty. Mind you, there’s a HUGE difference between them.

I am not pretty but I can now shamelessly say I look beautiful and I can tell people find me attractive as well! So don’t give up ladies.

In case you need my quick glow-up list, below are the makeup hacks and other tips that truly work. Enjoy!

  • Nurture your energy other than looks (For me, I love being feminine)
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  • Keep improving instead of stop self pitying yourself (Glow up challenge realy works!)

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