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*2023* 15 looks & 1 weapon: What to wear for netflix & chill & one-night stand?

*2023* 15 looks & 1 weapon: What to wear for netflix & chill & one-night stand?

Wondering what to wear to Netflix and chill and a one-night stand?

Ladies, shy no more as this article is going to spill out all the outfit inspo and tips.

You know, sometimes we just wanna have fun and to some of us, that means enjoying some kissing and being skin-to-skin with a hot guy on Friday night after a tiring work week.

That being said, dressing up sexy and flirty is part of the fun as well!

If you want to enjoy the adorning glance along your way and pick your prey for tonight, I bet the below 10 outfit ideas will work wonders. (Especially the last tip!)

Keep on reading and enjoy!

1. Look sexier in RED

How to look sexier for a s3x? WEAR RED. This is not a myth, this is science.

Countless studies have revealed that red clothes will make you more appealing to the opposite sex and there’s even a “Red dress effect” noted on Wikipedia.

You know, the primal biological reasons, and it kind of subconscious hints to them that you have more openness to sex and intimacy.

What to wear to a one-night stand

So YES, a woman in red just exudes her confidence to the fullest and makes her look irresistibly attractive.

The above 2 pieces skirt set is such a stunner I picked it from Amazon, if you want to rock red without looking too dressy like going to a gala, THIS is a perfect balance!

Check out HERE for Amazon reviews and you’ll be surprised by its quality!

2. Animal prints for a wild one-night stand

What to wear to a one-night stand

Do you know what animal prints hint at people? I am a sophisticated, grown woman now, and don’t treat me like a little girl.

To most of the ladies I know, wearing animal prints just feels so fun and sexy and the men can certainly catch the vibes and be more interested in you.

So yes, this leopard print bustier cami bodycon dress (From Amazon) is a no-brainer if you want a wild one-night stand.

Trust me, the right outfit can make your night ten times more memorable.

3. Netflix & Chill in a bodycon shirt dress

What to wear to a one-night stand
Source: 1,2

Oh my, this is the classic one – a Bodycon shirt dress.

If you want to achieve “effortlessly sexy” as if you are not meticulously planning the whole outfit, the white button-down works wonders for you.

You know, open the big V-neck to show a little bit of cleavage in your oversized button-down – that makes the men desperate as they are now full of imagination.

If you enjoy seeing their thirsty face and feeling like a goddess of the night, THAT’S THE ONE.

4. Silk or satin dress to give out the glam

What to wear to a one-night stand

If you want to savor your one-night stand in a classy approach, a silk cami dress is such a gem.

Featuring the luxe shimmery fabric, you just feel the best.

And guess what, your partner probably just can’t stop touching you because the dress gives out the almost buttery hand feel.

Of course, a silk dress is expensive that’s why I recommend this lace and satin blend cami dress from Amazon for you guys.

It takes me half an hour to find this one that looks sexy on both big breasts and small breasts ladies!

It has cross-cross strings in the back so it fits every body shape! Check out HERE to see more Amazon reviews!

5. Off-shoulder dress is always forgiving

I get it, every ladies want to look her best on a one-night stand.

Well, even though we don’t have the supermodel body (I’m too focused on growing my food baby), finding the right dress can help you FAKE one!

What to wear to look sexier in bed

This off-shoulder bodycon dress from Amazon is super forgiving and the ruched design just hides the belly completely.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I can definitely tell showcasing my shoulder make my face appear to be smaller. Check out HERE!

6. Wear a bra top and panty as a set

Of course, let’s talk about lingerie. Regardless of what you choose, ladies, the bottom line here is to wear the bra and panty for a whole set.

This little detail must make you feel way more confident, put together and enjoy more.

I’m sure your partner can sense that too.

7. Fishnet tights for night stand

What to wear to look sexier in bed
Source: 1,2

To girls, a one-night stand is definitely more than physical intimacy.

It’s about a wild experience that makes you feel great and explore and uncovers some new sides of you.

That being said, why not explore the sexy fishnet tights that make you look extremely sexy in bed?

And let’s not forget sexy tights just make you look like a gift that is exquisitely wrapped in beautiful paper, and the men will be dying to OPEN it.

8. Don’t wear boring shoes

What to wear to look sexier in bed
Source: 1,2

Believe it or not, your shoes matter a lot.

Even if you are smoking hot but you’re wearing chunky sneakers or innocent ballet flats, you just kill off the possibility of the one-night stand.

The men will immediately put you in the “Today I just want to drink with my girl pals and no guys can come near me” category.

So that’s a no-go.

9. Aesthetic and comfort can co-exist

What to wear to look sexier in bed
Source: 1,2

So yes, you definitely want to wear some high heels to feel flirty and fabulous.

But here’s the thing, comfort is our priority as well.

We all know how foot pain can kill our mood so please avoid stilettos (if you aren’t used to them), go for the one with a chunky sole – it’s equally flattering.

I find the spaghetti strap heels really sexy and leg-elongating – try it out!

10. LOOK SEXIER IN BED with Pheromone perfume

Pheromone perfume to look sexier in bed

Alright, the last point is about my secret weapon perfume. I ain’t saying any kind of perfume here, but the one with chemical Pheomore.

It’s the undetectable scent to invokes sexual desire from others.

And personally, this Pure Instinct Roll-On (It’s the best seller on Amazon) works like a gem for me.

IT JUST WORKS. Read the Amazon reviews HERE so you won’t believe those stories! Basically, those old couples seem to enjoy the wild Honeymoon again.

Again, as a reminder, there are hundreds of pheromone perfume on Amazon but not all of them works.

The one I recommend is Pure Instinct Pheromone Roll-On.

Seriously, if you have a tight budget, forget about the dress and buy this one first! Thank me later!


So ladies, there you go the 10 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a one-night stand and look sexier in bed.

Which one is your favorite? I hope that gives you some inspiration!

By the way, for more lingerie ideas, I’m sure you will love the reads below! See you there hottie!

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