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26 looks in 2023! 🦋 What to wear with a ruched dress?

26 looks in 2023! 🦋 What to wear with a ruched dress?

As a girl with a food baby all the time, all I can say is ruched dress is such a lifesaver of all time.

With the delicate ruching, it just hides my belly seamlessly but at the same time, still managed to hold my curves in shape.

The charm of ruching dresses is they are extremely versatile.

From off-duty running errands look to a romantic date night, the dress work wonders in different styles.

If you think ruching is hard to style, this article is here to prove you wrong!

So ladies, here are the 7 foolproof ideas if you wonder what to wear with a ruched dress, enjoy!


what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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If you just get your feet wet in the ruching bodycon dress department, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by showing all your curves out.

If that’s your concern, no worries as you can always add an extra layer to spice up your look.

Usually, if I am wearing a body-hugging ruched dress, I will team it with outerwear that is loose cutting to give the look a nice contrast.

If you want an edgy look, a faux leather biker jacket is a winning option here.

Pair it with your animal prints ruching dress and a pair of boots, this is how you look simple yet chic at the same time.

As for more casual vibes, pair the refreshing white ruched dress with cropped light blue denim jeans and sneakers is already a flattering combo here.

To add an extra pop, feel free to tie a high bun and show off one side of your shoulder for a low-key sexy look.

I don’t know about you but whenever I don’t feel right about the outerwear, I will always wear off the jacket to give it an immediate fix!


what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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When it comes to ruched dresses, there is a wide range of ruching designs.

If you think all-over ruching or front ruching is too much for you, wearing a side ruched dress is always a good place to start.

With the side ruching, your dress will have an as-symmetrical hemline and that will help elongate your leg visually.

Plus, the ruched line will always create a rounder, fuller hip line and help you create the hourglass shape.

For a modern look, you can pair it with a pair of naked heels and a chain mini bag.

Seriously, a side ruched dress is just perfect to dress up and down. When it doubt, throw yourself a side ruching skirt ladies!


what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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Can you wear a short ruched dress in the fall season? Absolutely.

Ruching dress and over-the-knee boots are such a complementary combo during cool days.

As a ruched dress always has an asymmetrical hemline, pairing them with thigh-high boots can always contour our thigh area visually and make us look more put together.

Besides the classic black boots, perhaps it’s time to get experimental with all the different colors.

When I saw the blogger pair a white sweater ruched dress with dusty pink velvet boots, this is such a refreshing outfit to die for – just gorgeous!

As a side note, if you want to add a sense of high fashion to your look, opt for the slouchy boot instead.

This will give you a sense of effortlessness and help you stand out from the crowd every single time.

If you really want to go hardcore, white faux leather slouchy boots are the fail-proof fashion item.

4. WEAR STRAIGHT neck RUCHED DRESS for a one-of-a-kind look

what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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While horizontal ruching is the most-worn style, let’s not forget straight ruching.

For me, I do think the straight ruched design looks great with the lightweight fabric like chiffon.

It just highlights the softness and femininity of the chiffon and adds a dash of elegance and romance to the look.

A high neck cream ruched mini skirt with lace-up espadrilles? Here’s my money cause I have to own this look!

Added to this, if you love boho style, you will find straight ruching designs in many dresses.

Pair with the wide-brim hat, feather-long necklaces, and chic booties, this is how you look carefree yet gorgeous in the most effortless way.

5. style the ruched dress in a refreshing way

what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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With all the ruching design, some ladies may find a ruched dress looks too dressy and womanly for them.

If that’s the case, it’s time to erase all the stereotypes as the ruched dress has now been presented in a more casual way.

First, opt for light pastel colors for youthful vibes.

Instead of classy colors like beige, black, and mauve, hues like dusty pink and baby blue can instantly brighten the dress.

Also, to create a billowy silhouette, you can choose the loose-cutting ruched dress instead.

To top off the look, team it with a lovely basket bag and a pair of black platform sandals. This is how you look one-of-a-kind in a ruched dress.


what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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Another way to dress down your ruched dress is simply to opt for the design with less ruching involved.

Instead of choosing the lustrous satin ruching dress, wear the loose T-shirt dress with a little front ruched detailing that can make you look way more approachable.

For a modern high street look, finish off your outfit with the stylish square-toe sandals always a charming pick!


what to wear with a ruched / ruching dress
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Last but not least, of course, we have to mention the monochrome style.

If you wonder how to look classy and high fashion on a budget, pair the ruching dress in tone-on tone will never disappoint you.

By pairing different shades of the same colors together, your body will look more united and that will help elongate your body visually.

As a petite girl, I hope the monochrome style will become one of the timeless trends because it truly works!

To enrich the look, you can always play with different colors and fabrics to add some interesting layers to the overall look.

And last but not least, remember to add a nice structured bag with a similar hue to finish off the look!


So ladies, here are the 7 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with a ruched dress!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Spice up your ruched dress with outerwear
  • Wear side ruched dress for a subtle design
  • Pair ruched sweater dress with boots
  • Wear straight neck ruched dress for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Style ruched dress in a refreshing way
  • Dress up the ruched dress with a simple design
  • Embrace monochrome style in ruched dress

After these 7 tips, I hope you now realized ruched dress is in fact so easy to style!

Regardless of your age and style, you can always able to pull off the ruching dress in your way.

So, girls, it’s time to be creative and enjoy your wardrobe fitting time!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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