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đź–¤ 28 looksđź–¤ How to wear camisole in winter?

🖤 28 looks🖤 How to wear camisole in winter?

If you still think camisole can only be the nightwear, it’s time to level up your game!

Yup, it’s official – they now can be definitely worn alone!

As a comfy, loose fabric, a camisole is a fashion item that never goes out of style.

As a pleasant surprise, they are way more versatile than it looks and you can wear them all year round.

From the workplace to casual coffee chat to date night, camisole never fails to get the look right on point.

So ladies, if you are wondering how to wear a camisole in winter, here are the 6 fail-proof tips!



what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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During the cold days, you can always wear the camisole as a layering piece for a tasteful look.

Among all the tops, a fitted turtleneck is always the winning option.

If you want to add a dash of softness and femininity to the cool turtleneck look, a camisole can easily spruce up the outfit and make it more complementary to different pairings.

To look more put together, you can always style the camisole and the top with similar tints of a hue so your body won’t be overwhelmed with all sorts of high contrasting colors.

Besides the most-worn black and grey combo, I adore the beige and brown pairing so much.

I always thought brown is so boring and mature to pair. But adding a cami top just adds a sense of school girl fashion and I just never get bored with this look!

As for a refreshing wintery look, a white top plus a cream silk camisole top is such an impeccable choice!


what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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For a long time, I’ve just never come across this combination and now I truly wish I knew it sooner!

If you want a more effortlessly chic look, I will strongly urge you to pair a white shirt with a camisole because this is simply flattering.

While a white shirt can in loose cutting, the camisole can help to show the curves of your body and achieve a meticulous balance here to look spontaneous yet womanly.

To add a dose of sexiness to the outfit, you don’t have to wear the cami top probably!

Just wear it with one strap for a slightly alluring look.

If you wonder if this looks warm enough during winter or not, that really depends.

But my trick is to wear a white heat tech or wool thermal wear, with fitted cutting, that won’t add too much bulk so you can keep warm yet stylish!


what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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For the days that aren’t terribly cold, pairing a camisole and sheer top together is another nice combo!

When it comes to the sheer top, it looks great but somehow it’s tricky to pair.

But ladies, now it’s time to get them back out from the wardrobe because a sheer top and a cami top is such complementary pair.

With their lightness and thinness, they just naturally look like a set together. For a lace sheer top, you can pair it with a simple camisole dress for a subtle look.

If you want to add an extra pop to your outfit, try out a white polka dot sheer top with a black cami dress for a retro flare!

Pair with a pair of Mary Jane, you just nail the vintage look perfectly!


what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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For an off-duty laid-back ensemble, pairing a camisole with a baggy sweater and a pair of skinny jeans is such a no-brainer.

This is definitely one of my most worn combinations during the cool days.

To pull off this look, you have to make sure your sweater is slightly oversized with a big deep V neck, otherwise, that will be hard to show the cami top.

To look more spontaneous, I will always put my hair aside and show one side of my shoulder.

By showing the neckline, it makes your face visually look smaller in comparison.

So yes, this is such a foolproof way to style camisole in a cozy and darling way!


what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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If you are wondering can you wear a camisole top for work?

I mean, of course!

As the saying goes “When in doubt, throw on a blazer.”

This tip always works in every situation. You can opt for the camisole top with a higher neckline with soft, neutral colors like white, black, and beige.

By adding a nice blazer on top of it and a pair of loafers, you are good to go!

To look more dressed up, always wear a belt and carry a structured handbag – these details can always instantly boost your girl boss vibes!


what to wear with camisole / cami top in winter
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Last but not least, just keep layer your outfit up with a cami top!

If you are serious enough to read this last tip, you probably realize a camisole is truly versatile to pair so you can always be creative with it.

For outerwear, you can pair it with a long-line cardigan for a slightly billowy silhouette.

I love this look like the straight long line of the outerwear can always further elongate our body and makes us appear to be taller.

As an extremely thin and soft fabric, that makes the camisole top is perfect for layering.

If you want to look a more edgy look, pair it with a faux leather biker jacket and combat boots look great as well!


So ladies, here are the 7 tips if you wonder how to wear with a camisole in winter!

When I was a teenage girl, all I love is crop tops and hot pants and I just can’t imagine I will love camisoles one day.

But now, ten years later, I can now finally understand the beauty of it.

While wearing it alone can look too feminine for some girls, pairing of a cami top during winter is great timing for you to get your feet wet in the camisole department!

Once you tried, I am pretty sure you will love them instantly! I mean, who needs a normal vest when I can wear a cami top?!

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