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*2023* 7 outfits to wear to a meet and greet + survival tips!

*2023* 7 outfits to wear to a meet and greet + survival tips!

Wondering what to wear to the meet and greet? You’ve come to the right place!

In short, a meet and greet is an event during which a celebrity, politician, or famous person (like Youtuber) meets and talks to the public.

These days, meet and greet comes with a wide range of styles from business formal to super casual and fun!

In this article, I’ve gathered 7 outfit ideas together with some important tips to you can survive your meet and greet.

Ready? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a meet and greet

Don’t worry people, I will cover ALL TYPES of meet and greet in this article. But now, let’s focus on the most popular one – the celebrity meet and greet!

When it comes to what to wear for a meet and greet, I’d say comfy is KEY.

High chance you will wait in line for HOURS to meet your star and the last thing you should do is wear high heels that make you feel like dying inside.

No girl, that’s not worth it.

If you are a die-heart fan that wants to get there early for a good spot, wearing comfy shoes is a must. When in doubt, think of low chunky heels, flats, or sneakers that work best.


Some of you may want to bring a selfie stick but some of the events don’t really allow it. You better check it out in advance!

2. What to wear to a celebrity meet and greet guys

As for guys, again, comfy shoes for celebrity meet and greet.

You want to dress casually but not in a sloppy way. Instead of wearing your everyday hoodie, make an effort and throw on a well-fitted button, khaki pants, and loafers to feel good.

After all, let’s not forget you will show off your photos with the celebrity with all of your friends – so there’s a legit reason you should dress nicely.

3. Fan meeting outfit with cute poses

For most of the events, we PAY to do the meet and greet. And that can only mean one thing – make the most out of the event!

I’ve joined a total of 7 meet and greets in my lifetime and my biggest advice to you is to take it SLOW. If you want to have a quick chat with your idol, go for it!

If you want to have to ask Selena Gomez for some fun poses with you, go AHEAD!

fan meeting outfit
Source: 1,2

Most of them are incredibly friendly and they will more than happy to accept your reasonable request.

Seriously, how cool is that if you can take photos with a Hollywood star like you are with a bestie? I’m sure that will be the most popular photos on your Instagram feed.

Make your friends jealous!

4. What to wear to a meet and greet concert

And guess what, if you are going to the meet and greet concert with your friends, going for the matching costume will work wonders as well!

To take this further, bring the props to your idol (like these girls just ask Taylor to wear the unicorn headband) and ask he/she to do the same pose with you for the Instagram-worthy shoot.

This sweet memory will literally last FOREVER.

Seriously, if you want to make the meet and greet extra fun, be creative and take some effort!

5. What to wear to a political meet and greet

candidate meet and greet
Source: 1,2

For political events, you want to dress smart without trying too hard. I am sure you all know how to dress smart casual but let me share two quick tips.

For guys, swap your round tee for a polo shirt just looks so much more put together.

For ladies, if you want to wear denim, at least go for the solid white or cream bootcut jeans – it just looks way more elegant when your team in with a decent top.

BY THE WAY, guys, if you want to hide your man boobs, definitely check out these 13 tips to hide gynecomastia. Thanks me later.

6. What to wear to a business meet and greet

Similarly, when it comes to the business or VIP meet and greet, you want to look appropriate.

When in doubt, think of something you will wear in the workplace (but with a hint of stylish splash) and you’re good to go!

To dress up the look, a belt or a hat is always your bestie. Also, for ladies, make sure your hair isn’t messing up your face when you take those precious photoshoots!


If you want something forgiving to hide the tummy area, totally get it. Below are my two Amazon picks for regular and plus-size ladies for this event. Enjoy!

7. What to wear to a meet and greet for a job

Last but not least, the university career meets and greet.

If you want to play safe, overdressing is always better than under dress.

If you don’t have clues about the dress code, bring your blazer on just in case as you may speak with some big names in the industry and you want to look as professional as possible.

For ladies, a blouse with a forgiving black pencil dress for a classy look always works wonders. For a dress, I’d say nothing above the knee.


So there you go people – the 7 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to meet and greet or fans meeting.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve been inspired and now it’s time to pin down the final look and enjoy this fun time. Trust me, the experience is exceptional.

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out my other popular articles below. See you there loves!

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