* 2022 12 looks!* Slytherin inspired outfits (Posh + cute!)

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I hate to admit that but Slytherin is actually attractive in its own way! Yup, I said it.

Known as the infamous houses of Hogwarts school, Slytherin is known as being ambitious, resourceful, cunning and to me, irresistibly attractive.

One of my favorite quotes from Slytherin is “You didn’t get in trouble for lying; you got in trouble for lying badly..”

Simply savage.

If you are ready to embrace the dark side, below I’ve gathered 12 real-life Slytherin-inspired outfits along with my buying list.


1) Casual Slytherin inspired outfits

For a modern get-up, think of a black top, forest green pants, and black combat boots to finish off the look.

For shoes, I'd actually suggest wearing pointy toes rather than the innocent ballet flats. It's always the details that make a big difference!

2) Cool Slytherin winter inspired look

Don’t want to look too costumey? Keep it retro, sexy, and mysterious in a black biker jacket and green bodycon dress!

Together with the vintage T-bar heels, the whole Slytherin-inspired get-up just looks oh-so-tasteful.


In Slytherin's house, green is the symbolic colour of black magic!

3) School girl Slytherin aesthetic look

If Slytherin aesthetic can only be pinned to one outfit, a statement green blazer with Slytherin badge is definitely the one.

Whether you want to go matchy with the green plaid shorts or keep it cute with a pleated skirt, this posh blazer is such a perfect addition.

To preppy to handle.

4) Modern Slytherin inspired uniform

This girl just show you the most effortless way to wear a tie.

But seriously, I don't really recommend it as you will lost your tie 100%. (Don't do that gal!)

For me, I will tie the tie loose (but not all the way up) to achieve a similar effect.

By the way, you can found this tie on Amazon - should be way cheaper than the one in Universal Studio!

5. Slytherin makeup ideas

Needless to say, the right makeup can elevate the whole style to a whole new level.

To bring the evilness of Slytherin, the black smokey eye and dark lips just scream "Welcome to my nightmare" kind of vibes.

6. Aesthetic Slytherin plus size outfits

Well, I guess now you have an excuse to wear as much green as you want. 

To make your green eyeshadow looks more pop up, apply the thin layer of concealer as a base always help!

7. Iconic preppy cardigan

Harry Potter Gryffindor inspired outfit

This cardigan is guaranteed to look classy and good with that statement badge. Whether you team it with a pleated skirt or causal jeans, that’s a 10/10.

8. Halloween costume idea: Slytherin costume robe

HARRY POTTER Adult Interlock Robe w/Green Hood SLYTHERIN

To get the Hogwarts spirit, don’t forget your robe wizard!

Halloween party must-have.

9. Universal studios easy cute outfit ideas

"Don't let the muggles get you down." — Ron Weasley

10. Dark lipsticks for the vibes

When in doubt, get the black lipstick.

Why? Because sometimes it feels good to be bad.

11. Posh wide Slytherin headband

Harry Potter Gryffindor headband

Whether you are the potterheads or not, this striped headband is such a preppy addition to your daily look. Looking expensive on a budget just can't be any easier!

12. Must-have Silver snake + green crystal necklace

Gryffindor necklace

Amazon price but Swarovski quality. Don't trust me? Check out the reviews and you'll be surprised!


So there you go people! The 12 Slytherin inspired outfits for your coming Harry Potter themed parties and Halloween!

What are your thoughts on that? Comment down below which look is your favourite! And if you are still indecisive on picking the Hogwarts school houses, check out my other popular reads below!


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