*Real-life 12 looks!* Ravenclaw inspired outfit (Cute + classy)

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Here’s come my favorite quote from Ravenclaw house “It’s not that we are smarter than you…except that we are”.

Just dope.

Known as one of the four houses of Hogwarts School, Ravenclaws value learning, intelligence, and curiosity. You will always find them burying themselves in books and asking the most bizarre questions. Oh and let’s not forget they have the most wonderful handwriting!

So yes people, I guess it’s not hard for us to fall in love with Ravenclaw.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 12 Ravenclaw-inspired outfits from casual to costumey. Enjoy!

1) Ravenclaw cute outfit idea

Want to dress like a Hogwarts school student for the universal studio? What about dressing like a Ravenclaw with a blue plaid dress and thigh-high black heels for an extra forgiving schoolgirl look?


To really bring out the vibes, stick with Ravenclaw's two signature colors - silver and blue, with the proud eagle serving as their mascot.

2) Ravenclaw school girl inspired outfit

To embrace the Ravenclaw aesthetic in a sweet way, get inspired by this girl and throw on a big ribbon on the head as the statement piece.

Of course, books are your best props for an Instagramable shot. Together with the on-point caption “I’ve already finished the whole textbook before magic class”, now THAT’S 50 points to Ravenclaw.

3) Statement Ravenclaw sweater

Want to dress like Ravenclaw with minimal effort? Well, get the iconic blue and silver sweater and you’re good to go! Seriously, the Hogwarts school sweater just looks as preppy as the Ralph Lauren’s.

Whether you wear this for the Harry Potter themed party or daily coffee catch-up with friends, this versatile piece is here to level up the look.

4) Universal studio Ravenclaw inspired look

To waltz into Hogwarts in casual attire, keep it modern and cute in a crop tee, boyfriend jeans and a striped blue cardigan that do the trick.

That said, if you want to take this look to a whole new level, a matchy blue mask is gonna complete the whole get-up on a perfect end.

P.S. I think I’ve found the same cardigan (with Ravenclaw badge) on Amazon! Check it out people!

5. Ravenclaw common room inspired look

This “Just a stylish Ravenclaw chilling in common room” type of get-up just scream full of attitude with the right dose of dark academia vibes.

And I must say the Dr. Martin boots are the perfect choices here!

6) Dreamy pastel blue Hogwart school look

For a dreamy, magical Ravenclaw-inspired outfit, a lighter shade of blue is also doable!

7) Witchy x Ravenclaw inspired outfit

Need some new inspo for the coming Halloween? Think witch core and Ravenclaw fashion as the new combo! With the witch hat and mystical black tights, it just boosts the aesthetic tenfolds.

8) Ravenclaw blue neckscarf

To get fully ready as a oh-so-smart Ravenclaw, here are some of the popular statement pieces on Amazon, check them out ♥

Ravenclaw blue scarf
slimming printable downloads
slimming printable downloads 2 (3)

9) Ravenclaw argyle socks

Harry Potter Ravenclaw socks

How perfect when you team the argyle socks with loafer heels? Simply timeless.

10) Ravenclaw tie

Ravenclaw tie

11) Ravenclaw preppy headband

Ravenclaw headband

It just scream the preppy school girl vibes to the fullest.

12) Ravenclaw costume female

Ravenclaw costume Hogwarts school

This high quality Ravenclaw costume is the theme party must-have.


So there you go people - the 12 Ravenclaw Hogwarts School inspired outfits, costumes and accessories! 

What are your thoughts on that? It's time to settle down the right outfit and be the most stylish Potterhead!

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