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*11* Funny ISTP quotes & memes that make you feel SEEN!

*11* Funny ISTP quotes & memes that make you feel SEEN!

Making up 5 percent of the population, ISTP is a logical, action-oriented, spontaneous yet reserved human being.

For those who are new to the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, here’s what ISTP stands for:

  • I: Introverted (You get your energy from being alone)
  • S: Sensing (You take in information via the five senses)
  • T: Thinking (You make decisions based on logic)
  • P: Perceiving (You prefer to let things play out by themselves)

Some of the well-known ISTP include Kobe Bryant, Scarlett Johansson, Bear Grylls, and Tom Cruise.

I wanted to live the life, a different life. I didn’t want to go to the same place every day and see the same people and do the same job. I wanted interesting challenges.


Of course, not all the ISTP act and feel exactly the same way!

But if you want to know some common traits of this personality, these quotes and memes below definitely help!

Scroll down to see if you can relate – it feels so good to finally be understood!

1. ISTP can be brutally honest

As dominant introverted thinking types, ISTP doesn’t really sugarcoat things and they are big on authenticity.

ISTP lives by the quote “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.

ISTP quotes

Personal experience:

I once have an ISTP date and I jokingly asked if I was the prettiest girl he has ever dated.

Instead of telling me the default answer “Of course, you are the prettiest in my eyes.” He had a serious thought for at least 30 seconds and unapologetically replied …

” You are pretty but I think my last gf is prettier.”

As an ISFP, you can’t imagine how shocked was I. I will NEVER ask him any questions ever again.

2. ISTP quote: You don’t control me, society.

As an ISTP you have a strong extraverted sensing, which gives you a keen awareness of the world around you.

You have your own sets and rules and values and you SWEAR by them even if they are not the mainstream society concept.

ISTP quotes personality

Feeling tied down is definitely a nightmere for an ISTP. 

3. ISTP’s character: Sarcasm

If your new friend loves sarcasm and dark humor, high chance he or she is ISTP. (Since INTJ won’t interact with you in the first place…)

ISTP Sarcasm character quotes

They are also good at making witty comments.

But of course, since they are lack of emotioinal intelligence, sometimes the comments may go too far and the situation may become awkard… 🙂

4. Don’t ask how I feel, ask how I THINK

ISTP primarily make decisions based on logic.

So if you want them to open up more, ask “How do you think” is definitely a better approach!

ISTP logical

5. ISTP is hyper curious & analytical

Being curious and independent, ISTP’s life is a wild mix of everything.

ISTP memes

For ISTP, it may not be the parties all night long type of adventure.

But it can be learning new things, read a new book, go to nature and more!

6. ISTPS quotes: Risk takers who strive on actions

ISTPs are the type of people who won’t hold back by fear, that’s why they are always adventurous!

istp personality quotes

Especially if you are in a crisis situation, the power of ISTP shines.

7. ISTPs are both dreamers and doers

 ISTPs are usually known for action-oriented results and take pride in doing things.

istp personality type

While ISTP LOVES strategize things, they are also the action takers!

Perfect combo.

8. ISTP personality: Impulsive

Despite the introverted, sometimes aloof outlook, ISTP can easily get bored and they are the adventurer at heart.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Katharine Hepburn
ISTP impulsive

So yes, for the sake of the adrenaline rush, ISTP is not the best in decision-making.

If you want a partner-in-crime, you know who you should find!

9. ISTP don’t really care

You think ISTP act like they don’t care but deep down they do? Well, that may not be the case!

Here are something an ISTP may say:

  • Meh
  • Well, it is what it is
  • Eh…who cares?
  • Whatever
ISTP don't care quotes

Of course, in some situations, ISTP do care about you.

It’s just that they may have a different view in handling the emotions and fail to let you know what they actually feel in the right way.

10. ISTP are private and reserved

Here’s the truth: It can be difficult to get to know an ISTP. 

They are highly independent and protective of their own space and time.

ISFP private reserved

If you are not “their people”, it may take A LONG TIME for them to open up to you.

11. ISTPs are the great fixers

ISTP are praised for their technical mastery and willingness to improvise.

ISTP quotes famous

If you want to find unique solutions to seemingly impossible challenges, well, your ISTP friend can definitely help!


So there you go people – the 16 ISTP quotes and memes that make you feel seen!

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