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*2023*16 ISFP quotes & memes – feel so seen!

*2023*16 ISFP quotes & memes – feel so seen!

Yes people, today it’s the turn of ISFP!

For those who are new to the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, here’s what ISFP stands for:

  • I: Introverted (You get your energy from being alone)
  • S: Sensing (You take in information via the five senses)
  • F: Feeling (You make decisions based on how you feel)
  • P: Perceiving (You prefer to let things play out by themselves)

Making up 9 percent of the population, this personality type is regarded as the “free spirit, sensitive, quiet, down to earth yet super spontaneous” type of human being.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Of course, not all the ISFP act and feel exactly the same way.

But if you want to know some common traits of this personality, these quotes and memes below definitely help!

As a typical ISFP, these quotes below can’t be more relatable. If you feel seen, don’t be surprised!

1. ISFP quotes: YOLO

ISFP embraces the quote “Live and let live” to the fullest.

Since they take information from the five senses and they are heavy on feelings, ISFP is truly good for living in the present moment.

ISFP quotes yolo

If ISFP knows they have a deadline tonight but you call them up some something fun, they probably will have a mental struggle for the first 10 minutes and eventually say YES.

2. ISFP can easily get bored

What makes ISFP effortlessly charming is you never get bored with them.

I mean, they are known as “Adventurer personalities” for a good reason!

Despite the fact that they focus inwards, ISFPs are very interested in new experiences, and the best part?

They aren’t afraid to experiment. 

ISFP personality

Whether in a relationship or in daily life, ISFP always wants to try something new because that’s how they feel progressing in life.

If you want to impress them, a new restaurant or a new hiking route is more than enough to make them happy!

On the flip side, ISFP HATES rigid routines or an overly-structured schedule. It just drives them crazy.

3. ISFP-T quotes: Life is a beautiful mess

The truth is, ISFP are rarely organized people.

It’s true that ISFPs will make an effort to their outer appearance (Think makeup and outfit), but when it comes to their workspace and home, that’s another story.

ISFP-T quotes

With their mind filled with endless thoughts 24/7, they are totally fine with a chaotic environment as long as it’s not dirty (aka bearable).

Almost all of my ISFP friends look nice and stylish but have messy rooms.

4. Funny ISFP quotes

If you are in a hurry, don’t ask the ISFP to make a decision.

Due to the nature that they are open to new ideas and both sides of the story, they rarely can make a final decision without some mental battle.

funny ISFP quotes

From what to eat for dinner to what career path to choose, ISFP can be indecisive in big and small things.

For the TJ friends out there, I know, you guys are rolling your eyes now.

5. ISFP characters: Indecisiveness

As an ISFP myself, I can never know whether I like the guy or not on the first date.

We are comparatively slow in digesting our emotions and feelings.

My rule is – if he asks for the second date and I don’t reject – at least I don’t hate him (aka bearable).

I will try to understand my feelings toward him on the following dates.

ISFP characters

In the ISFP’s eyes, there is always a grey area. That also explains why we are always indecisive, especially with deadlines.

6. ISFP personality: Laid-back & chill

Let’s just say it: ISFP is just like Capybara.

They are more relaxed, slow-moving, and laid-back compared to other MBTI types.

ISFP personality laid-back

They are very flexible and they love to keep their options open.

When in doubt, you guessed it, go with the flow.

That’s also why compared to the TJ type, ISFP can accept spiritual ideas more easily.

Book for some ISFP: The Power of Now

7. ISFP follow their heart

Princess Diana (ISFP) once said “I lead from the heart. Not the head.”

ISFP famous quote from Princess Diana

ISFP can pick the hardest and most painful choice as long as their heart is at peace.

And guess what, when you are brave enough to listen to your inner voice, you seldom will regret the decision later!

8. ISFP-T Quotes

ISFP-T Quotes

We are the unicorn!

9. ISFP looks at this world with love & curiosity

ISFP is so effortlessly popular because they have a sense of childlike wonder that make people can’t help but be drawn to them.

They are accepting of everyone – caring, genuine, and thoughtful.

Manipulating others isn’t their default mode at all.

isfp-t strengths

100 people can describe the world in 100 different ways.

When it comes to ISFPs, they love to see the world with the love filter <3

10. ISFP gf memes

You can say ISFP are lazy but the fact is, it’s really hard to push them to do things that don’t inspire them.

isfp-t weaknesses memes

 Despite all the social pressure, they live life doing what they “feel” like doing rather than doing what they “should” be doing.

The to-do list is simply NOTHING in their eyes.

11. ISFP is very reserved in expressions

If you have a wonderful time with ISFP and think you guys are now friends.

Well, hold on a second.

ISFP can be very passionate to you but deep down, you never know whether they TRULY like you or not.

They are not necessarily fake but when it comes to feelings, they can be very reserved.

If you are not in the close circle, high chance they will just share 30% of the whole story with you.

ISFP meaning

Even if they dislike you, they won’t really show on their face because they don’t want to hurt you.

They prefer to listen to what others have to say before expressing their own thoughts.

Tips to be with ISFP? Be patient and let them slowly open up to you.

12. But inside, ISFP is BIG on emotions

ISFP is BIG on emotions so expect their emotions to go up and down like a roller coaster.

isfp memes funny emotional

When they are happy and energetic, they are almost like angels.

But when they are in their mood, BE AWARE people!

13. ISFP is the sunshine!

Despite the fact that they are introverts, ISFP is such a human being magnet.

Regardless of your MBTI type, you will surrender to their charm for sure.

ISFP memes

And let’s not mention they always look GOOD.

14. ISFPs are both dreamers & action takers

Drawn towards adventure and stimulation, ISFPs tend to get bored with repetition and predictability.

That said, they are both dreamers and doers.

It’s unlikely that their style to do a 1-month in-depth research about an activity, they will just do it instead.

ISFPs take actions memes

15. ISFP procrastinate… A LOT

I don’t have a better way to say that but YES, ISFP tend to procrastinate.

The truth is, they are probably too relaxed and too indecisive to the point that they will leave the work half done.

ISFP procrastinate

Every ISFP can be really different, but admittedly, we are not the most efficient MBTI type for sure.

16. ISFPs are the emotionally slow-moving

Do you think your talkative ISFP friend shares with you wholeheartedly?

ISFP memes slow-moving

Well, think again if you guys just meet a few times!


So there you go people – the 16 ISFP quotes and memes that make you understand yourself (or your crush and friends) more!

This is ridiculous that there’s the least info about ISFP among all MBTI types. Shocker.

If you think this article is useful, please pin this below so more people can know about ISFP! (Huggg)

If you are looking for more MBTI types’ quotes and memes, check out our other popular articles down below! See you there loves!

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