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*2023* 15 real-life looks to Kindergarten & preschool graduation!

*2023* 15 real-life looks to Kindergarten & preschool graduation!

Wondering what to wear to kindergarten and preschool graduation? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “Celebrate the small wins.” Kindergarten and pre-k school graduation are all about giving a sense of accomplishment to these little kids they deserve

Of course, that’s a big day for parents as well. 

Seeing their babies turn into smart kids and wearing graduation hats can be one of the most unreal moments.

If you are parents, you’ll know that’s not an exaggeration…at all.

So finally, it’s time to attend your kids’ graduation. And now this begs the question: What to wear to graduation as parents and for kids?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 15 real-life kids’ and parents’ graduation outfits from Instagram to get you inspired.


1. Kindergarten graduation dress code boy

More often than not, there’s no dress code for kids so feel free to wear whatever he or she wants!

That said, some parents may want to pump up their kids’ get-ups to make this day extra memorable.

For boys, think of a smart blazer and tie for a preppy little gentleman look. How cute!

2. Kindergarten graduation outfit boy

Or else, throw on a playful bow tie on this special day!

3. Kindergarten graduation outfit girl

If your princess gravitates towards a boss lady look, lean into it.

Holding the graduation balloons in a black and white suit just looks picture perfect!

4. What to wear to kindergarten graduation

When it comes to the outfits of parents, it’s a mix of everything from a formal suit to a casual tee.

For Father, I’d say the collared shirt, khaki pants, and loafers are the safe bet.

Of course, you can always feel free to dress down the look with a baseball cap and sneakers. You do you!

5. what to wear to kindergarten graduation as a mother

As for moms who looking for some classy picks, a belted shirt dress or a tweed top just can’t go wrong.

From my observation, mamas do tend to dress up more at graduations than dads. (Not surprised lol)

To make sure you are picture-perfect, spending an extra 15 minutes for a nice hair-do will make you feel good for the rest of the day.

So worth it.

6. Kindergarten graduation girl outfits

Some parents may want to hold at-home kindergarten graduation for their little ones.

So you have prepared all the food, and decorations and are ready to take your child for a round of photos.

That said, make sure your kid is wearing a different color than the backdrop so he or she can stand out from the photo!

7. What to wear to kindergarten graduation parents

To look decent with minimal effort, pair up a blazer with a black tee and loose pants just seal the deal.

8. What shoes to wear to preschool graduation

As for footwear, wearing comfy is key.

On graduation day, you will need to walk around for photo taking and mingle with other parents for a good few hours.

To fully enjoy the time, stay away from stiletto heels and go with comfy flats and wedges instead.

Shop NORDSTROM for this beautiful dress!
The asymmetrical hemline is so leg forgiving.

9. Wear a jumpsuit to preschool & kindergarten graduation

As we all know, moms are busy as hell.

To look put together for preschool graduation the quickest time, throw on a one-piece jumpsuit and ballet flats and you’ll never feel anything from your outfit.

Simple yet flattering!

10. Jumpsuit for preschool & kindergarten graduation

Looking for an affordable pick? This forgiving jumpsuit on Amazon is my best pick.

preschool & kindergartens outfits
Get this jumpsuit on Amazon

Featuring the stretchy fabric and sexy drop-shoulder cut, this one-piece just comes in handy to dress up and down.

Feel free to team it with a blazer for graduation or wear it as it is for a coffee grab-and-go day. Either way, it’s super forgiving.

11. What to wear to an outdoor kid’s graduation

If the graduation is held outdoors, think of a floral dress that matches the delightful vibes.

To attend a celebratory event for kids like kindergarten graduation, pick refreshing pastel shades like dusty pink and baby blue to blend in with the crowd.

12. Casual attire for kindergarten graduation

For the stylish dads out there, Hawaiian shirts are such a gem!

13. When in doubt, go with fun patterns

When in doubt, go for vibrant hues and fun patterns!

If the ceremony is held indoors, bring a light cardigan or scarf as the hall can be chilly with A/C on.

14. Toddler boy graduation outfit

For little boys, a smart polo shirt can never go wrong.

15. Kindergarten graduation pictures

Be creative about the photoshoot ideas! Go to Pinterest and you’ll find a ton of them.


So there you go – the 15 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to preschool and kindergarten graduation.

When in doubt, dress your Sunday best and you’ll be fine!

For specific styling tips, check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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