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10 IN-STYLE Goth outfit ideas 2023! *from modern to dressy*

10 IN-STYLE Goth outfit ideas 2023! *from modern to dressy*

As a distinctive blend of darkness, mystery, and exotic romance, it’s totally understandable why goth outfits are so irresistible to some of us.

But here’s the thing that probably comes to your mind – Is goth fashion still a thing this year? Well, the answer is a YES!

While an extravagant vintage witchy look with forest green hair can be really iconic, let’s not forget goth outfits do come in a wide range of forms and you have no problem wearing them on daily basis.

That said, I’ve gathered 10 goth outfit ideas from the modern all-black corporate look, and schoolgirl fashion to aesthetic pastel gothic style.

I hope that will give you a quick update on gothic fashion nowadays. Enjoy my ladies!


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To goth girls, black is such a happy color. (I mean it!)

They embrace black like no other else and I must say they are certainly good at adding depth and dimension to their all-black look.

So if you are just getting your feet wet in the gothic fashion department and you want to go subtle with the look.

Just try to mix and match your existing black outfits for a stylish monochromic look first.

So yes, it’s time to dig out your vegan leather biker jacket, black opaque tights, and combat boots for the OOTD.

To take this look to another level, I’ll urge you to put on black lipstick to make a statement!


casual goth outfit ideas
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If the all-black look can’t satisfy your gothic style appetite anymore, you are now ready to add some gothic tops to your wardrobe.

Whether that’s a vintage graphic black tee or black and white modern shirt dress, it just looks one of a kind.

To rock the gothic girl look, belt your oversized shirt with a skull belt and pair it with fishnet tights and boots, it’s just full of attitude.

I know some girls may wonder will fishnet tights look easily tacky, well, it really depends on how you style it and do you know how to pick the right pairs.

I’ve gathered these 9 tips and I am pretty sure you will find them useful! Check this out!


goth outfit ideas
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Gothic looks come in different styles and one of my favorites is the dark romance one.

If you want to stay feminine but still managed to look full of attitude, a gothic lace dress is the winning option of all time.

For a sweet witchy look, opt for a dark sweetheart neck velvet dress for a dash of winter vintage.

In all seriousness, a nicely crafted lace dress is just effortlessly poised and classy like an art piece. Simply irresistible.

And if you want to embrace lace in a high street ensemble, team a lace cami top with a choker necklace and tight black pants just scream “I look fabulous and I KNOW it!”


gothic girl outfit ideas for school
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To the teenage girls out there, no worries as I’ve got you covered with outfit ideas for school.

For a grunge schoolgirl look, you don’t want to look too over the top with a bright hue color and bold religious prints.

To keep things sweet and dainty, a collared black A-line dress with sheer thigh-high socks and T-strap shoes just works wonders.

Together with a mopey look, you just bring out the best in gothic flares. (Be ready for some jealous eyes!)

Need I say more? This mesh dress is such a must-have whether you gravitate towards goth style or not.


corporate goth outfit ideas
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Can goths look professional? Absolutely! As an enriched subculture, you have no problem wearing goth outfits on almost all occasions.

For a corporate goth look, always opt for the signature goth dark hues like black and burgundy to bring out the vibes.

A wine-red blouse top with a black midi shirt and oxford heels just looks smart and decent in a distinctive way.

And if you want to add a pop of dark fashion to your plain suit set, throw yourself a black scarf with skull prints. Is that just me but that reminds me of the Alexander McQueen style!

So, ladies, goth fashion is definitely not only for the youthful phase. Be attentive to the details and you can always be the charming gothic girl boss! (Isn’t that cool?)


gothic punk outfit ideas
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If you are not a big fan of dresses, let’s not forget there are many choices when it comes to the gothic-punk type of pants!

For a spicy summer look, I would say black vegan leather shorts are a must-have item. They just go with everything from cool thigh-high boots to strap heels.

But as a reminder, some of the leather pants can look tacky so always look for quality over quantity. I would rather spend all my budget on one high-quality one rather than 3 cheap pairs of pants. Trust me, people can tell the difference.

And for the cold days, of course, it’s time to put the iconic red plain pants in the spotlight. Team the bottom with a cream dress shirt with a sequin black bomber jacket just freshen up the gloomy winter instantly.


summer goth outfit ideas
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Have you ever wondered how to embrace gothic fashion for beach day and vacay?

Well, now you know! Surprise surprise, regardless of the season, gothic girls are loyal to the black hue.

While black is a heat-absorbing color in the summer, you can still put on a cool look with a sheer black lace kimono and black hot pants.

As for swimwear, don’t settle the ordinary cute bikinis. Go for the black striped one-piece with exotic round sunglasses to stand out from the crowd.


pastel goth outfit ideas
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Time has changed and pastel goth is such a popular trend these days. Influenced by the Japanese Kawaii fashion, it’s a cuter version of the gloomy gothic fashion.

While some girls may the traditional gothic looks hard to put off, integrating pastel hues like dusty pink and dreamy purple does make things easier.

Mixing the black and light hues together, truly opens more possibilities to style grunge wear.

A heart cut-off top with a pink skirt and white lace socks? It just looks as innocent as it looks rebellious!


goth outfit ideas plus size
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Regardless of your shape and size, a gothic look is for you. I mean, it’s time to stay authentic to ourselves, isn’t it?

So to all my fabulous plus-size ladies, own your curves and wear whatever you want.

To embrace Strega fashion, team a black felt hat with the coordinated sheer bodycon dress just look mysterious with a tint of allure.

And if you want something slightly more forgiving, team a black top with a flowy A-line striped dress just accentuates your high waist and contours your body proportion perfectly.

I mean, the choice can be endless!

But most importantly, get your back straight, and heels up, and rock your look with confidence! (Who said gothic fashion is only for skinny bitches?)


winter goth girl outfit ideas
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When it comes to winter gothic fashion, it’s always worth investing in a statement outerwear piece.

When the days are freezing and you just want to wear your boring wool thermal wear, throw on a structured wine-red maxi coat just to make you look so put together.

Together with a nice purse and studded boots, that’s the way to trick people you’ve to give a thought to your look!


So ladies, here are the 10 goth outfit ideas. I hope that gives you some new inspiration when you get dressed next time.

Remember girls, if gothic fashion is your thing, own it and stay one-of-a-kind!

Some girls always thought goth fashion has to be expensive, well, not at all if you know how to find good quality pieces from Amazon! Below are the 4 pieces after half an hour of filtering, hope you love it!

Alright, let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Style goth outfit in all black
  • Embrace the casual gothic look with a statement shirt
  • Stay feminine with a gothic lace dress
  • Grunge outfit ideas for school
  • Put off a corporate goth look
  • Wear punk gothic pants
  • Embrace summer look with gothic wear
  • Look for aesthetic pastel goth outfits
  • Rock the gothic look as a plus-size girl
  • Throw on a statement coat in winter

And for the girls who love all-black outfits, feel free to check out these 10 summer looks! See you there!

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