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*2023*14 summer & winter looks for child’s birthday party!

*2023*14 summer & winter looks for child’s birthday party!

Wondering what to wear to a child’s birthday party in both summer and winter? I got you covered!

For the summer days, dressing for a kid’s birthday just can’t be any easier. From pastel hues to breezy and lightweight dresses, outfits in general just scream the carefree vibes.

That said, things just get a little trickier when it comes to winter.

With all the sophisticated tones and thick fabrics during the chilly days, dressing for kids’ parties can be a real challenge.

But does that mean impossible? Not really!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 14 real-life outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a kid’s birthday party ALL YEAR ROUND.

1. What to wear to a child’s birthday party in winter

Regardless of the season, you can always wear fun tones for the kid parties.

Think pastel and light colors like baby pink, tiffany blue, mint green, and pale yellow that add a dash of soothing, carefree vibes to your get-up and help you blend in the kid’s party seamlessly.

To look fun without going too juvenile, a fun pink blazer just works wonders with all kinds of styling combos.

As an extra pop of fun, team it with the white turtleneck and pleated skirt just looks as dreamy as it looks aesthetic.


Your outfit doesn’t look THAT kid party ready? No worries, throw on a headband just add a dash of childlike flare without going too over the top!

2. What to wear to a child’s birthday party

If you are joining an animal theme birthday party, you are in luck as that’s just a perfect excuse to wear animal prints clothes!

So yes, from cool snake print to classic leopard top – they are an all-flattering choice.

Please be aware that your clothes shouldn’t be too body-hugging as they can appear to be too sexy when combined with animal prints.

3. Embrace bright hues and patterns

Going to the kid’s birthday party after work and wonder how to dress? I got you.

To jazz up your business casual look with an extra pop of fun, introducing patterns and fun hues is always lovely.

Instead of going for black and navy blue, opt for neutrals like beige and off-white that look softer.

To appear taller, matching the top and shoes in a similar hue can elongate your figure from head to toe visually.

4. Mom dresses for birthday party

Regardless of the style of the kid’s birthday party, a statement pastel dress is always fail-proof. And of course, whether you are the mom or guest, this classic look is always appropriate!

When the days are chilly out, you can always layer the look with a classy bolero jacket.

For guys, a sleek button-down and beige pants are a versatile combo – they just complement great with all kinds of pastel shades.

5. Casual family dress code for birthday party

Want to keep it cozy and chill for the kid’s party? What about throwing on a tie-dye sweatshirt that makes you feel like a marshmallow?

I am loving this tie dye fleece sweater on Amazon. As a perfect blend of 60% cotton and 40% poly, this sweatshirt just has the best quality when compared to the rest in the market.

The best part? You can wear the same top with the kids and I’m sure they will LOVE it! Check them out ♥

6. Mommy and me outfits for birthday party

Whether you are the guest or mom of your 4-years old, a flowy checkered dress is always a darling option.

When it comes to the type of dress, the body doll has to be top of the list.

The unique empire waist neckline and the super forgiving silhouette are bound to make you feel good!

I bought this dress and now I wear it like a uniform. When the days are chilly out there, I love pairing it with a pair of grey knitted tights – equally cute!

7. Cute sweater for fall & winter kid birthday party

Back to the basics, you can always wear a sweater with cute patterns for the kid’s birthday.

This lady is wearing a light yellow sweater with a strawberry patterns and I thought that’s super cute!

Complete the look with a pair of light wash jeans and sneakers and you’re good to enjoy an outdoor kids party!

8. Boho kid birthday party outfit ideas

These days, boho and country-style kids’ parties are the rage.

Despite the pastel shades, feel free to embrace the sand hues palette to freshen things up.

A cowboy hat and vintage patterned flared leg pants for the child? Hell YASSS.

9. Pink family dress code for birthday party

Can you ever go wrong wearing a tulle skirt to the kid’s birthday party?


If you want to keep it lowkey, opt for the tulle skirt with a button-down for a happy balance.

10. Wear overall for an outdoor child birthday party

Of course, how can we miss the dungaree look that makes you feel like an 8 year old again?

Despite the one-of-a-kind look, overalls are the best as they just work for different temps.

For summer, a cute off-shoulder top or a sleeveless button-down just looks super refreshing.

As for the cooler months, gravitate towards the sweatshirt or sweater and you’ll never feel anything missing from your style.

11. Monochromatic pastel set for winter kid birthday party

For a colorful kid unicorn birthday? This monochromatic look just looks as forgiving as it looks whimsical.

The fairy vibe is real.

12. Pay attention to the fabric when you wanna wear black

So some of you may ask: Is that okay to wear a black dress to the kid’s party?


That said, I’d say balance out the black color with the airy fabric like chiffon or cotton so it won’t look too heavy. The mesh fabric just makes everything looks lighter and softer.

13. What to wear to a child birthday party in summer

If you are insecure about the arms area but want to go sleeveless for a summer kid party, this dress below is such a godsent.

What to wear to a child birthday party in summer
Get this patterned dress on Amazon

Featuring the flutter ruffles design, it just contours the arms area in the best possible way.

And let’s not mention the flattering fit and elegant midi length, you’re bound to feel the best in this vintage dress.

My favorite part? The dress has the invisible zipper and that alone just looks poised and expensive ♥ It comes with 20+ patterns, check them out!

14. What to wear to a kid birthday party

Last but not least, back to the basics – comfy is key.

In general, going to a kid’s birthday party is like doing cardio non-stop for a good few hours.

From chasing the kids around to holding the 1-year-old in your arms to tidying up the messy table, high chance you will need to be on your feet all the time.

When in doubt, think a cute loose-cut blouse with your favorite pairs of jeans and sneakers.

Trust me, picking the right footwear will be immensely helpful.


So there you go – the 14 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a child’s birthday party in summer and winter.

What are your thoughts on these looks? I hope these looks get you inspired! At the end of the day, your outfit doesn’t really matter that much.

All you need to do is forget all the stress and be present with the innocent kiddos – I’d say that’s a whole new world ♥

For more related outfit ideas, check out the articles below. See you there loves!

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