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*2023* How to wear pigtails without looking childish? 25 looks!

*2023* How to wear pigtails without looking childish? 25 looks!

Alright, not gonna lie, wearing pigtails can look childish.

After all, let’s not forget this is the signature hairstyle of the 6-year-old!

However, does that mean you should avoid pigtails for the rest of your life? Of course not!

With some twist here can there, you can look sophisticated and even elegant in pigtails.

Plus, your clothing pairing matters ladies. If we are wearing the pigtail with the dungaree dress and Mary Janes, of course, that is – dare we say- too young for most of us.

So if you wonder how to wear pigtails without looking childish, here are the 6 ideas!



How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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If you want to look classy in pigtails, a slightly messy pigtail low bun is such a no-brainer.

Whether you have a round face or a long face, the low bun can always work in your favor.

If you do it in a messy way, it just adds a sense of effortlessness and romance to your look.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I am truly surprised low bun can actually make my face look slimmer!

By showing the neckline and collarbone area, my face just looks relatively smaller by comparison.

In the past, I always thought putting all my hair down is the best way to cover my face but clearly, I was wrong. As the quote says, less is more!

Low bun to me is always elegant and poised.

If you really want a formal look, you can always tie the two little buns close together so it can look like a regular low bun at a glance!

The outfit combination with the pigtail buns can truly be endless.

From dressy white blouses to a casual V-neck tee, the low buns can always add an extra pop to your look and make you look more put together!


How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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Another way to look less childish in a pigtail is the simple yet effective way – complement your look with all sorts of hats!

With the hat, it can easily subdue the youthfulness of the pigtail.

That being said, you can look stylish in a playful way instead of looking childish and dated.

These days, bubble-braid pigtails are in the rage. While this hairstyle is refreshing and unique, they just look too cute for me.

To tame down the look, I will always pair the cool baker boy cap hat with the bubble braid and a pair of combat boots for a slightly edgy style.

And when it comes to outfitting pairing, you can always dress in darker shades for more sophisticated vibes.

Another way is to wear tops or bottoms with a complex or mature pattern like leopard and zebra animal prints, it can always achieve a harmonious balance with the pigtails.


How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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If you opt for a subtle look, half-braided pigtails are another nice choice.

The regular low pigtails is more of an obedient schoolgirl type.

As for the half-braided pigtails, they just make the hairstyle look more delicate and romantic.

To finish off the look, my favorite way to style is pairing a lovely white off-shoulder ruffle dress with the lace-up espadrilles – just dreamy.


How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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Wearing sleek braided pigtails for an urban chic look? I’ll take that! In general, you just won’t look childish with this style as accessories and the outfit are the key here.

Complete your look with timeless accessories like hoop earrings, a headscarf, and even an animal print mask, you can always stand out from the crowd.

To add a stronger character to your outfit, consider trying the braids with beams.

For the girls who looking for an off-duty yet stylish ensemble, wearing the cropped vest and a pair of jogger pants are the winning options of all time.

I don’t know about you but whenever I try out this style, I feel like the girl boss energy has skyrocketed!


How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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Finally, it’s the boho girl look.

Besides all the flowy fabrics, flared jeans, maxi dresses, and wedges, hairstyle plays an important role here too.

With the messy pigtails, that just echo well with the exotic boho style.

And, for a tasteful look, I will accessories with the feather wool hat and the long bib necklace as a statement piece.

To me, boho fashion will never disappear because it represents the cozy, natural yet feminine style of all time.

You can never look awkward in pigtails with this style!


How to wear pigtails without looking childish
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Last but not least, you can always tie up your pigtail together for an elegant look.

If you are going to school or work, two jumpy pigtails can be a bit distracting.

You can always tie them up with a nice big velvet ribbon for a classic look.

If you want to level up your skill, try out the cross-pigtail braids! That’s absolutely stunning in a subtle.

Not gonna lie, this is not as easy as you expected so I will suggest you do this during the lazy Sunday.

With a casual chic look, I will pair this hairstyle with my beige chunky turtleneck sweater with a pair of white skinny jeans and loafers.

Such a darling combination!


So ladies, here are the 6 ways you wonder how to wear pigtails without looking childish!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear a pigtail low bun for a classy look
  • Wear a pigtail with hats to enrich the look
  • Wear half-braided pigtails for a subtle look
  • Wear sleek braided pigtails for a chic style
  • Complete the boho look with a pigtail
  • Tie up your pigtail together

As the saying goes “Life is too short to wear boring hairstyles”. Fine, I made this up but you get my point.

In my eyes, age is just a number but never an identity. There are certainly no rules saying 30 years old ladies can’t wear pigtails.

These are all the mental limits you subconsciously set for yourselves. Last but not least, I truly hope these 6 ideas can convince you to try out the pigtails again.

With some twists, you can certainly recreate your one-of-a-kind style!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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