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*14 real-life looks!* What to wear to Eric Church & country concert?

*14 real-life looks!* What to wear to Eric Church & country concert?

Wondering what to wear to Eric church concert & country concert? Look nowhere as I’ve gathered 14 real-life concert outfits to get you inspired!

As one of the best country-rocker, his concert never fails to bring out the rowdy happy crowd. From “Springsteen” to “Guys like me”, Eric Church gives out 110% to his fans.

People just scream every line of their favorite songs and the engagement is like no other.

3 hours of Eric church is such an awesome night to remember.

That said, to make sure you enjoy the night to the fullest, picking the right outfit is key.

If you are ready, it’s time to get inspired with these 14 Eric church fans’ country concert looks! Enjoy!

1. What to wear to Eric’s church concert?

First thing first, there’s no specific dress code at all! So feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel good and comfy.

The crowd will be a mix of everything from a casual tee to a sequin dress.

Of course, many people go for the country chic style.

What to wear to Eric church concert

This pink lady just freshens up a classic cowgirl look. Sweet!

2. Cowgirl look for Eric Church concert

Can you dress like a cowboy without sacrificing your comfort? For sure!

What to wear to Eric church concert

Here’s the sweet mash-up for you: A “Thank god for cowboys” shirt, turquoise stone buckle belt, and loose-fit black dress.

This comfy outfit ensures you can dance like nobody is watching during the concert!

3. Fringe jacket for the country chic flare

What to wear to Eric church concert country music

Trust me, you will see all types of fringe jackets on Eric Church’s show. (I mean, that’s country music!)

To dress down the look, go for the fun fringe denim leggings and black pants.

Just effortlessly chic.

4. Eric Church Merch tee for the concert

Eric church shirt outfit ideas

When in doubt, a comfy tee and jeans just seal the deal.

Can someone please tell me where can I get this “Eric Xxxking church” shirt?

Such a vibe.

5. Cute Country Music shirt

what to wear to folk concert
Get this country music shirt on Amazon

Don’t estimate how a graphic tee can set the mood for your country folk concert night. This “Country music & beer – that’s why I’m here” tee just scream the fun vibes like no other.

Check them out on Amazon. This cute tee got all different designs and colors!

6. US flag poncho for Eric Church concert

US flag poncho Eric church outfit ideas

It’s not uncommon to see people wearing a US flag poncho as the outerwear.

It’s always nice to add a dash of patriotic vibes to your get-up!

7. US Flag tank top

If you want to go subtle, this US flag tank top is another popular choice as well.

As a loyal Amazon buyer, I must say not all T-shirt has the best quality. But this one just has the best kind of T-shirt material, SUPER SOFT!!! ♥♥♥

US flag tank top outfit ideas
Get this American flag tee on Amazon (10+ designs)

8. Cute country outfits with jeans

Want to double your happiness? Why not match the outfits with your bestie?

cute country outfits with jeans

To embrace the cowboy chic, definitely go for the tasteful bootcut and pointy white boots.

I actually love this outfit a lot – sophisticated yet playful at the same time!

9. What to wear to country music in winter

What to wear to country music concert in winter

For guys, you can literally wear everything!

Surprisingly, I found that a checkered shirt, shacket and sleeveless vest seem to be popular choices!

10. “Rock & Roll” shirt for country music concert

This “Rock & Roll” tee is not only for Eric Church concert but literally most of the music shows! Such a bargain!

country music concert outfit ideas
Get this Rock & Roll tee on Amazon

11. Chambray shirt to feel the best

Chambray shirt to country music concert

Actually, a chambray shirt is such a perfect option! It got the right thickness and makes sure you feel airy throughout the concert!

Whether you wear it along as a front knot top or as a layering piece, it’s universally flattering

12. Hot cowgirl looks to steal the show

Hot cowgirl look country concert female outfit

You know, girls just wanna have fun!

If you want to stand out of the crowd, this hot cowgirl look is bound to make others weak at their knees.

For footwear, definitely go for comfy boots, sneakers, or chunky low-heel soles to feel the most carefree.

You want to make sure feet pain is out of the night.

13. Spice up the country music concert look with red

what to wear to country music outfit ideas

Can you go wrong with a black and red combo for the concert day? NEVER!

For a mood booster, throw on a nice pair of red leggings to step out of your comfort zone are bound to make you feel great.

Don’t forget to take some fashion shots though!

14. Eric Church shirt outfit ideas

 Eric Church shirt outfit ideas

If you are a loyal fan of Eric Church, you know what to wear:

A baseball cap, a statement merch tee, vintage fringe jacket for the western flare.

You will never feel anything missing from your outfits.


So people, there you go the 14 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to Eric Church concert and all other country concerts like Kane Brown and Miranda Lambert!

What do you think about these looks? I hope that get you inspired!

If you are an Eric Church fan, high chance you are interested in other country music concerts and awards as well!

Make sure you check out the articles below for more styling inspirations and tips, see you there loves!

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