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*2023*What to wear to Highland games & Celtic festival?18 real-life looks!

*2023*What to wear to Highland games & Celtic festival?18 real-life looks!

If you are reading this, high chance you are going to your first Scottish highland games, a Celtic festival, an Irish Fair, or a Renaissance Faire.

While you are all thrilled about those 20-foot-tall tree tossing, ax throwing, and iconic solo piping competitions that make you fully soaked in the exotic flare, the only question you probably have in mind is:

What to wear to Highland games? Do I have to wear a kilt in the games?

what to wear highland game
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The fact is, if you are the spectator, there’s no dress code for the highland games and other Celtic and Irish festivals.

The crowd is a mix of everything from a Scottish traditional costume to a simple tank top and flip-flops!

But that said, you do want to dress appropriately for the event to enjoy the best times.

highland games celtic festival
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So there you go, I’ve gathered 18 Scottish & Irish festival outfit ideas.


1. Wear kilt and tartan skirts for Scottish highland games

While a kilt is optional for highland games, I’d say at least 1/3 of the visitors will wear a kilt just to add a touch of highland vibes to the look and make the trip extra memorable.

What to wear to highland games Celtic festival

Well, you may want to take photos with the highland competitors in a kilt so that can be a great idea to get matchy-matchy with them!

People usually pair the kilt with a plain tee and knee-high socks but the combos can be endless.

If you don’t want to spend extra money on a traditional kilt, dig out your midi tartan skirt in your wardrobe – that’s equally tasteful!

what to wear to highland game plus size
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When the days are cold out, team the kilt with your favorite tights and boots – it’s just equally flattering!


Don’t wear your high street mini tartan pleated skirt.

Just don’t.

2. Ladies’ Scottish outfits for Renaissance Faire

If you want to go ALL-IN and take some instagrammable shots there, the traditional Scottish outfit is a real GEM here.

Ladies Scottish outfits for Renaissance Faire
Source: 1,2

If you’ve watched some highland games and Renaissance Faire clips on YouTube, you’ll know some girls DO casually wear them like it’s their daily look.

So don’t be shy, have fun, and turn yourself into the legit Scottish girl!

For failproof get-ups, an off-shite blouse, and a bodice, long skirts are the must-have.

Check out my handpicks below! It takes me a good half an hour to filter out the bad-quality ones, hope you girls enjoy it!

Ladies Scottish outfits for Renaissance Faire

The outfit above:

The Medieval Blouse Off Shoulder top (Click HERE to Amazon) and the Black Renaissance Peasant Bodice (Click HERE to Amazon)

For the whole set (with dress), check out these Amazon goodies HERE. I’ll admit that’s a rabbit hole.

3. Stay bright and casual for summer highland games

What to wear to summer highland games
Source: 1,2

All alright, when it comes to normal clothing, keeping your look casual and dressing for the weather is key as it’s the outdoor activities.

Think of a comfy linen shirt, smart white jeans shorts, and flat sandals to complete your look.

If you want to add an extra pop of fun to your festive style, let’s go with some bold hues and patterns as a mood booster!

A black and white checkered shirt and hot pink Bermuda shorts in this case will be PERFECT.

4. Wear one piece to the Irish and Celtic festival

For the lazy girls out there, I get it, you have no time to mix and match but still want to look put-together.

Well, a one-piece is here to seal the deal.

PLUS SIze highland game outfit
Source: Pinterest

Throw it on, cinch your waist with a belt, and people will think you’re giving thought to your style!

Below are the two hot sellers from Amazon that are as figure-flattering as it’s comfy. Check them out!

what to wear to Irish and Celtic festival

Dress 1: Summer Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress ( Click HERE to Amazon)

Tie Waist with Pockets? I’ll get it.

Dress 2: Denim Belted Flared A-line Shirt Dress (Click HERE to Amazon)

This dress is for hiding the belly.

5. Layer up your look to the highland games in the fall

what to wear to highland games
Source: 1,2

If you are going to the highland games and Celtic festival on chilly days, layering is the KEY.

Instead of wearing one thick cashmere high-neck dress that can’t be taken off.

Layer yourself with a tee-shirt, shacket, and then a coat is a golden formula.

After all, those festivals are mostly held outdoors, and a high chance you will get warm after walking around and drinking some hot soups.

Plus, the weather can drastically change from day to night. It’s important you can take your clothes on and off to feel the comfiest.

6. Windbreaker & raincoat: MUST for an outdoor festival

If you’re a frequent goer of the outdoor festival, you will know people bring these lightweight Waterproof Rain jackets (Picture below) literally everywhere.

Serve as both raincoats and windbreakers, they are the lifesaver regardless of the season.

what to wear to highland games outdoor
 Packable Lightweight Rain Jackets + Windbreaker (Click out any stocks left in Amazon HERE)

When I went to the Irish festival last time, there were at least 3 people wearing this.

Shocked – since when has it become a uniform?


Some hues are out of stock now – but you can always save them to your wishlist!

7. Go for a sleeveless puffer jacket on chilly days

what to wear to Renaissance Faire winter
Source: 1,2

For the winter days, you may want to wear a puffer jacket.

I get it, but please opt for the sleeveless version so your hands won’t act stiff like a robot.

In the highland games and Celtic and Irish festivals, you will be tasting all kinds of traditional food and engaging in different activities so anything too baggy is a big no.

8. Wear flat sandals and sneakers to highland games

what shoes to wear highland games
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I know you want to dress up for the party, but ladies, let’s put your high heels down as you can NEVER survive walking a whole day with those stilettos on.

what shoes to wear to highland games
Source: 1,2

Instead, go for flat sandals and sneakers so that you can fully enjoy your special day!


If you insist on adding height, go for the espadrilles wedges as a more comfortable choice.

9. Pair the kilt with knee-high boots for a Scottish look

Pair kilt with knee high boots for a Scottish look
Source: 1,2

For fall and winter, of course, you want to wear boots for the Renaissance flair as they are common with kilts.

If you aren’t ready for Scottish boots, cowboy boots, and riding boots are the perfect alternatives here!

10. Get full protection at the Irish Fair

what to wear to Irish Fair
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Last but not least, get full protection from the sun and outdoor days. Your shoulder bag should be at least big enough to fit in a water bottle (that’s very important).

Of course, straw hats, sunglasses, UV lotion, and mosquito repellent are all essentials.

I love using the OFF! repellent (Picture above). It’s plant-based and IT WORKS.

Check HERE on Amazon.

11. Don’t forget your sunnies!

Of course, to ensure you enjoy the most, bring on your sunnies!

wear sunglasses to celtic festival
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So ladies, there you go the 10 outfit tips if you wonder what to wear to your first Scottish highland games, a Celtic festival, Irish Fair, and Renaissance Faire.

I know that gets you inspired! And now let’s create your one-of-a-kind look.

At the end of the day, your outfit doesn’t matter that much. All you have to do is enjoy the present moment and enjoy this traditional Scottish sporting event!

By the way, if you are interested in a kilt, the one below is a must-read. See you there gorgeous!

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