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*2023* 20+ cute & casual horse riding outfits all year round!

*2023* 20+ cute & casual horse riding outfits all year round!

Looking for some cute horseback or horse riding outfits all year round? You’ve come to the right place! 

As we all know, horseback riding is regarded as a sport! It’s one of the oldest sports in the world and it requires physical strength and mental conditioning.

To make sure you fully enjoy the ride, picking the right outfit is key. You want something comfy, protective yet cute for the best mood.

Below, I’ve gathered 20 cute horseback riding outfits and stylish equestrian looks from casual to professional. You’re bound to find your favorite!

1. cute summer horseback riding outfits

cute summer horseback riding outfits
Instagram: Imjennim

For a casual horse riding holiday look, a straw hat, off-shoulder top, and watercolor jeans just bring the summer vibes to the best way.

2. Posh equestrian outfit with polo & riding pants

Get tired of the classic beige equestrian look?

Let’s get extra feminine in baby blue polo and white riding pants!

3. When in doubt, add a denim jacket

For the days you don’t want to look too put together, throw on a denim jacket to change the vibes.

4. Go all-black in summer

A sleek all-black look will never go out of style.

5. Cute fall horseback riding outfits

Want an extra pop of fun? A pink straw hat can always help!

6. Casual fall horseback riding outfits

If you want to feel extra comfy, paper bag jeans just seal the deal.

7. Aesthetic pastel riding leggings for ladies

These soft taupe riding tops and leggings just scream I’m ready for spring.

Together with the white horse, this shot is a 10/10.

8. Boho equestrian outfit style

The most romantic boho dress ever.

9. Summer beach horseback riding outfits

For a lovely beach, horseback riding look here’s the sweet mash-up for you: While midi dress, leather belt, and embroidered cowboy boots.

You’re bound to feel amazing.

10. Western horseback riding outfit

Rustic and old western.

11. Winter horse riding outfits

Ever thought of wearing a teddy top when you are riding? Well, now you know!

12. Summer casual horseback riding outfits

If you want to wear shorts, remember to bring mosquito repellent with you.

Very important.

13. Cute winter horseback riding outfits

For a sleek winter look, the sleeveless vest is the best choice.

14. Aesthetic all-white equestrian outfit

Just too dreamy.

15. Casual winter horseback riding outfits

If you to do it on a budget, wear your favorite hoodie and jeans and you’re good to go!

16. When in doubt, add a baseball cap

Can we all agree a low-side french braid and baseball cap is a good look?

17. Fall horse western riding outfit ideas

To welcome the fall season, throw on a flannel shirt and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

18. Classy winter equestrian outfit

Whether you are a horse rider or not, this type of blazer is a must-have.

It just makes you look like a million dollars.

19. Cute horseback Riding Outfits

Throw on a beret to jazz up the look!

20. Maxi dress for the photoshoot

This outfit may not be the most practical one but I just can’t resist including this.

The photo just screams love is in the air.


So there you go the 20 cute and casual horseback riding outfits. What are your thoughts on them? Please comment down below!

I hope these looks prove you riding a horse doesn’t mean you have to dress like a Ralph Lauren model!

Of course, some of the looks above aren’t really practical for horse riding so feel free to create your own lovely version!

For more equestrian fashion tips and outfits, feel free to check out the reads below! See you there my loves!

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