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*2024* What to wear to a polo match? All season 28 outfits!

*2024* What to wear to a polo match? All season 28 outfits!

If you are wondering what to wear to the coming polo match, congrats as you’re bound to have a wonderful time!

I mean, it’s way more than watching the thrilling and dynamic horseback ball game, isn’t it?

Rather, it’s all about enjoying the good sun, having fun dressing up with all vibrant hues, and fully immersing in the poshness of the event. It’s a dreamy mix of everything.

So yes ladies, it’s time to bring your A-game for the best outfit to enjoy this big day.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 polo-match outfit ideas from casual to dressy, summer to winter. Enjoy!

1. What to wear to a polo match? Pastel hues

When it comes to a summer polo match, it’s time to throw on all kinds of vibrant colors and pastel hues that scream dreamy tropical vacation vibes.

What to wear to polo match
Source: 1,2

Think straw hat, baby blue off-shoulder dress, and cute sandals as a failproof set.

The bottom line here is to at least avoid an all-black look if you want to blend in with the crowd.

For gentlemen, you will expect to see them wearing suits in sleek white and other fun hues like purple and blue as well.

what to wear polo match pastel hues
Source: Pinterest

And when it comes to fabric, go for light, breathable ones like linen, cotton, and chiffon to embrace the summer vibes.

2. Pleated skirt as a youthful look

So here’s my favorite one – a pleated skirt for a polo match.

What to wear to summer polo match
Source: 1,2

We aren’t talking about the sexy baddie look here but the preppy style.

Team a baby blue cardigan with the coordinated pleated skirt just looks irresistibly aesthetic. It just looks like you are the model from Tommy Hilfiger.

pleated skirt outfit polo
Source: Thelondoner

As a petite girl, I love a monochromatic look as it can unite the figure and make me look elongated as a whole.

You can also keep it casual by teaming the skirt with polo and tennis sneakers. Oh-so-posh.

3. Jumpsuits as the summer polo match look

Want to look dressy with a dash of boss lady vibes? The jumpsuit just seals the deal.

What to wear to a polo match
Source: 1,2

Featuring the cinched high waist and flared pants design, the jumpsuit is surprisingly figure-flattering. Wear the wedge sandals under those long pants and Viola – you just look 4 inches taller.

JUMPSUIT summer polo match look
Source: W Magazine


If you want to dress up your jumpsuit, opt for the one with a unique neckline.

Go for a one-shoulder or halter neck rather than a V-neck or round neck.

4. Dressy outfits to wear to a polo match

For a summer polo event with a specific dress code, everyone is bringing their A-game.

Dressy outfits to wear to a polo match
Source: 1,2

You will never look TOO DRESSY when everyone is wearing a floor-length gown and glittery pantsuit set.

Don’t forget to throw on a derby hat for some stunning shots though!

5. Preppy polo attire for ladies

If you want to blend in with the crowd, dress like a preppy kid.

Preppy polo attire for ladies
Source: 1,2

A classic combo is layering up the collared shirt with a crew neck sweater for a smart look.

For shorts, avoid the high-waist hot pants and go for loose-cutting short slacks.

preppy polo match
Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, go for white or off-white hues – it just boosts the classiness tenfold.

6. What to wear to a polo match when it’s cold?

What to wear to a polo match when it’s cold?

what to wear to a polo match when its cold
Source: 1,2

What about adding in some prints and patterns for an extra pop of fun? Think of a classic plaid midi skirt or maxi brown checkered coat for a womanly, tasteful look.

Need I say more? This outfit is 10/10.

polo match fall winter outfit
Source: Pinterest

With the right prints, the clothes won’t really make you look bigger.

If you are really concerned about that, go monochrome to elongate the figure.

7. What to wear to a winter polo match?

For chilly days, boots are your best friend. But let’s be real, not every boot is a good candidate for a polo match.

While black thigh-high boots are trendy, they can appear to be too “modern” on the riding field. I’d say the knee-high boots work better this time.

LONG coat polo match
Source: Holl & Cooper

To work well with the preppy style, the traditional riding boots will instantly put you on the right track.

WINTER polo match co ord set
Source: Pinterest

Whether you team it with jeans, leggings, or skirts, it just adds a dash of equestrian flare to the style.

8. Wear rainboots for a rainy polo match

If you are the type of girl who will watch a polo match, I’m sure you will dress according to the weather.

For rainy days, it’s time to dig out your HUNTER and AIGLE rainboots.

They always look great with a simple shirt dress and leather belt.

9. What shoes to wear to a polo match?

Tempting to wear sexy stilettos to polo?

DON’T unless you are the chosen girl who knows how to effortlessly work on the grass like magic.

What shoes to wear to polo match
Source: 1,2

If you insist, at least bring a pair of ballet flats just in case.

But seriously, there’s a wide range of shoes that are as flattering as they are comfortable.

Think wedges and low-block heels that do the tricks. Of all, my all-time favorite is the lace-up espadrilles – summery and romantic.

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10. Hats for a polo match

So you’ve pinned down the look, well, it’s time to pick the right hat!

To make sure you’re well protected under the baking sun, a wide-brim fedora hat is such a lovely choice.

Source: Pinterest

If you want to dress casually, get inspired by Princess Diana.

She just proved the world baseball cap and boxy blazer can work together amazingly.


So ladies, here are the 28 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the polo match all year round. I hope these looks get you inspired!

If you are interested in more styling tips for parties and events, I’m sure the articles below are useful! See you there gorgeous!

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