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17 First communion outfits for mothers & fathers! (Visual guide!)

17 First communion outfits for mothers & fathers! (Visual guide!)

Wondering what to wear to first communion and confirmation as parents and guests? I’ve got your back.

For the Catholic family, this is probably one of the holiest ceremonies to celebrate.

After all, this is how the children receive the Eucharist for the first time, symbolizing fellowship with God.

On this special day, regardless of your role – parent or guest, you definitely want to dress appropriately for the communion or confirmation party.

As a rule of thumb, think modest and elegant as the outfit goals.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 communion outfit ideas for moms and dads, guests, and even grandmothers together with some big No-nos.


1. What should parents wear to the first communion? Wear suits for father

what to wear to First Communion as parents and father
Source: 1,2

For dads, a set of well-fitted suits is failproof. That said, instead of wearing the classic and formal black suit, explore other classy yet vibrant colors like royal blue.

After all, the First communion is not only a sacred ceremony but also a beloving celebration with the family and loved ones.

Introducing celebratory colors to your get-up will always make you look approachable and blend in with the crowd easily.

rather wear suit first communion
Source: EVOKE

2. First communion outfits for dads?

As a perfect alternative, let’s not forget a cool suit vest is doable as well.

If you want to incorporate the celebratory colors in a lowkey way, consider pairing up a pink tie with your brown suit – it just brightens up the whole look in the easiest way.

3. First communion outfits for mothers: get matchy-matchy

As for mothers, you can always get matchy with your 8-year-old.

Of course, you don’t want to outshine your kids so avoid wearing white.

Instead, go for off-white colors and neutrals like beige to pastel yellow to achieve the effect.

Trust me, the family photoshoot will look aesthetic tenfolds when you guys are aware of the color tone of the outfits.

4. First communion outfits for mothers: Elegant floral midi dress

If you think wearing a modest dress has to be boring, well, consider a darling floral dress that adds a dash of romance to the look.

Needless to say, floral prints have been one of the most popular choices for church outfits for a good reason.

But here’s the thing, while there are so many floral dresses out there, some of the prints can look too summery and girly.

So here I’ve picked this elegant floral dress with refreshing white background.

Not only this design is unique, it just looks distinctively womanly and expensive-looking. The best part? The high waist design just makes the dress extra forgiving.


Check this out below!

First communion outfits for mothers

5. What to wear to confirm as mothers or guests?

To fully enjoy this ceremony, I’d say bring on the pastel hues.

Think dusty pink, baby blue, and mint green as a symbol of purity and femininity.

For the ladies who are insecure about bra fat like me, this self-tie midi dress below is godsent.

The sleeve just covers the area and makes us look put together.

Seriously, this will be my spring dating dress as well.

What to wear to confirmation as mothers or guests
Shop this darling pastel tea dress on Amazon

6. First communion outfits for plus-size ladies

For a big day like a first communion party, you definitely want a statement dress that looks as decent as it looks flattering.

This darling dress below has rosette details that just fit perfectly for holy occasions.

And surprise surprise, it’s actually comfy and lightweight to wear!

I have to be honest, they are definitely not the cheapest but they DO worth every penny. Check out the reviews and you will tell why.

7. Peplum dress as a forgiving choice

You want to look picture perfect on the first Communion day as a mother, well, what about a peplum dress that can completely hide the belly area?

Featuring an extra stripe of fabric gathered around the high waist area, it just contours the figure and fakes an hour shape figure for you.

Check out this elegant piece from Amazon below.

The high-collar design is so classy.

Peplum dress as a forgiving choice

Shop this peplum dress on Amazon

8. What to wear first communion outfits as a grandmother? Jacket dress

Wondering what to wear to the first communion as a grandmother? I’ve got your back too!

If you think you can only wear dark hues because you are 60+, WRONG.

There is a wide range of pastel dresses that are age-appropriate.

For a modest choice, this dress jacket below is my top pick.

They are not too matronly and definitely not the typical grandma dress – which is rare when it comes to affordable picks.

What to wear first communion outfits as grandmother?

9. What shoes to wear to first communion and confirmation?

What shoes to wear to first communion and confirmation?
Source: 1,2

So you’ve pinned down your dress, it’s time to round off this look with a nice pair of shoes.

To show your respect to the church and ceremony, avoid wearing sneakers, sandals, and open-toe shoes.

To ensure you have a stress-free day, swap out your stilettos for low-heel pumps just do the trick.

And let’s not forget the pointy flats are equally flattering as well, especially the ones with sparkly embellishment – they are to die for.

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10. Finish off your look with a nice hair-do

What to wear to first communion mothers parents
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, the hair-updo. On this very special day, it’s time for us to put extra effort into our hair game.

A nice hairstyle not only can elevate the look, it just gives out a sense of ritual and makes us feel good and look fabulous on the photoshoots.

So ladies, invest a good 15 minutes to do a sleek low bun or lovely French braid – trust me it’s worth the time.


So ladies, there you go the 18 first communion and confirmation outfits for mothers (and dads) and guests!

I hope these outfit ideas get you inspired and give you some direction. And now it’s time for you to create your look!


By the way, if you want more outfit ideas, I’m sure you will be interested in the pieces below!

See you there!

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