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*2023* What to wear with light blue pants? 18 looks FULL LIST

*2023* What to wear with light blue pants? 18 looks FULL LIST

If you want to infuse an extra dose of freshness into your outfit, guess what, a pair of light blue pants can easily seal the deal.

While we always thought ordinary dark pants are easier to pull off, sometimes we just need an extra pop of fun in life!

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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If you know how to mix and match with light blue pants, I’m sure you will be amazed by how flattering light blue pants are.

From a carefree vacation look to elegant boss lady style, light blue pants can give you the perfect set.

So ladies, if you are wondering what to wear with light blue pants, below are the 6 outfit inspirations!


If you want to look classy but creative at the same time, it’s time to level up your game by teaming beige and light blue together! 

what to wear with light blue pants
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To be honest, I’ve never thought of this color combination before as I just don’t think they will match with each other at all.

But clearly, I was wrong – they just look FLATTERING in such a refreshing way!

As both of them belong to the light hues, the tones just echo well naturally and make the look stand out even in the simplest outfits.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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For a stylish boss lady ensemble, pair your long beige blazer with a white lace cami top and a pair of light blue dress pants.

For a better proportion, I will always wear beige heels to visually elongate my figure.

Finish the look with a structured bag, you are going to slay your day girl!


As for a refreshing summer look, the classic white and light blue pairing is such a fail-proof combination. 

what to wear with light blue pants
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Together, it just brings out the youthfulness effortlessly.

With a simple white shirt, a pair of light blue straight-leg pants, and chunky white sneakers, it just makes me feel 5 years younger.

And if you opt for the holiday vibes, pairing the light blue pants with a white off-shoulder top is such an impeccable fit.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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It’s always flattering to show the shoulder line and give your look a sense of softness and sexiness.

If you want to get the most out of it, tie a messy high bun for an extra pop.


Want to look cool in light blue pants? Easy, just pair your washed blue jeans with a black top for an urban chic look. 

what to wear with light blue pants
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If you want to take this classic combo to another level, perhaps it’s time to get experimental with the designs.

Instead of wearing the tight light blue jeans, let’s try out the in-style cut-off jeans and split-leg pants for a fashion twist.

As for the top, instead of a casual V-neck top, a black choker neck top just gives the look a stronger character.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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So ladies, if you opt for the special designs, wearing black and white can be full of characters as well!

After all, little details play a major role in creating the one & only outfit.


Can you look high fashion in light blue pants? Absolutely!

To achieve the look, the silhouette is key here. 

what to wear with light blue pants
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Instead of wearing the figure-skimming outfits, opt for the slouchy one for a billowy silhouette.

That just adds a sense of effortlessness and spontaneity to the look and makes you look stylishly chill.

For a one-of-a-kind look, pair a mesh puff-sleeve shirt with high waist light blue pants and a pair of pointy nude heels.

For a statement piece, a structured pearl handbag can instantly glam up your style and make you look just on point.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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My other tip is when in doubt, throw yourself an asymmetrical top, it just naturally looks so high-end and people will secretly think you have given a thought to this tasteful look!


While I am a fan of feminine outfit style, I must say utilitarian fashion is all the rage these days.

what to wear with light blue pants
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With their strong and modern appearance, I can tell why they are getting popular these days.

If you are the type of girl who wants to get your feet wet in this trend but is not ready to embrace the signature utilitarian dark hues like khaki, olive green, and brown, light blue pants are such a winning option here for a softer look.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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With an argyle vest and light blue cargo pants, this is how to create the IT girl style.

Complement the *lewk* with a pair of faux leather combat boots and a baguette bag, it just looks so. damn. cool.


If you want to look put together, monochrome style is your best friend. 

what to wear with light blue pants
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As a petite girl, I just never get sick of wearing monotone outfits every 3 days cause it is just so figure-flattering.

By pairing a similar shade of colors, you just look more united as a whole and that helps to elongate your figure visually.

what to wear light blue pants outfit
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To spice up the look, always try out different shades and fabrics to add some layers to your outfit.

I will always pair a pastel blue top with dusty blue pants for an off-duty casual ensemble.

A light blue empire waist top with flared jeans with a dainty transparent bag? I’ll take it!


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder what to wear with light blue pants!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair beige outerwear with light blue pants for a classy look
  • Pair light blue pants with classic white
  • Pair black white light blue cutoff jeans
  • Embrace light blue silk pants for a high-fashion look
  • Opt for utilitarian fashion in light blue pants
  • Add an extra pop in a light blue monochrome style

So yes, light blue pants really prove the evermore versatility with these 6 styles!

I hope that gives you some inspiration to style your pants now!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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