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*2023* Esmeralda-inspired outfits adults costumes! 10 real-life looks!

*2023* Esmeralda-inspired outfits adults costumes! 10 real-life looks!

Esmeralda may not be the most well-known Disney character but when it comes to her persona, she is truly remarkable.

In the movie “The hunchback of Norte Dame”, she is outspoken, fearless, and the rare one that doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

All of those personality traits just make Esmeralda beautiful in and out. Such an icon.

That said, below I’ve gathered 12 real-life Esmeralda-inspired outfits and costumes to get you inspired. From modern to casual, you’re bound to find your favorite!

1) Esmeralda-inspired outfit

Without a doubt, Esmeralda is a young lady of color. Her iconic look is a white top, purple sarong together with a beautiful teal corset.

2. Esmeralda Disneybound costume

Of course, to finish the look on a perfect end, the statement pink tie headband scarf is golden hoop earrings are the must-haves.

3. Unisex Esmeralda-inspired costume

Dustin just proves you dressing up like Esmeralda has no limitations. Love this look!

4. The hunchback of Notre Dame costume

Esmeralda inspired outfit

5. Esmeralda-inspired corset 

To update the classic Esmeralda in a modern sexy way, go for a front-knot shirt, thick corset belt, and low-waist dress to showcase your curve in the perfect way.


6. White off-shoulder crop top

Esmeralda cropped top

If a corset is not your cup of tea, this off-shoulder top just screams equally sassy vibes!

7. Feminine Esmeralda Disneyland outfit

If you don’t have a pink headband, the Minnie mouse headband works great as well!

8. Pink headband and bodycon dress

I love the flared sleeve and bodycon combo, oh so tasteful!

As for footwear, the warm gold tone is such a failproof- it matches the overall style of the look.

9. Purple Belly Dance Skirt Hip Scarf

esmeralda skirt hip scarf

Trust me, this is an ultimate head-turner.

10. Sequin Chiffon Skirt for Esmeralda’s costume

Sequin Chiffon Skirt

Can you imagine how flowy this dress is when you move your body? Together with a crop top and golden thin strap sandals, this look is a 10/10.

11. Esmeralda Red costume

All you need is a statement red dress and purple belt!

12. Red Esmeralda dress from Etsy

esmeralda red costume


If you don’t want to mix and match, search for the Esmeralda dress from Etsy and the search result is basically endless!


So there you go ladies, the 12 Esmeralda-inspired outfit ideas from modern casual to costumey.

What are your thoughts on that? Well, I guess now it’s time to settle down the right outfit for your coming Disney theme or Halloween parties!

By the way, for the ladies who are looking for more Disney outfit ideas, check out my other popular articles down below. Enjoy my loves!

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