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2023 16 real looks! What to wear to white coat ceremony? (Boys & girls)

2023 16 real looks! What to wear to white coat ceremony? (Boys & girls)

Wondering what to wear to the white coat ceremony? I GOT YOU COVERED.

First thing first, CONGRATS! Needless to say, getting to medical school is really hard.

Despite all the sleepless nights, mental breakdown, and 8 coffees a day midterm week, finally here’s come the long-awaited white coat ceremony.

Let’s give yourself a big hug because you deserve it.

And soon, you will stand on the stage and murmur to yourself “Turns out it’s all worth it in the end.”

For a big moment like this, picking the right outfit is key.

To get you inspired, I’ve collected 16 real-life white coat ceremony graduates with all kinds of styles and pro tips.


1. What to wear to the white coat ceremony? LBD

Symbolizing their entrance into the medical profession, medical students will wear white coats and recite the Hippocratic Oath.

While there’s no specific dress code these days, I’d say business casual is the rule of thumb. For ladies, going for the midi length is the safe bet.

As the white coat ceremony is getting more relaxed these days, dressing slightly above the knee is totally doable as well! Of course, when in doubt, double-check with your school.

2. What to wear to the white coat ceremony guys

For guys, you’re expected to wear a collared shirt and tie. The only thing you want to avoid is looking too samey with a white shirt.

Of course, make sure your shirt is wrinkle-free. Little details go a long way when you take the pictures!

3. What to wear to the white coat ceremony as a guest

Wondering what to wear to the white coat ceremony as a guest?

Again, there’s no specific dress code for guests. You can basically wear anything from a midi dress to a casual sweater according to the weather.

That said, make sure you are dressing classy and most importantly, comfy.

You may need to take a ton of photos for your big star and high chance to help them carry a camera and stuff the whole afternoon!

4. Freshen up the look in pastel hues

Besides the blue shirt, let’s not forget pastel shades work great with a white coat as well.

Pink shirt and pastel blue striped tie? Such a chic combo.

5. White coat ceremony red dress

Not gonna lie, wearing a dress with a straight-cut white coat can be a little bit tricky.

You don’t want to wear anything that is too voluminous as it will add weird bulges to the bottom.

As a petite girl, my best pick is to wear a dress with an asymmetrical hemline. Not only it’s stylish, the unique hemline just draws eyes vertically and makes your legs look taller and slimmer.

Such a godsent.

6. White coat ceremony cutout dress

If you pay closer attention, this girl is rocking a Sheath dress with a little cut out on the side of the waist.

These days, the white coat ceremony has more relaxing vibes. You can definitely add in some stylish factors but of course, always make sure you look appropriate overall!

7. Classy white coat ceremony outfit

From my experience in the science lesson, wearing a white coat can make your head looks bigger.

To balance out the effect, picking the right neckline is key. Avoid high neck top and go for the sleek V-neck or elegant boatneck instead can make your head appear way smaller by elongating your neckline.

Trust me, that’s helped A LOT.

8. White coat ceremony outfit ideas Plus size

For the plus-size queens, I GOT YOU. If you want to look extra flattering, this V-neck asymmetrical dress from Amazon below is such a gem.

White coat ceremony outfit ideas Plus size
Get this asymmetrical hem dress on Amazon

Featuring the stretchy fabric and illusional cut, it just looks extra forgiving and fakes a nice body for you.

Don’t forget to check out the Amazon reviews before you buy the dress!

9. What to wear to the white coat ceremony as parents

Again, smart casual attire is failproof. From elegant boat neck dresses for moms to smart dress shirts for dads, the choices are basically endless.

10. Be that girl boss doctor

Sometimes we just need to think out of the box.

When the days are chilly out, draping the white coat with a double-breasted blazer dress just gives you that girl boss doctor look.




11. Wear a blouse + pants for the white coat ceremony

Dress is not your cup of tea? No worries. A nice blouse and dress pants do the trick as well!

As a girl with food baby 24/7, paper bag pants will never disappoint you.

12. White coat ceremony jumpsuit

Want to look effortlessly stylish with minimal effort? The jumpsuit is your best friend.

If you are petite, definitely pick the jumpsuit with flared-leg pants. It will elongate your legs and make you look taller.

13. Pharmacy white coat ceremony dress

For guest attire, a blazer dress just looks as sophisticated as it looks stylish.

Can’t go wrong.

14. Fun medical white coat outfit ideas

Who said a white coat party has to be formal? If you are planning to hold a white coat party at home, dress carefree for a good time with your family and friends!

Can someone please tell me where can I get this “The future is female” shirt?

Such a confidence booster ♥

15. Get experimental with fun hues

Tired of dark and neutral hues? This teal dress just freshens up the white coat look in a distinctive way!

It may take some time to try out different colors but it’s so worth it. Eventually, you will figure out the color palette that works perfectly for your skin tone.

Be one of a kind.

16. White coat ceremony shoes

When it comes to the white coat ceremony, picking the right shoes is key.

Why? Because let’s not forget you will be climbing some stairs and receiving the coat from professors.

The last thing you want is to trip over in those slippery stilettos on the stage and hear people gasp.

As a safe bet, I’d say gravitate towards chunky heels or wedges that are equally aesthetic!


So there you go! The 16 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the white coat ceremony.

I hope these outfits get you inspired and now it’s the time for you to settle on the final look.

At the end of the day, your outfits don’t matter that much! Whatever you wear, be proud because you deserve it!

For more specific tips, check out my other two articles below!

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