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*2023* 14 Princess Jasmine inspired real outfits (Modern + costumes!)

*2023* 14 Princess Jasmine inspired real outfits (Modern + costumes!)

Are any Aladdin fans here? Well, I know I am not the only one! 

I watch the movie over and over again and still get teared up when the signature song “A Whole New World” comes up like the first time!

Among all the Disney princesses, Jasmine is definitely one of my favorites. 

Despite all voices telling her to settle, she just doesn’t give a damn about the world and pursuit her dream anyway.

Such a courageous, headstrong, inspiring role model for young women.

Of course, the outfits Princess Jasmine put on are almost as iconic as the character herself. 

These days, many ladies update this statement two-piece, light blue outfit with a stylish twist. With creativity, the outfit combo can be literally ENDLESS.

Whether you are hardcore Disneybound fan or ready to go all glam up for the coming Arabian night themed-party, these 14 real-life Disney Princess Jasmine looks will work wonders.


1. Princess Jasmine Disneybound-inspired outfit 

For avid Disney fans, this cute look is here for you. 

Compared to other Disney princess’s looks, dressing up like Princess Jasmine is effortless.

All you need is a light blue crop top and pants together with the headband, eye-catching hoop earrings, and an exotic clutch that bring the goddess aura to the fullest.


If you are heading to the theme park, definitely wear the comfy drawstring pants like this lady.

Comfort is first priority for a carefree Disney day!

2. Casual Princess Jasmine summer look

Want to recreate Jasmine bound with minimal effort? 

Well, what about throwing on a Princess tee with a signature hue together with a cute black swing skirt and darling earrings?

Totally wearable for a weekend brunch with friends!

3. Modern princess Jasmine look

Your off-shoulder top seems too long to handle. Do an easy front knot for a tapered silhouette!

To dress down the look, the wrap sandals and flats just look as summery as it’s fun.

4. Hot princess Jasmine clubbing dress-up ideas

Want to look hot and modern as a Disney Princess?

It’s time to replace the billowy harem pants with the bodycon that highlight your feminine curves in the best possible way!

To finish the look on the perfect end, a nice pair of gold pumps are your best bet.

When in doubt, make sure your shoes complement other gold accent accessories on your body so you won’t look all over the place.

5. Princess Jasmine baddie inspired outfit

For the baddie girls, I GOT YOU TOO.

This lady just proves to you a Jasmine-inspired look can look full of attitude without sacrificing comfort.

A light blue jumpsuit and chunky sneakers? This combo is irresistibly modern yet practical.

Another thing I LOVE about this look is the super high jasmine braid that adds the savage baddie vibes to the otherwise sweet feminine princessy look.


6. Jasmine-inspired dress for adults

While light blue is the signature hue of Princess Jasmine, you can definitely get experimental with all kinds of colors!

From royal blue to violent, they are all aesthetic choices.

And guess what, despite the classic off-shoulder two-piece set, the halter neck top and wide-leg pants are other tasteful pairings.

It looks best with shimmery fabric like silk and satin – feminine and sumptuous.

7. Princess jasmine’s dress color

How cute is that? This dreamy polka dot Indian Saree just shows us there are no boundaries in recreating Princess Jasmine’s look!

8. Simple Arabian night-themed party outfit ideas

Gravitate towards minimalistic style?

I’d say stay classy in a solid turquoise boat neck dress with a dainty gold headpiece that resembles the rebellious princess and her free-spirit vibes.


If you don’t want to spend extra money on a headpiece, get inspired by this lady and pin the necklace on your head!

Think out of the box people!

9. Gold x black Princess jasmine style

Who said you can only wear blue and purple for your Arabian night party?

To recreate the look in another direction, let’s not forget Jasmine princess emphasizes much on the lustrous and glamorous look with all the golden headpieces and accessories.

With this in mind, a gold sequin cropped top and textured black harem pants can definitely bring in the right vibes.

Fresh and modern.

10. How to dress like Princess Jasmine as a teenage girl?

If the classic Princess jasmine look is too womanly for you as a teenage girl, the cotton two-piece set is always a nice choice.

Or else, any inverted V-line crop top with an A-line skirt works great!

The swing dress emphasizes the hourglass figure.

11. Princess Jasmine dress cute costume

Need a cute flirty Halloween costume without going too OTT? This two-piece set below writes your name.

Princess Jasmine Costume for Women Halloween Oasis Arabian Princess Costume<

             Get this cute Princess Jasmine Costume on Amazon!

Featuring the stretchy crop top and the super forgiving split-leg pants, this set is bound to hug your curves perfectly regardless of your size.

Seriously, the try-on photos from the Amazon review are even better than the models’!

Oh, and the best part, It’s NOT see-through even in light blue!

Time to sparkle and shine gals!

12. Princess Jasmine’s adult costumes

If you think dressing up like Princess Jasmine means you need to hit the gym 7 days straight for a flat belly, well, you just can’t be more wrong.

Aladdin Jasmine Costume

     Get this cute Aladdin Arabian Jasmine princess on Amazon!

This one-piece costume is such a rare find that actually covers the belly area!

The prints are of high quality with high saturation colors.

Together with the glitter cape, this look is sure to turn heads.

If you have time for some DIY, some ladies in the reviews suggest adding some real gold beading and rhinestones to level up this look.

Smart move!

13. Princess Jasmine’s headband

headband jasmine princess

     Get this cute Jasmine princess headband on Amazon!

Need I say more? A Jasmine-inspired look without a headband is like the Friday night party without songs. (Hope that makes sense?)

14. Princess Jasmine’s puffy ponytail hairstyle


While it’s surreal to have voluminous hair like Princess Jasmine, well, we can always CHEAT.

Before you tie the side pony, consider back-blush your hair or adding dry shampoo to the roots to make the thin hair looks fuller.

You can of course put in hot rollers or use a volume-building shampoo to boost the effect.

Trust me, all this preparation makes a huge difference!


So there you go ladies, the 14 Princess Jasmine-inspired outfits with all kinds of styles for your coming Arabian night or Aladdin-themed parties!

What are your thoughts on that? 

I hope these looks get you inspired! From costumes to modern looks, it’s time to create your own kind of Jasmine-inspired look!

Last but not least, here’s my favorite quote from “Aladdin” “When in doubt, let your heart decide.” Simple but precious.

Looking for more Disney princess-inspired outfits? Check out the article below! See you there loves!

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