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*2023* Princess Belle-inspired outfit (14 modern + costumes looks!)

*2023* Princess Belle-inspired outfit (14 modern + costumes looks!)

As a Disney princess fan, it’s impossible for me to pick my favorite one – I LOVE THEM ALL! That said, princess Belle always holds a special place in my heart.

Besides being irresistibly sweet and kind like all other princesses, Belle is fond of books and is so smart and resourceful all the time.

Such an icon.

With this in mind, this article is all about Disney Belle-inspired outfits from classic costumes to modern looks.

Regardless of your budget and style, these 12 real-life Princess Belle look is sure to get you inspired.


1. White shirt, blue dress, and apron

As we all know, Belle has two iconic looks.

The carefree village girl in a plain blue dress and the glamorous princess in a romantic yellow gown.

Depending on your style, there are endless variations in recreating the outfits!

To dress like Princess Belle’s look in a more approachable way, throw on a white shirt, a light blue thin-strap dress, and a white apron and you’re good to go.

To boost the aesthetic, a vintage cover book and a darling basket bag just bring the best vibes. 


Want to make the most Instagram-able shot? Add some books into your basket bag.

Yes, ladies, it’s all about details.

2. Winter modern Princess Belle inspired look

Gravitate towards a modern Disney princess look?

Well, what about a sleek white high-neck top and denim overall dress that looks as stylish as it’s comfy and cute?

In summer, feel free to switch your cropped sweater to an off-shoulder top – the variations can be truly endless.

3. Blue ribbon for beauty & the beast look

Of course, how can we miss the perfect opportunity to wear a ribbon? Stay strong in your hair game sis!

I’ve found this high-quality navy blue satin ribbon on Amazon, check’em out!

4. Recreate Village girl Belle in a regency corset

If you want to level up your Disneybound game, this gorgeous regency stays just tell everyone you’ve given serious thought to the look.

I truly love how the corset curves down slightly in the front to accentuate the waist.

Together with a chemise or lace blouse underneath, this Belle-inspired look is a 10/10.

Such a piece of art.

5. A Cottagecore milkmaid blouse

If you are looking for the right blouse that ensembles Belle, this elegant lace top blouse just works wonders.

Square Neck Puff Sleeve Button Lace Elegant Top Blouse

As a chubby face girl, I LOVE wearing the retro milkmaid neckline.

Highlighting the chest area, just makes my face appear to be smaller and slimmer.

Together with a maxi swing dress, this is how you get a feminine yet relaxed silhouette in an instant.

6. Dress up like Belle in blue monotone look

blue Belle disneybound dress


Can I say more? This blue-on-blue monotone cottage-core looks just scream elegance and one-of-a-kind.

To cinch in the waist with a billowy silhouette, all you need is to throw on a denim waistcoat over the loose-cut dress and you’ll be all set!

7. Belle blue dress costume

Shop Belle costume on Amazon

Don’t have time to mix and match? This blue dress costume will make you feel just like Belle!

Actually, the try-on photos from the Amazon reviews look even better than the model pictures. Check them out!

P.S. This costume has no stretch, order a size up if you need to.

8. Belle gown red and yellow look

Princess Belle’s yellow gown is arguably one of the most iconic pieces of wardrobe in Disney movies and there are a ton of combos to recreate the look!

As both red and yellow are high saturation colors, keep the look simple in two shades to look put together. 

As a petite girl, matching up the headband and shoes in the same hues help elongate your figure from head to toe and makes you appear to be taller and slimmer visually!

Try this hack!

9. Casual Belle Inspired outfit for the broadway show

Going to the “Beauty and the Beast” Broadway show and wondering what to wear? Well, keep it comfy and cute at the same time!

When the days are chilly out, layer up a high-neck top with your summery checkered dress always help.

To add more dimension to the get-up, think of all different shades of yellow from light buttermilk to mustard to nail the look.

10. Belle Princess Palace Yellow Prom Dress

Whether you’re 16 or 36, every day can be Princess day.

To look all glam for the Halloween-themed party, this Princess Belle prom dress set is a god sent.

Belle Princess Dress Palace Prom Dress Yellow Cloak Adult

I usually don’t have high hope for costumes but this one will exceed your expectation for sure.

The layered folds design and off-shoulder tailoring are so well made and the shimmering satin fabric just makes the dress looks more expensive. 

All in all, this is a costume without looking costumey at all. How cool is that? Throw this dress on and all eyes will be on you!

11. Beauty and the Beast yellow gown costume


Featuring the sexy low neckline, puffy sleeve, and big ribbon on the back, this yellow ball gown is my other favorite,

If you want to make the dress puffier, dressing the tulle skirt underneath is an easy hack!

This is so random… BUT

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Alright, now keep on reading!

12. Princess Belle’s makeup look Princess Belle make up

Source: 1,2

Last but not least, the makeup. Princess Belle has big eyes, rosy cheeks, straight eyebrows, and red lips and we want to accentuate these facial features.

For innocent big eyes, applying false lashes to the corners of the eyes only can easily achieve a round eye shape.

Also, avoid the sleek sharp eyebrow for an approachable sweetheart look.


So there you go – the 12 Belle-inspired Disney-bound outfits for your next themed parties! What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time to settle down the right look!

Last but not least, here’s my favorite quote from “Beauty and the Beast”

Tale as old as time, tune as old song. Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change. Learning YOU WERE WRONG.

Sometimes it’s not love at first sight, it’s the inner character that touches your heart. That’s why love is such a beautiful thing.

Looking for more Disney princess-inspired outfits? Check out my other articles below! See you there loves

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