15 real-life Rapunzel inspired outfits (Modern, casual & dressy!)

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If adorableness can only be pinned to one Disney Princess, I’d say the one and only Rapunzel from Tangled. Despite the fact that she has been trapped in the tower for straight eighteen years, she is unbelievably optimistic, playful and sweet.

Such a sunshine.

And of course, Rapunzel is looking drop-dead gorgeous especially with the romantic lavender Dirndl dress and advertisement- worthy long blonde hair.

Whether you are the Disney fans or not, dressing up like Rapunzel is always a lovely idea. Below, I’ve gathered xx real-life Rapunzel inspired looks from casual, modern to costume.

Get inspired!

1. Purple Rapunzel inspired outfit

With minimal effort, every day can be a Rapunzel day! To look cute with your existing clothes, the purple-on-purple combo can never go wrong.

Throw on a pastel pink tee and lavender swing dress and Viola – you’ve created the most effortless Disney-bound outfit! Of course, you will need the signature side braid to complete the look.


When it comes to the neckline, always go for the sweet round neck instead of the sleek V neck. The same goes with the shoes – innocent ballet flats always better than the sharp pointy flats if you want to embody Rapunzel demeanor to the fullest.

2. Elegant Disneybound Rapunzel inspired dress

As for another flattering look, pairing up a pink dress with cropped purple cardigan and nude flats just look so on point.

Together with the perfect handled bag (I guess it’s from Disney?), this ensemble scream the cute retro vibes.

3. Casual Rapunzel look in dungarees

Not a fan of dress? Get inspired from this girl and updated the Rapunzel look in cute off-shoulder top and dungaree!

 To make it more personalized, decorate your outfit with some Disney or princess pins always help.

For footwear, wear purple to stay matchy. As a petite girl, I LOVE monotone style – it can unites and elongate the body frame and make you look taller and slimmer visually!


If you want to add a dose of sweet princess flare, consider pair the ruffle socks with converse – trust me this combo boost the aesthetic tenfold.

4. Tangled Rapunzel dress

Can I say more? This girl just blend the fairycore vibes with disney princess in the best possible way.

In case you wonder where this dress from, I saw a similar one from Amazon! 

5. Off-shoulder puffy sleeve purple dress

Seriously, even not for dressing up like Rapunzel, I will still buy this dress. The feminine off-shoulder and puffy sleeve design is so flattering!

rapunzel purple dress outfit

6. Easy Halloween Rapunzel costume

You call her lazy I call her smart. With the right props you can nail the look with minimal effort!

7. Couple Tangled inspired outfit

New couple goal: Flynn Rider and Rapunzel!

8. Summery ruffle elastic waist purple dress 

rapunzel disneybound outfit

The neckline can changed form off-shoulder to square neck. Super versatile.

9. Plus size Purple Rapunzel inspired outfit

rapunzel costume

It's hard to find to find a costume with high quality but this one is definitely an exception.

10. Plus size scoop neck purple tee

plus size rapunzel purple top

For my plus size ladies, consider team this cute pastel purple top with a swing dress and you're good to go!

11. Modest Rapunzel inspired outfit

If you think modest fashion looks boring, well, think AGAIN.

12. Modern Disney Princess Rapunzel two-pieces

What about looking extra modern with two pieces set and high platform sandals? Disney princess doesn't have to look only one way!

13. Rapunzel inspired makeup

To look like Rapunzel, nail the eye makeup is key.

Rapunzel has big eyes and big eyelids so make sure you wear fake eyelashes and eyeshadow to recreate the look.

14. Long Braids Blonde Rapunzel costume

This rapunzel wig comes with 10 pieces flower! Just lovely.

tangled rapunzel outfit

15. A statement Rapunzel golden tiara

Hold you head high princess. Your crown can't be that heavy.

rapunzel crown


So there you go people - the 15 Tangled Rapunzel inspired outfit from real-life looks to dress and accessories recommendations!

What are your thought on that? I hope this article help you settle down the look and it's time to shine!

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