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*2023 10 unknown swap!*How to dress rich casual?

*2023 10 unknown swap!*How to dress rich casual?

Dress rich is easy but dress rich and casual?

That just seems mutually exclusive. After all, we aren’t Mark Zuckerberg that can look rich in a white tee and shorts – admit it, that just not gonna happen.

But does that mean that’s impossible? Well, not at all.

All we need to do is to figure out all the tricks here and there to look elegant and polished without trying too hard.

Below, I’ve gathered 10 outfit ideas to look expensive and casual without letting people know you’re *actually* trying hard on that.

The best part? These tips are stupidly easy and you can incorporate them on a poor girl’s budget.

Ready? Check them out.

1. Replace your tee with Henley

The art of looking rich and casual is all about looking (slightly) different by paying attention to details.

And guess what, that can be as easy as swapping your regular round-neck tee for a Henley.

how to dress elegantly & rich henley

Get this ribbed henley on EVERLANE

Henleys are definitely a step up from the t-shirt – they just add a dose of sophistication to your attire without trying too hard. I’d say go for the ribbed henley to add some texture to your casual look.

The best part?

Not many girls wear henley from my observation, meaning you can effortlessly stand out and look classy in a distinctive way!

2. Sweater tied around the shoulder

Fashion comes and goes but tying a sweater around the shoulder is always in style and preppy.

And no, you don’t have to complete the look with a polo and loafers like a Ralph Lauren model.

sweater tied around shoulder preppy style
Source: Pinterest

Get inspired by this lady and tie your cardigan (a thick fabric) with a nice button-down (light fabric) that can never go wrong. This trick also works great with the off-shoulder top, try it out.


If you want to look taller, roll up your sleeve and show the front arms.

That can elongate your figure visually and make you appear to be taller.

3. Wear white jeans to look rich & casual

When it comes to casual wear, of course, we have to talk about jeans.

And guess what, what jeans look especially preppy!

White jeans are getting more popular these days but still, not many people wear them.

Meaning? That’s your chance to shine! Of course, beige and cream jeans are equally classy.

Compared to skinny jeans, I’d say the bootcut fit projects elegance more.

Together with a low chunky heel, it just accentuates the curves of your lower body in the perfect way. Obsessed.

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4. Utilise a scarf to look expensive

If you want to elevate your regular weekend look, throw a scarf around your neck and you just look oh-so-polished in an instant.

how to look expensive on a budget
Source: 1,2

Whether you tie it on a bag or wear it as a poncho, you just subconsciously tell others you have standards even on a lazy Sunday. Nail it girl.


To do it on a budget, go for the satin material like this silk-life scarf on Amazon. The quality is insane.

5. Shirtdress for a casual rich look

A shirt dress is another good one.

But here we are not talking about the street-style oversized shirt dress or the hot bodycon style, we are talking about the classic midi shirt dress.

With the well-fitted cut, the shirt dress will help you look casual and sleek at the same time. To take this look to another level, incorporate the tips above and style your hair with a scarf – guess who looks like a Country club girl now?

6. How to look rich & casual in winter

A classic double-breasted coat looks incredibly rich and classy but it just looks too formal to wear in everyday life.

To embrace this element in a carefree way, go for the double-breasted skirt and pants are your best bet.

how to look rich and casual in winter
Source: 1,2

Seriously, they look good on literally everything.

A cashmere beige top with a double-breasted skirt and knee-high boots? This get-up just feels like a million dollars.


When in doubt, definitely go for the gold button.

7. Look rich in school with co-ord sets

In another article, I recommend wearing monochromatic outfits as it just looks so high fashion. But dressing in monochrome can look quite dressed up in most cases.

Some ladies emailed me about how to look rich in school, well, I’d suggest going for the co-ord set (especially going for shorts). Just so cute and effortless.

how to dress rich in school
Source: 1,2

8. Subtly look rich in a midi high-neck dress

If you want to look casual and sassy in winter, a midi bodycon dress is guaranteed to make you feel the most feminine.

Regardless of your size, it’s always feminine to flaunt your curves in this elegant way.

how to look casual rich winter

Get this feminine turtleneck dress on Amazon

Of course, if you want to look casual, teaming with loafers or wedges instead of high heels.

9. Add a belt, even when it’s not necessarily

To look polished and casual takes some work, but lucky for you, sometimes it’s just as easy to add a belt in a strategic way.

 how to subtly look rich
Source: 1,2

From my observation, not many people will add a belt when they team up a top with outerwear. But guess what, those classy people take this look a step further and add a thin belt with it.

That way, you can accentuate your figure and look put together in a layered ensemble.

Why I haven’t thought of this before?

10. Shoes that look casual & rich

As we all know, pointy shoes in general look more sophisticated and forgiving.

As a petite girl, I wear only pointy shoes as the V-line just draws my eyes vertically and makes me appear to be taller.

As for sneakers, tennis shoes are my favorite of all time.

look casual rich shoes

Get these classic tennis shoes on Lacoste

You seldom see rich people (the old money type) wear the latest Balenciaga kicks that cost a whopping $900, more often than not, they just stick with the sleek classic shoes.


So there you go – the 10 outfit ideas if you are wondering how to dress rich and casual at the same time. What are your thoughts on that?

Want to learn more styling tricks? Check out my other popular articles below. I swear they are as fun as this one.

Trust me, you don’t wanna miss that.

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