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*2023*8 plus size petite maxi dresses (Hide armpit & more!)

*2023*8 plus size petite maxi dresses (Hide armpit & more!)

Looking for some plus-size petite maxi dresses for your next party or date? You’ve come to the right place!

So first thing first, what is plus size petite?

By definition, if you are 5’3″ or under and wearing sizes 12 to 32, you are both petite and plus size.

Another obvious indicator – is if you find that the dresses from the plus size section are too long for you and they are dragging on the floor, well, high chance you are the plus size petite!

I know how confusing and frustrating it is sis.

Luckily, as the times go, there are more and more clothing brands aware of the plus size petite category!

Some of the brands won’t explicitly have a section named “Plus size petite”, but they may have clothing lines that have the shorted inseam from sizes 12 to 32.

So all you have to do is be patient and test things out!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 plus size petite maxi dress that looks forgiving from all different pricing of brands.

I hope that proves you rocking a maxi dress is not as off-limit as you thought – enjoy my loves!

1. Amazon: Plus size petite maxi dress with sleeves

Alright, let’s start with the affordable choice, shall we?

When it comes to my definite summer dress, if the material is not lightweight and airy, I don’t want it.

plus size petite maxi dress with sleeves

Get this dress on Amazon 💗

This dress just drapes onto your figure perfectly.

The best part? From the review, it seems big-chest friendly.

Comes in 10 different colors and prints, I’m sure you will find your favorite one!

plus size petite maxi dress with sleeves

Get this dress on Amazon 💗

For a semi-formal event, just add some gold accent and jewelry here and there and you’re good to go!

2. Lane Bryant: Collared belt shirt dress

Another summer essential: a shirt dress.

It’s giving the classy, free-flowing vibes in the most effortlessly way.

Of course, as always, the degree of flattery depends on the fabric and design.

Collared belt shirt dress plus size petite
Get this belted shirt dress on Lane Bryant

This dress from Lane Bryant is an absolute keeper.

Featuring the plus-size friendly sleeve and high waist belt design, this brand definitely knows the assignment.

Unlike the regular shirt dress, this dress has a slightly round hemline, which makes me extra forgiving.

Collared belt shirt dress plus size petite

Get this belted shirt dress on Lane Bryant

Or else, you can dress it up with your own belt.

For footwear, I’m sure the lace-up espadrilles will look amazing as well!


This dress is now out of stock – put it on the waiting list!

3. Lane Bryant: Classic high low dress

If you notice the pattern, you will know I pay huge attention to hemline.

It seems subtle but it can truly elevate the style and forgivingness in general!

plus size petite high low dress
Shop this high-low midi dress on Lane Bryant

Featuring the high-low hem and oh-so-convenient pockets, this is how you rock a maxi dress as a plus-size petite.

If you are looking for a classic dress that transitions through the season, well, this is the one!

4. When in doubt, peplum dress

To all my plus-size petite queens, if you don’t have a peplum dress, GET ONE.

Yup I am serious here!

Amazon peplum dress

Shop this light pink peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, the peplum just camouflages the midsection area perfectly.

Also, the vertical ruffle details just elongate your figure visually and make you appear to be taller!

It comes in 8 colors, check these peplum dresses out!

petite plus size high low dress
Shop this Peacock Blue peplum dress on Amazon

When I was young, I never thought this shade of blue looked good on me. But now, when I am approaching 30, I’m obsessed with this hue.

It is classy and mysterious at the same time.

Together with a nice pair of pumps and a dainty clutch, you will look like a 10/10.

5. Universal Studio: Scoop neck dress

Every lady needs a darling white dress and this cutie from Universal Studio is just absolutely darling.

universal studio scoop neck dress

Shop this gorgeous white dress on Universal Standard

It looks simple but if you look closer, the designer has for sure put some thought into the dress on plus-size ladies.

First, the scoop neck.

Compared to the regular round neck, the scoop neck showcases more chest area.

That can effectively help shed the heaviness of the upper body and make your face appear to be smaller!

Second, the dress can hide the armpit fat.

universal studio scoop neck dress

Even though it is sleeveless, the design is just extra forgiving.

Seriously – this is a hidden gem – this neckline is definitely rare and impeccable.

6. ASOS: Plus size petite special occasion dresses

While it’s true that a pleated skirt can add weight.

But does that mean it’s off-limit for plus-size petite? Hell no!

All you need is to pick the right one that flatters your figure.

Plus size petite special occasion dresses

Shop this pleated maxi dress on ASOS!

This dress is perfect for Friday night parties, cocktail soirees, and just about anything else.

It just ticks all the boxes.

  • V neck (that looks sleek and slimming)
  • High waist design (arguably it’s a super high waist – even better)
  • High side split that shows the legs (Balance out the heaviness of the pleats)

I am also loving the dobby fabric – lightweight with a jacquard spot pattern.

The conclusion?

This dress is a keeper.

7. ASOS: Plus size petite dresses for special occasions

The Barbie movie trend has passed but guess what, The Barbie spirit is here to STAY.

Regardless of your age, rock all shades of pink that nobody!

 plus size petite dresses for special occasions

Shop this pink fluted maxi dress on ASOS

Need I say more?

This dress is the mood booster.


Do you know that mid-sleeve will make you look taller and slimmer visually?

If you are 5’3 or under like me, you will know that sometimes a long dress can drag you down.

To balance out that, a ridiculously easy way is to showcase the front arms.

It draws the eyes up and makes you look more put together.

Try it out yourself!

pink plus size petite dress asos

Shop this pink fluted maxi dress on ASOS

Of course, the high heels and pony definitely help!


So there you go – the 8 plus size petite maxi dresses for different special occasions from summer to winter.

What are your thoughts on that?

I hope that gets you inspired and finds your favorite one! (Well, there should be more than one!)

Actually, ladies that belong to the plus size petite category are more than we imagined right now.

I truly hope that more people can know about this term and embrace it!

If you find this article useful, please help me to re-pin it so more plus-size petite ladies can benefit. Thank you loves!

By the way, if you are interested in more plus-size styling tips and outfit inspo, check out my popular read down below.

See you there loves!


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